5 Best Ways to Promote YouTube Channel and Get More Subscribers

By Aly Mak
On 23 Jun., 2020

Now you can get more subscribers on your own YouTube channel by applying this simple strategy

5 Best Ways to Promote YouTube Channel and Get More Subscribers

YouTube has around one billion hours of watch time daily. So it's challenging for the market to ignore this video marketing channel. The post briefs you how to get those first people interested and subscribe to your channel. The post discusses the top 5 free ways to promote your YouTube channel fast.  The hardest part of creating a successful YouTube channel is your first thousand subscribers. It is significantly harder to go from zero subscribers to a thousand then from a thousand to even to 50 thousand. Also, that is a much more significant actual number change; it's so challenging to get your very first initial attraction on YouTube. That's why the post is dedicating the post about how to promote your channel from scratch. 

The number one thing that the post wants you to get is that you have to remain consistent. The post briefs why should i increase YouTube subscribers with the top 5 ways to promote your channel as a beginner and start to get that initial attraction, which is the hardest part about your YouTube journey.  They are as follow:

1. Collaborations:

When you start, you might be thinking of yourself, why anyone would collaborate with me. Well, the answer is because there are lots of other people, starting as well. There are lots of people with zero to thousand subscriber range who want to collaborate with other interesting people who are going out there and creating content. 

The truth is that, if you are creating content, you are much further ahead than everyone else who's not. Even if you have one subscriber, literally one, that's more than 99.9% of the entire world who watches YouTube and never actually creates anything. 

So, when you are just starting, remember this; Mr. Beast, who is the one the most popular YouTubers in the entire world when it comes to viewership. He created a video for five years, with almost no one watching them. And then, all of a sudden, one day, his videos started to take off. He understood how to do it, the algorithm began to favor his videos, and he explores it. But if he has not been consistent and has not have created those videos over and over again for five years, he has never become the famous YouTubers.  He is making over a hundred million dollars every month just from YouTube ad revenue. 

Some people do want to collaborate with you, and the worst thing that possibly happens is people don't respond and say no, and you ask someone else. So, one of the best ways to get in front of a brand new audience with the least friction is collaborating with other creators.  You can find their emails and find their social media links in their descriptions of times. 

So you need to go out there, reach out to people, and collaborate between you and them. It is a really easy way to expose each other to your respective audiences. 

2. SEO:

You have to remember that Google and Google own YouTube is the invention of SEO which stands for search engine optimization. So you have to remember, when YouTube is first trying to decide what your video is about, how they do is, they transcribe your video. They see what you are saying, and they turn into text. They tell the YouTube algorithm about your video content, depending on a few things. What your title says, inside of your description, and what the words you are saying inside your video. They automatically transcribe it. You have to understand that YouTube is a machine. It's an algorithm. It was trying to organize millions and millions of different videos to decide what to show to the people. So, you have to understand how to use that algorithm to your advantage. That's why you need to go there and optimize your title, description, and everything about your video to take advantage of SEO and leverage the algorithm in your favor. 

The easiest way to do that is to go ahead and look at other videos in your niche. If you're making a video about gardening, then search gardening on YouTube. Look at what are the top video that shows you.  Look what they have in their title, do they have keywords in there. Look at what they have used in their description, do they have one paragraph of text, do they have a sentence of text. 

The point is that no matter what you are making content on. When people have been doing this for months or even years which you can look at what they are doing successfully in their title, description, and in their thumbnails. And when you start creating your content on YouTube, you don't have to start from scratch. You can look at someone who already been proved successful and apply those same concepts to your videos. You can also use the YouTube search bar itself to tell you what common phrases or keywords people are searching for. For example, if you're going to make a video on Amazon affiliate, and if you search Amazon FBA, all the words that appear while searching. Then you can include all these words, also called order filled features. Because those are the words that YouTube knows people are searching most often. You want to have those keywords in your title, description, and in your tags. It would help if you told YouTube everywhere what your video is about.

3. Social Media:

In social media, you can join relevant Facebook groups. For example, if you are going to make a YouTube channel about ecommerce, Amazon affiliate, or Facebook ads, whatever the case may be. There are a lot of different Facebook groups, specifically about those topics that you can join, and you can help people with their questions. And then, if they have more questions, you can share your relevant YouTube content. It is a two-way win because you learn what your actual target market is interested in and ask questions about. And you can also recruit some subscribers by sharing your particular content. And if they find it valuable, they'll subscribe to you. 

You need to make sure that you don't go and spam these entire Facebook group. But if you are helping people and you are direct messaging with them. Or you can leave your YouTube links in the comments where it doesn't seem spammy.  You can do this outside of a Facebook group as well. 

If you're on Instagram, you can post your YouTube channel in your bio link. If you are on any other form of social media, you can share your content there as well in order to increase subscribers. The more you start to share, the more people are going to engage.  And once you get that initial engagement, then YouTube will say, ok, these are the people are watching this video, which means other people or similar to those people might also like it. They start it sharing organically, and that's why you can get the initial attraction. But if you don't get those first viewers, then it's challenging for YouTube to know whether your content is either quality enough to show to other YouTube viewers that have never heard of ways of your organic promotion.

4. Engage on Other channels:

One thing you will see a lot of YouTubers comment on related YouTube videos. If you want to make a cooking channel, then you wish to subscribe to all of the significant cooking channels and engage with people in comments and say this is an excellent idea and I also have the top 10 recipes about how to make the best pasta or whatever the content is about. I am on my channel, come and check out. You don't want to be spammy by putting links on other people's channels. Still, if you leave helpful, relevant comments to the videos and have other valuable content, the viewer might also enjoy watching. And it makes a sense to engage in the comments and live streams of other YouTubers, who are producing content similar to that, you want to create for your channel.

5. Consistency:

If you are consistent and you release at least two quality proven videos per week as YouTubers. Then you will get success, remember Mr. Beast, he made videos for five straight years before he had any success, and if Mr. Beast can do and is now making over a million dollars per month, you can too.

Take Away:

If you apply the strategy mentioned in your video, you will get more subscribers for your channel fast. You will not be able to get your first 100 subscribers in a single day, but with these tips, reach the 100 subscribers very soon.