Some Safe Tips for Safely Shifting Ceramic Flower Vase

On 21 Nov., 2019

Your flower vase is very dear to you, then don’t allow it to face jerks while shifting. Learn two best tips using which you can safely transfer the vase to the desired location safely.

Some Safe Tips for Safely Shifting Ceramic Flower Vase


Often you arrange a lot of boxes and other containers to safely ship your vase from one place to another location when you shift, but still face the hassles and end up facing disappointment when you find the vase broken during shifting. Though, generally, you can mend with the loss of your regular vase, but when you have a ceramic look printed white vase, then it becomes difficult to actually cope with even a thought of having found it broken. The shifting can become easy and convenient when you know the shifting tips so that the tips can help you in safely carrying all your goods. There are many things which help in carrying a ceramic look printed white vase from one location to another, but to know exactly some safer tips to actually make the go possible is really important and this what are listed here in this blog.

Bubble Wrap the Vase

Never allow the ceramic look printed white vase to be packed just in a newspaper and pack it with other items. Doing so can ruin the handicraft design or it may cause breakage while transferring the vase to another location. So the best way as many would recommend is to rely only on the bubble wrap. The bubble wrap safely equips the fragile item and keep the item safe even if you are transferring the item to another location.

Packing Peanuts

Now how actually to pack the ceramic look printed white vase in order to transfer it safe is to always make use of the two packing boxes. The idea to use two boxes for packing fragile items is really helpful as the inner box can be layered with a 2 to 3 inches of foam peanuts on all sides and then you can keep the second box containing the vase onto it. Once the second box is kept inside the inner box, then fill the voids further with foam peanuts so that there shouldn’t be any jerk felt by the vase when it gets travelled to the desired location.