5 Things All Students Should Care About When Writing an Essay

On 27 Sept., 2019

Writing an essay is not as easy of a task as many students believe. Essay writing is the most common type of academic writing that is given to students as a way to test their academic knowledge and writing skills.

5 Things All Students Should Care About When Writing an Essay

Writing an essay is not as easy of a task as many students believe. Essay writing is the most common type of academic writing that is given to students as a way to test their academic knowledge and writing skills. Many teachers grade your essays and these grades contribute a lot to your final results. Thus, essays are not to be taken lightly. You must give them immense importance and work hard to make sure they are written to perfection. Here are the five most important things students must care for when they start working on their essays.

You must be very careful when you are selecting the topic for your essay. You cannot just select any topic. You have to put a lot of thought into the selection. Choose a topic that is of your interest, something that will motivate you to work hard and do research. A good topic that tingles your curiosity is the best way to go about your essay. When you'll be curious, you will spend more time and energy on the essay. If the topic is not as interesting, you will not be motivated to complete it and will do it halfheartedly. In consequence to this you won't be able to produce something that is of premium quality. Thus it is very important to choose the best topic. Avoid choosing topics that are highly repetitive as you won’t be able to add much depth to the topic and will end up replicating the same points other writers of the same topic have made. Choose a topic that is rare and has a lot to be discussed. Often times students select a topic that is interesting but upon research they find out there's not much to write about and end up either. Hanging their topic last minute or producing a low quality essay. Therefore, to pick out the perfect topic you need to make a list of all the options and do a little bit of research. It will help you gauge if the topic has enough material and depth available to write the essay.

 The next thing in line is the researching. After topic selection a detailed research is very important. To write a well-informed essay you must have all the information there is on the selected topic. Do extensive research, go online there are several scholarly articles available written by famous writers and researchers. You can find journals online that are in depth and give you a wide expanse of information. If you are not satisfied with the information you find online, then you must hit the libraries. Go to your closest library and issue all the books that are related to your topic in whatever way. It will help you write a perfect essay. You need to read in order to look at your topic from different angles and decide on which angle you need to base your essay on. While you conduct your research try to note down all the information that is useful. This will help you gather all the usable data in one place and you won't have to open up books and the internet to find the source of information. Keep a small diary and jot down all the important points. Be sure to add the reference on your notes so that if you need to find out more on the same idea you are able to go to the original source without difficulty. Once your research is completed and you have all the material you need you can start with the brainstorming.

 Brainstorming is a very crucial part of your essay writing. Now that you have decided on the topic and have all the research it's time for you to flex your grey matter. Take a piece of paper and write the name of the topic in the center of the page. Draw a cloud around the name and lines on it boundaries. At the other end of these lines you need to write about what comes to your mind when you think about the topic. Write down everything freely, there are no rules for this step of essay writing. You can let your creative juices flow freely. If you wish to draw pictures, you are at complete liberty to do so. Remember this is a rough draft so you don't have to elaborate on your ideas; just a mention of them will do the job. The next part of your brainstorming is to write down all the ideas and the research into an outline. You are supposed to draft up an outline of your essay. Start with the introduction and what points would you introduce in it. After that talk about the main body of the essay. Divide your points into paragraphs and write them down. Once the main body is completed, move on to the conclusion. In the conclusion you just have to summarize the entire essay.

 The most important step is now the writing of the essay. Essays usually follow the universal format of introduction, main body and the conclusion. You will write your essay in the similar way and start with the introduction. In the introduction of your essay you can use a topic sentence to introduce your audience to the topic and then write a thesis sentence to talk about all the points you will be covering in the essay. You do not need to explain your points in detail, just a mention of them will do. Your introduction should be interesting and should entice the reader to read the complete essay. Once the introduction is complete you can move towards the main body of the essay. Make multiple paragraphs and each paragraph should only focus on one or at the maximum two points. Once you make a point, back it up with the research you have done and also provide examples to validate the points you've made. Similarly explain all your points in a similar fashion. And move towards the conclusion. The conclusion of your essay should summarize all the points you have made along with a critical analysis of your own. This is very important as it shows how you have deeply dived into the topic and deduced your own opinions with respect to all the research and examples.

 After the essay is complete you must proofread and edit it to weed out all the errors. You need to make sure there are no spelling mistakes and grammar is immaculate. At this level you cannot afford to make silly mistakes. Thus it is essential to edit it and correct all the mistakes.

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