Streamlining Supply Chain Management For Improved Field Services

On 12 Mar., 2020

Delivery management software can help to streamline the entire business by managing the supply chain in a much better way.

Streamlining Supply Chain Management For Improved Field Services

For a logistic business, maintaining a successful delivery model is a must for achieving utmost customer satisfaction. A streamlined supply chain sets many things right for logistic business, and this can be achieved with the help of a delivery management software that is specifically designed to improve the complete delivery model, including the management of the back office formalities.

This article sums up the key features of a delivery management software that can streamline supply chain management and provide positive results in terms of improved field services.

Delivery Scheduling for Saving Traveling Time: Productivity leaks because excessive travelling is one of the key concern areas of any logistic business. Randomly assigning the delivery assignments, at far-off locations leads to too much of travelling that reduces the per-day capacity to complete the assignments.

Although businesses these days do have some models in place to streamline the scheduling process, delivery management software can automate the scheduling process.

So how does a delivery management software do the scheduling?

It keeps note of the service requests and tracks down the availability of the delivery agents, also maps down the most optimal route to the job destination which is shortest, fastest and safest, also avoid traffic jams and detours.

Thus, the delivery agent can travel from one location to another without wasting unnecessary time on the road, thus the delivery agent can be more prompt at executing the services. Also, reduced travelling helps in controlling the expenses on gas cost.

Real-Time Fleet or Delivery Agent Tracking: The software also functions as a delivery tracking software. Installed in the smart devices of the delivery agents, the software operates as an automation tool that can send real-time updates regarding the live location of the fleet.

This information helps improve the field services in many ways; it can be shared with clients to help them track the delivery of their consignments and also helps the supervisors to keep track of the delivery agents on-field productivity.

On-site Payment and Invoice Generation: Nowadays, customers look forward to completing flexibility in terms of money matters, especially when it comes to dealing with e-commerce businesses. Onsite payment and invoice generation is a must facility that customers look forward to. A delivery management software can be integrated with approved and trusted third party payment gateway to facilitate the onsite payment feature.

Reporting and Analytics: All types of reporting related to field services, be it delivery status, performance analysis, logging of attendance or productivity hours, cost estimation, profit logs, etc. All types of reports related to the entire business can be uploaded in the cloud database of the delivery management software.

The data can be transformed into visually descriptive reports using inbuilt smart analytics and can be utilized in strategy making and overall analysis. Since all the reports get stored in a cloud system, so these remain readily available. This takes away the need for report or file sharing as all can access the files or data on a real-time basis from anywhere. Also, for data security, the access-permission locks can be incorporated to provide selective access.


Delivery management software is a new-age solution that enables a business to take advantage of automation, which optimizes the capacity of a logistic business in many ways. It helps in fasten up the delivery process, gives better field visibility, makes monitoring of employee performance a lot easier and also provides a platform for increased customer engagement.