The Ultimate Guide of YouTube Live Streaming

On 10 Jan., 2020

Live webcast on youtube has become a most powerful tool for marketing a brand, launching a new product or webcasting a brand event and reach millions around the globe without any geographical restrictions.

The Ultimate Guide of YouTube Live Streaming

Live streaming is an integral part of marketing dynamics nowadays and it’s not new news to all. By now everyone is well aware of the benefits of live streaming and how it helped various key players and new brands to change its position and establish themselves in the strategic marketing dynamics. Ever since periscope has introduced live streaming solutions, it has grown immensely by then. All other platforms walked the same gateway and started offering live streaming solutions that help any brand or business to leverage. A battle has been on between various social media platforms to offer the best live streaming solutions. Youtube worked on its algorithm and started offering youtube live streaming solutions and entered the digital race of live streaming platforms. 

Gone are the days, when uploading a pre-recorded video and sharing it on other social media platforms is enough for marketing your brand. The time has changed so does the digital marketing strategies. Engaging today’s modern audience is not as easy as it seems to be in traditional times. Live stream on YouTube serves the purpose by engaging the audience interactively throughout the live broadcast on youtube. 

Live webcast on youtube has become a most powerful tool for marketing a brand, launching a new product or webcasting a brand event and reach millions around the globe without any geographical restrictions. 

Youtube is one of the most popular and oldest platforms known for watching videos. It has millions of active users around the globe. A recent survey reports youtube is the second most popular platform for Live streaming. I know many of you must have thought as soon as you read this, how youtube is more preferable over the most popular platform facebook? Youtube is preferred due to its result of searchability and SEO as videos are easily found on youtube when compared to Facebook. 

When a brand opts to live stream on YouTube, having an own channel with 100 plus subscribers is a must. Youtube live stream events can last for a longer duration than any other platform. Youtube live streaming solutions allow brands and customers to interact with each other in real-time by enabling comments during the live webcast on youtube. It may later result in building customer brand relationship which converts into brand loyalty. You can take help from youtube streaming service companies for the professional live streaming of your brand event. Youtube live streaming guide is trending with its efficient features and helping many brands in planning their digital marketing strategies and carry out social media marketing campaigns more effectively. 

Apart from brand events, product demos, product launches, brands can take their audience from around the world to the tour of your company, share the valuable insights or a sneak peek behind the scene scenarios through live streaming solutions. It helps in connecting the audience authentically with the brand by building a sense of trust. But, how to live webcast on youtube? It is a major concern for many. In this article, we will share a complete guide on how to live broadcast on youtube. Let’s have a look.

How To Live Webcast On Youtube?

Before you plan for a YouTube live stream event, considering a few things beforehand is a must. Firstly to live broadcast on youtube you must have a youtube channel with 100 plus subscribers. Some brands already have their presence on youtube which makes it easy for them to schedule their live webcast on youtube. The brands that are new to youtube, creating the channel is the first step in the process of live broadcasting on youtube. 

To live stream on youtube your youtube channel should be free from any restrictions of live webcasting on Youtube. If your live stream is blocked, the live streaming service of your channel turns off automatically. While you are restricted to Live Stream globally, you can not perform live streaming for any other page under your account as well. Live webcast on youtube is used by brands to host one on one interviews, stream company events or behind the scene scenarios. Youtube live stream events reach millions worldwide at a single point of time. 

Here are the steps to live webcast on youtube:

Follow the following steps to Live webcast on youtube:

1. As you select youtube as a platform to live webcast an event and reach millions around the globe, you must have a channel on youtube with 100 plus subscribers. Create a company’s or brand account if you do not have it. Sign in to your company's youtube account. Next, you have to click on the creator Studio button after clicking on the YouTube channel’s profile picture placed at the top right corner. 

2. A menu is displayed on the left-hand side, simply click on a live streaming option from the menu. If you are new to youtube video streaming solutions and using it for the very first time, a Get Started screen is there to welcome you. You can simply link your phone number with your channel with the help of “Get started screen”. As you start to live webcast on youtube, you will get a link to share on other live streaming social media platforms thereby increasing brands reach and attracting potential target customers from where they are.

3. As you look up at the top right corner, it allows you to review the Live Streaming Checklist. It guides you on how to set up your live broadcast on youtube.

4. If you scroll your eyes, right below the checklist you will find a chat window that allows you to interact with the live audience from around the world during your live stream on youtube. 

5. You can add the details about your live webcast on youtube and the purpose of your live stream in an information box.

6. Go to settings and set the privacy settings option to the public, it allows the audience from around the world to tune in at the time of live broadcast on youtube. You can even set the setting to the private if you want to restrict the specific set of audience to access your live stream.