How to Do Anonymous Searches on the Internet

On 7 May, 2020

How to Do Anonymous Searches on the Internet

How to Do Anonymous Searches on the Internet

The most common and well-known answer to make anonymous searches on the Internet is the famous incognito mode offered by the browser. Many times we need to make searches without leaving a trace or we simply do not want other people to know what we do on the web. However, if you have ever tried it, you will know that it is not so comfortable.

The Incognito Mode

While incognito mode can be useful, if you're looking for total privacy on the Internet, it may not be ideal. There is a possibility, and indeed there is, that your ISP and the sites you visit may know your information. Your location, your IP address, your interests, and so on.

Therefore, when you browse in incognito mode, your tracks are left on the web. Another interesting fact is that when you browse in this way, favorites and downloads are recorded. What the incognito mode is really for is to avoid registering specific actions you do on the Internet.

Why Make Anonymous Searches

The reasons for this can be many, and the main one is to have privacy on the Internet. Little by little you will learn about all the traps of the internet and the consequences of being online all the time. In principle, you should know that nothing you do on the web ends up being 100% private unless you use a VeePN.

Among the many methods that are used to sell, attract customers, promote, seduce, and more, statistics are made. These statistics use the information we generate on every movement on the web, from a single click to a publication. That's why tracking people's web activity is almost impossible to avoid.

Virtual Private Networks

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are one of the tools available to ordinary users today that can help you remain anonymous at all times. They are practically the only truly reliable and secure solution for surfing the Internet.

There are free VPNs and paid VPNs. Of course, the free ones have their hidden issues and are not free at all. They can use your data for different things, including selling it. That's why the most convenient way to do anonymous web searches is to use a paid VPN.

The VPN Service of VeePN

The VeePN is the leader in the VPN market. It has VPN servers in 120+ countries and 4 protocols to protect all your sensitive information. Using VeePN to connect to the Internet will allow you to surf the web completely anonymously and also protect your data. In case someone, like your ISP, can see that you are active, they will only be able to see that. Someone who is logging on to the network, but is not using your servers. No one will know who you are, where you are or what you do.

Download the VPN

You can download the VPN software and try it out for a week without obligation. You have VPN for iPad, iPhone, Android, computers of all kinds and any device that has internet. It's very easy to use, as you can connect and disconnect with just one click.