5 Tips before you Hire Electrical Contractor

On 8 Oct., 2019

As a home contractor, you may have experienced good

5 Tips before you Hire Electrical Contractor

bad and ugly contractors found around. White Electric Company has played a pivotal role in delivering many projects successfully and under a particular budget. Many people hand over projects to dishonest and inexperienced contractor that devastate the situation more than ever.

Following that, many clients have stress, torture and loss of hard earned money that could’ve been utilized in the correct manner if the contractor was chosen rightly. The silver lining is, White Electric Company has come a solution that are listed below to avoid inexperienced contractor:

  1. Before hiring, check and verify their contracting license. In the state of Virginia, you can check through a website to find a company has license of home electrical contractors. It will help you to see couple of things. Firstly, it will tell that license is valid and has good value. Secondly, any complaints over the license will be mentioned.
  2. See the consumer advocacy groups online to evaluate the contractors. There are many sites from you can get authentic information from the consumer, all the positive and negativity about your potential contractor can be found.
  3. See any prior consumer you can speak to take their feedback on the contractor work. You can also ask from contractor to send you the pictures of retrospect work to see in-depth portfolio. If your contractor has a website, go through it and find the projects completed and clients served. It will be a firsthand information for you to make a decision confidently.
  4. You may have heard this many times that a particular contractor is doing the work half of the price of other three contractors. Don’t be impress with that. It doesn’t mean too economical can be too true or competent enough to execute the work. Reputable contractor may charge you more but, keep you in the state of peace rather than stress as mentioned above.
  5. Never pay full amount at the start of the project. The common reason people get into trouble is because of paying the complete and the contractor office doesn’t exist, leaving you in an agony. It’s better to prepare a payment plan before the project rolls out. Make sure you will only pay to the contractors, so the sub-contractors cannot ask for payment from you. It’s called maintaining proper lien releases that keeps protected from liability and ensure payments to the contractor.