Angular JS Benefits & Use case Scenarios :

On 9 Oct., 2019

This article describes the Angular JS benefits & use case scenarios.

Angular JS Benefits & Use case Scenarios :

AngularJS is one of today's most commonly used Web application design technologies. For example, Google developed and maintained the front-end application framework for JavaScript. You can see Angular.js development services as an effective solution if you are looking for a robust app development solution. It is an open source front end web platform focused on JavaScript that addresses the challenges faced in the development of applications.

Let’s Discuss the Benefits of Angular JS :

Supports Wider Community : Designers can find the right way to solve problems and customers can pick the development teams as necessary. This opens up huge opportunities for both app developers and consumers.


Easy to understand : 

AngularJS is easy to comprehend and easy to maintain. Its versatility provides additional advantages as consumers can frequently make adjustments.


Custom Solutions : 

When writing the code, it is not actually necessary for mobile app developers to add all the libraries at once and add some additional modifications. It comes with ready-made and flexible solutions that the user can use. It is possible to use custom solutions such as device operations.


Comprehensive Testing : AngularJS allows designers of mobile apps to access and build software from the rest of the app.


Highlights of AngularJS 7 :

The different features that distinguish Angular 7 from the previous Angular versions include the following:

Components of Angular Elements now allow slot projection of component.

Improves the quality of the device by adding or removing the metadata represent polyfill automatically.

Angular CLI can prompt users to make decisions with the CLI Prompts feature. In the main files, CLI documentation has been implemented.

If the package reaches 2 MB, users will be warned every time by using the default bundle budgets. Nonetheless, it will appear as an error if the initial package exceeds 5 MB.


Features of Angular 7 :

Angular 7, is Google's new big version of the popular web platform. The latest release includes a host of new features including CLI Prompts, Angular Budgets, Virtual Scroll, Drag and Drop, and more.


Angular Budgets :

This function of Angular Budgets enables developers to set configuration budget thresholds or limits in Angular.js and ensures that applications remain well within limits. For Angular 7, the budget provided performance-related changes. Users are warned any time the package reaches 2 MB when using the standard bundle budgets and an error occurs if the initial bundle exceeds 5 MB.


Angular CLI :

Angular 7 provides developers with a command-line interface (CLI) tool to start, develop and maintain Angular apps to encourage developers to execute specific commands and help developers discover built-in features.


Drag & Drop :

The Drag and Drop feature allows developers to create developer-friendly drag and drop features. "The @angular / cdk / drag-drop module allows you to easily and declaratively build drag-and-drop interfaces, support free drag-and-drop, sort within a list, pass items between lists, animations, touch devices, custom drag handles, previews and placeholders, as well as horizontal lists and locking along an axis."


Angular JS Use cases :

Video-Streaming apps :

Developing these apps is the best choice. YouTube and Netflix are among the most prominent examples.


User Review apps : Such systems provide users with critical information about the actions they want to take. Identifying the best solutions and saving resources in terms of cash is simple with review apps.


Travel Apps : Because these apps have flexible features, AngularJS helps develop sophisticated apps for travel.


Weather Apps : AngularJS enables developers to create an interactive interface and assists with optimized performance in conducting real-time activities.


Content portal Apps : AngularJS provides a huge amount of data, comments, and user information to manage the features.


Conclusion :

If you plan to develop and implement high-performance web & mobile technologies, find Angular as the most powerful, up-to-date framework for growth. At present, AngularJS emerges as a winner due to such huge advantages, but the right AngularJS Development Company or experts must be consulted before continuing with the development of the device.


Author Bio :

Jeevan Kumar is a technology enthusiast and strong believer in agile product development. He is a Senior Content Strategist of Fortunesoft IT Innovations - Angular JS Development Company Singapore