Advantages of ASP.Net Framework

On 25 Sept., 2019

In the technological era, the competition of staging up with the innovations for the customers is becoming a usual practice.

Advantages of ASP.Net Framework

Many web development companies are focused towards cutting-edge technologies to develop custom applications. Before you develop any website, you need to cognize the genre of business in order to design application according to the business model. Secondly, the technology platform comes on which the application will be developed.

Due to consistent change and demand in the market, Microsoft created Asp.Net Framework to create rich web applications and websites. Asp or active server pages are the perfect platform to develop high-end applications. Dot Net is the best server for scripting technology where Asp.Net websites and web application are used by the windows web server to host. 4DS IT Limited provides the services for the clients to develop websites and web applications on Asp.Net framework.

Microsoft has done one of the biggest achievement to meet market demand for dynamic websites. You can create reusable and reliable applications with dot net. It’s very popular and easy for .Net developers to create application through Visual Studio. Interestingly, it’s not limited to Asp but you can also use programming language like VB, C#, etc.

Here are the advantages inked of using Asp.Net Framework:

  1. Your application will remain secured with embedded windows authentication and pre application configuration.
  2. It has created ease to reduce to long line of code required to develop the big applications.
  3. Dynamic webpages are generated smoothly through and html.
  4. code initially runs on windows server before appearing on the web browser, being an ideal server scripting technology.
  5. The language of is independent – it means you can choose any programming language to develop your application.
  6. is easy to deploy with the built in configuration information.
  7. Web pages, ample of components and application running on it is thoroughly monitored on windows web server.
  8. Memory leaks, unbounded loops and other suspicious behavior is alerted by the Dot net Framework – immediately kills them and restart them again.
  9. JIT compilation, caching services, binding and native optimization support is the added feature in Asp.Net which gives high level performance to your application.
  10. All applications on are monitored highly and have the ability to help application manage available to handle requests.
  11.  Dot Net framework has own built-in caching features, which is the best part.
  12. Programming logic and content is fragmented in the Dot Net framework, it tends to reduce inconveniences.

This Asp.Net Framework is widely available and you may contact 4DS IT Limited for development of any website and web application. They provide these services to their cliental.