How Adding Simplicity to Packaging it Always liked By Everyone

On 20 Feb., 2020

Keeping the balance between the design and text is difficult when designing the product packaging. Customers need understandable packaging.

How Adding Simplicity to Packaging it Always liked By Everyone

Hey! How do you buy the product? Is it true that your buying decision is based on the product packaging?  Do you like it when it is eye-catching and exciting? The answer to all these questions is only one word, "Yes."  Now when an item enters the market, it comes with beautiful and breathtaking packaging the same as the model is walking on the ramp. The product with its gorgeous packaging makes the customer think for a second about the item.

If you are in the packaging industry or launching a new brand, what do you aspect from the beautiful packaging boxes? 

• Convince people
• To grab the eye-of customer 
• Converts the ordinary customer to the die-heat fan

These are the points that you are looking for the product with packing when it comes to the market. Brand hires the packaging wholesalers to design the article. The question here is, what sort of pattern do you want? Is the customer like the design like you do? Understanding the customer's psyche and the product requirement is necessary. When drawing the packaging, is your package understandable? Can the customer read the information correctly? Is the human brain can process the pattern and color smoothly? These are the questions that turn a simple product boxes packaging process difficult. You must to retain the balance among everything. The complicated and compound images will confuse the client with the articles. Too much information on the box will turn off the customer. Simplicity is the key to engage the customers while delivering all the need information.

Make the Product Intuitive

When designing the boxes for product packaging, we do not consider what we are conveying to the customer.  If you are confused about the packaging, then how will you send the message to the customer? Remember, the human brain gets confused easily and gives up.  What if the customer walks away without giving a second chance to the brand?  Simple, clean shapes with fewer wilted and bells overcome the messages to the ideas that are clear and immediate.

The customer should understand the product boxes packaging clearly. The shape, size, and color scheme should not confuse them. Customers need to understand the message of the product without putting any effort.

Use Icons Instead of Words 

Why overload the product packaging boxes with text? Indeed written words are precious, but images have to play a considerable role in the world where the client is loaded with data. Printed retail boxes with images are enough to convince the client because of visual leave more powerful impact than text. The icons that represent the prime feature of the product or brand are instantly identifiable and memorable on online stores and shelves. Humans are both biologically and culturally programmed to incline towards things that they recognize easily.  It gives a feeling of security and comfort. Why bombard the product packaging boxes with both images and text when the icon is serving the purpose efficiently.

Are Brown Boxes Serving the Purpose?

Sometimes keeping things, simple is best for your brands. For instance, when the customers are looking for eco-friendly solutions, they prefer the brand, which offers cardboard for product packaging. Get cardboard boxes for your product because they are the best environment-friendly material. But when it comes to the printing and designs what most of the manufacturers do, they overshadow the purpose of corrugated packaging. The brown retail boxes with a company logo are enough to get the client's attention because the color reflects nature, and the logo is delivering all information. So keep simple and natural because this is what customers are looking for.

Icons Talks to a Customer

One of the best examples of custom retail boxes is Apple products. It is a simple white box with no additional image and text.  The word iPod or iPhone on the retail boxes are enough to interact with the customers.  Never leave your customers clueless about the article. The Mystery is best, but making customers guess the product is not a good idea. If you study the font style and size, they are so convinced that this text catches the customer's eyes. The two words about the product are delivering all the information that customers need.  The Apple logo on the box is enough to identify the brands. So keeping your packaging simple with essential information and icon is best.

Custom Shipping Box with Logo

Nowadays, customers are looking for an environmental-friendly option and zero-waste technologies. By keeping the customer demand, Amazon comes up with frustration-free product packaging. These boxes are simple yet attractive. Amazon has not used any color to dye the box. It keeps the natural brown color. This custom shipping box with a logo does not require any securing tape or packing peanuts. The logo and the corrugated material is adding beauty to the packaging while keeping it simple yet elegant.