In What Situations Do We Need Rapid Aluminum Tooling?

On 24 Dec., 2019

Utilizing the right production method is the key to success and therefore a manufacturer should be aware of such situations when Rapid Aluminum Tooling can be the best choice.

In What Situations Do We Need Rapid Aluminum Tooling?

Those who are working in the field of manufacturing plastic parts know that injection molding is the best method to build long-lasting and strong plastic products. In short, when it comes to building stable plastic products, especially on a large scale, no other method can be better than the injection molding. It is a process in which plastic, in its liquid state, is injected into the pre-designed mold using high or low pressure depending on the product's requirement.

Creating the mold is the costliest as well as a time-consuming process that eventually affects the overall production and therefore you need to choose a mold-making company wisely so that you don't face problems later. Always keep in mind that the quality of the mold can affect the quality of the end products. Now the question is what is Rapid Aluminum Tooling and how it is connected to the injection molding process. Rapid tooling can be described as a process of simplifying the mold structure, and it is basically used when the manufacturers are required to build products on a small scale.

Let's understand the whole process in brief, in order to find out the main advantages of Rapid Aluminum Tooling.

It is a process of manufacturing the cavity, core, and ejector plates, which are later fitted into a Master Unit Die and then, it is used for low-volume production. To find out how it can be beneficial for you, read the main advantages of Rapid Aluminum Tooling, which have been described here.

  1. It requires a large amount of money to prepare new molds, but with rapid tooling, you can save a decent amount of money, which eventually increases the overall profit. Yes, you will be saving a good amount of money, but it doesn't mean that the quality of end products will not be up to the mark. Simply, you can earn good money without degrading the quality of production by simplifying existing molds.

  2. Moldmaking isn't just costly, it is time-consuming as well, but it is not the case with rapid tooling. In simple words, it is a much faster process than conventional tooling, allowing you to deliver the desired products to consumers at the right time.

Note: We advise you to utilize new molds for the manufacturing of plastic products on a large scale.