Carrot Seed Oil

On 20 Jul., 2020

Derived from the seed of the “carrot plant” is an essential oil known as Carrot Seed oil. This oil has been extracted from a plant belonging to species called “Daucus Carota” within the plant kingdom. Furthermore, this oil is basically “amber” in colour, and comprises of a sweet fragrance. In addition, this oil after extraction from the plant is then distilled and used in the manufacturing of perfumes as well as in food aromatization.

Carrot Seed Oil


A. Chemical constituents of the Carrot Seed Oil:

This oil is basically extracted used a process known as “cold pressing” from seeds of the carrot plant which belongs to a species known as “Daucus Carota” in the plant kingdom. Furthermore, this oil mainly comprises of organic compounds such as luteolin, luteolin 3′-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside, and luteolin 4′-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside.

B. The uses and benefits of the Carrot Seed Oil:

There are a few extremely useful benefits of using the Carrot Seed Oil. However, one should also consider the adverse reactions or side effects reported from its use:

  1. Antiseptic: Since this oil possesses medicinal properties capable of destroying disease causing microbes and helps heal wounds, it serves as an ideal antiseptic.
  2. Carminative: “Gas formation in the stomach” is another common health issue that can be resolved by using this oil since it possesses powerful “carminative” properties.
  3. Antioxidant: This oil possesses medicinal properties that inhibit the process of oxidation and helps prevent damage of the skin. In other words, it helps prevents formation of wrinkles and hence serves as an ideal “antioxidant”.
  4. Antiviral: “Viral infections” such as bronchitis can be cured using this oil since it possesses “antiviral” properties.
  5. Cytophylactic: This oil also possesses properties that “promote the growth of new cells and tissues” and thereby serves as a cytophylactic.

 C. The adverse effects of the Carrot Seed Oil:

Apart from the benefits the use of the oil could also have a few adverse effects. They are as follows;

  1. The use of this oil could lead to allergic reactions especially in those individuals having sensitive skin. Its use could also lead to skin discolouration.
  2. This oil could be harmful for people having diabetes, and so diabetic individuals must avoid the use of this oil.
  3. This oil (like many others) can be extremely harmful if used during pregnancy, and hence a pregnant woman must avoid it at all cost.