Dual sim 4g router with DMZ

On 26 Apr., 2020

The DMZ is short for "demilitarized zone." It is in order to solve the external network can not access to the internal network server install the firewall problem,

Dual sim 4g router with DMZ

The DMZ is short for "demilitarized zone." It is in order to solve the external network can not access to the internal network server install the firewall problem, and set up a security system and security system between the buffer, the buffer between internal network and external network small network area, in this area can put some small network must open server facilities, such as enterprise Web server, FTP server, BBS and so on. On the other hand, through such a DMZ zone, the internal network is more effectively protected, because this network deployment, compared with the usual firewall scheme, for attackers to another hurdle.

Network equipment developers, using this technology, developed the corresponding firewall solution. It is called "demilitarized zone structural model". A DMZ is usually a filtered subnet that creates a security zone between the internal and external networks. The DMZ firewall scheme adds a security line to the internal network to be protected and is generally considered very secure. At the same time, it provides an area to put the public server, so as to effectively avoid the situation that some interconnected applications need to be exposed, which is inconsistent with the internal security policy. The DMZ zone typically includes the fortress host, Modem pool, and all public servers, but note that the e-business server can only be used as a user connection, and true e-business backend data needs to be placed on the internal network.

All of E-Lins’ router support NMZ. E-Lins dual sim 4g router like H900, supports ESIM, Modbus, Serial port, DIO, USB3.0 etc. It has 2 GE, 2FE LAN RJ45 port and 1 GE WAN RJ45 port. With high-end configuration, rich interface, powerful functions to meet the needs of various scenarios.

Built-in wireless module, industrial standard design, super moistureproof, lightning protection, anti - electromagnetic interference ability.

E-Lins 4g industrial routers use high-performance 32-bit embedded processors, built-in complete TCP/IP stack, while providing RS serial port and 10/100m Ethernet interface. Integrated IO terminal block to provide serial port or GPIO interface. A serial port RS-232, RS-485 and TTL level interface transparent transmission mode, support the VPN communication function, using IPSec/the PPTP, L2TP/GRE/OpenVPN VPN technology, enterprise VPN tunnel technology and firewall technology, guarantee the high data security, security industry support automatic online detection, real-time dynamic refresh network status, keep clear of the link, products with stable performance, small size, easy to install embedded, and the advantages of resistance to the environment ability, are very popular with users. E-Lins products can fully apply in most industrial situations, provide the most stable 7*24 working service.

In the process of designing industrial-grade routers, E-Lins requires the communication interface between the modular structure of the equipment to be standardized, which has a high fault tolerance rate and will not affect the use of the system due to minor problems. So don’t hesitate, welcome to contact us!


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