Guidelines for incredible Web Design to Improve User Experience

On 29 Nov., 2019

Check out the tips to have an outstanding web design for enhancing the user experience.

Guidelines for incredible Web Design to Improve User Experience

What is the significant factor in establishing a business?

It is nothing but a website!!

We all know that owning a business website is an unavoidable part of having a user-friendly and interactive experience. A website is a manner to give easy access to the services and information to the customers. More critical is to have an outstanding User Experience (UX) for raising the overall browsing experience.

To communicate with the customers, to showcase the services and products, and to update the customers about the latest technologies, having a website is essential.

But, if your website is complicated, confusing navigation, then it simultaneously is giving bad user-experience and increasing your chances to lack behind. Do not provide prospects to the customers to affect your brand.

Here, in this article, we will give you the tips to have an outstanding web design for enhancing the user experience. Though, you can also opt for an affordable website design company that can guide you to have a better web design for better user experience. The choice is all yours.

Let’s get started!!

Web design useful tips to improve the user experience

Simplified navigation

Keep the navigation simplified and accessible as much you can. Do not let your visitors leave the website just because they find it complicated. The business needs to build a website with easy navigation. This will make the users browse effortlessly without any issue.

It is recommended not to add more than seven menus items and make the navigation more instinctive and detailed.

A/B testing

If you want to have a static improvement in your business, then it is crucial to perform regular experimentation and testing. Therefore, to check the improvements you have made are better for your website, you need to perform A/B testing.

The only change with the wrong impact can affect the conversion rate. Hence, it is essential to experiment with new approaches and concepts regularly to ensure effectiveness.

More CTAs

It is beneficial to add Call To Action (CTA) buttons to enhance the click rate critically. It has been found that when any website includes CTAs with the contrasting color, then there are 122% more chances that you can get clicked.

We are advising you to place the CTAs on the top of the page because it let the buttons to perform better. Try to include the best color, font, graphics etc.

Enhance the page loading time

While visiting any website, we do not like to wait for a website to load. Similarly, why your visitor will wait if your website is taking more than 2 to 3 seconds to load.They will prefer to leave your website and will move to another site.

So, make sure to check the speed of the website and examine how it is performing on the other devices, tablets, mobile phones and laptops. Maintain a useful browsing experience.  

Integrate appropriate images and videos

Using the videos on the website can increase the conversion rate by 80%. 

Apply only the appropriate images, in-appropriation will land you nowhere. 

This will increase user engagement and give them a unique experience. Try not to provide more white space in between.

Text-heavy landing pages could be devastating to the visitor’s eye and do not let them focus on the product. You can use the white space with the CTA button sensibly and provide a smooth experience to the visitors.

Properly designed headlines

The headlines should develop a connection with eminent customers. Basically, the content is the main factor that makes them clear about your products and services. Integrate understandable and straightforward content only.

When creating the headline, it is necessary to include the keywords at the right place and the correct paragraph. For example, if your company deals with web designing and is located in Singapore, then a suitable keyword for this is Web designing in Singapore.

Keyword not only attracts the customers but also helps your website to rank high in the search engines, such as Google, Bing and yahoo. 

Say no to 404 error

Do you want your website to show 404 error? No, Right!! Not even your customers are going to like it. If your visitors experience this error on your web page, they will immediately leave and make you suffer from less customer retention rate.

Let your customers enjoy the smooth experience by rectifying the error soon.

Build a responsive version

With the regular improvement in the digitization, it has become critical to have   mobile-friendly and responsive website design. This not only increases the user’s visibility towards your brand but will fulfil the requirements of mobile users.

Try only to integrate the quality measures to have a responsive element. If your website is not functioning correctly in the smartphones, then get ready to lose potential customers. 

Assure website security


Have you ever gotten anxious about the issue of being insecure about your website? There is a regular increase in attackers and hackers that you should take care of. It is essential to pay attention to the security of your website. If you still do not accessing the security system yet then have one.


Add the security features in every fundamental aspect of the site. When the customer checks that you have authenticated the security on your website, then they will surely be going to buy the products and services from you. 

Wrapping Up

The studies have revealed that one-third of the customers leave the brand if they discover any terrible experience. Following the customer-centric approaches will definitely take you on the top.

If you have bad experiences in the past, then make customer’s happiness your top priority. You are not going to regret it. Apply the above-mentioned tips and watch the improvements you will achieve in your business. 

We hope you loved this article. If there is any point that we have missed, then please share that with us. Let us know about your queries and recommendations in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!!