Tips To Enhance Productivity For a Freelancer

On 20 Sept., 2019

Today when one wants to ditch working under one's boss and work freely, freelancing comes into play. Many want to marry freedom and live for self-satisfaction.

Tips To Enhance Productivity For a Freelancer

Today when one wants to ditch working under one's boss and work freely, freelancing comes into play. Many want to marry freedom and live for self-satisfaction. Thus, they end up divorcing 9 to 5 jobs. No doubt, freelancers enjoy freedom, independence, and flexibility. Yet one thing they need to keep in mind is time management. 

Since they may deal with more than one client at a time, it is important to complete the tasks on time. Moreover, the more they manage time, the more will they add a shilling to their pockets. 

Here are some time management tips for freelancers, because the more you manage time, the more you earn! 

• Do not sit for a long stretch: 

Freelancers tend to sit for more than an hour working over their laptops, eyes glued to the digital screens. But they end up scratching their brains and getting frustrated. Why? Sitting for long hours at one stretch can cause frustrations. 

Thus, do not sit for more than 45 minutes at one go. Take short breaks, go for a walk, or grab a cup of latte. You can also listen to nice, sweet, and melodious music for 10 mins and then get back to do your work. This boosts blood circulation, and you will be able to think in a better way. 

• Do not spend much time browsing: 

Research is a must in freelancing and other jobs but spending too much time browsing the internet eats up much time. Spending two to three hours in browsing and referring to 6-8 websites will oh, consume your precious time. 

Do not spend more than an or half in browsing. Referring to 2-3 sites is enough unless a topic is not very complicated. You should follow smart work rather than hard work as they say, 'time is money'.

• Working on fixed hours: 

Freelancers work from the comfort of their homes. And when they are doing this, you tend to carry a laptop everywhere, be it the kitchen, bedroom, in the garden. This can really prove hectic and can ruin their family life. 

Thus, it is better to fix the working hours with clients. Instead of juggling with your work and daily chores and errands, give your fixed hours. Just like you would work for a fixed number of hours in the office, devote a couple of particular hours for a project. This will help you in balancing your work life as well as family life. 

• Take the help of time management apps: 

With the world growing dependent on the digital world, there is no harm to take a little help from the application of time management available on your smartphones. You can set reminders for every 45 to 60 minutes so that it is time to take a break or to do anything else. 

This way, you will get time to focus on errands and other things too, and not much time will be consumed in one project or topic. You can also set other reminders in the app.

• Go creative with your workspace: 

Also, your dull and boring space may make you sit for a long stretch of time. What's the result? You do not come with any productive idea in the end. So, now what to do? Change your work setting. If possible, make it near the window facing a lush green garden. 

You can also try playing it with colors. Use sticky notes to pen down important information and paste them on the wall of your work table. You can use inspirational quotes. Or even the use of colors like green, orange, red as they may help you to concentrate. Always keep a mug of coffee by your side. It regulates mood and help you in finishing your tasks soon.

So here are a few tips to work on your time management skills. Which ones are you going to pick?