Amazon Seller Services – Grow Your Ecommerce Business by 10x on Amazon In 2020

On 17 Sept., 2019

Amazon is the future. It is the largest e-commerce market place with millions of sellers from across the world. Previously in 2018, the company was valued at nearly $1 Trillion. 

Amazon Seller Services – Grow Your Ecommerce Business by 10x on Amazon In 2020

Amazon Seller Services is contributing to many Businesses across the world and has helped individuals and businesses in generating millions of dollars. 

Amazon FBA has increasingly become popular among sellers as it has made selling quite easy.

If you haven’t put your foot on Amazon up till now, now is the time! 

Where to Start

You’re right. This is something that is most difficult to decide in any business. Clear your mind and follow me step by step:

  • Go through Amazon

Yes, this is considered the most important part because you should have an idea about the market place. See what others are selling and who are getting the reviews. Explore brands who are already making profits on Amazon. 

  • Select a Niche

Now, this is the crunch point of your Amazon Business. ‘Fear’ is the biggest factor in this case, but it’s quite normal. No one has achieved anything in this world without taking a risk. 

But, I will suggest you take a ‘small’ risk with little investment. 

I initiated my Amazon business by selling decorative pieces that are mainly made up of glass. I started with just $500 and it worked great for me!

 You can do that as well! Trust me, it has quite low competition and has great sales margin.  

Go to your nearby market place and find something that is unique – something that isn’t readily available globally. If you are thinking to enter in a tough competition, go ahead. 

Ordering products from Alibaba is also a possible option for you, but I don’t recommend that to beginners. 

  • Get the photography done

Amazon Product Photography is the most crucial aspect of A9 Algorithm as it acts as a backbone for any Amazon Business. Like in every e-commerce business, images play a vital role in convincing viewers in making a purchase. 

In Amazon, photography is more than important. 

For doing photography for your products, you would need a studio. You can make a studio in your own room or can also take help from a third party. 

  • Find out the keywords

Like in Google, Keywords are the most important ranking factor in Amazon search Algorithm. 

All you need to do is to find an Amazon keyword tool and find the potential and long-tail keywords for your products. 

AMZ WordSpy, a free keyword tool of AMZ One Step, is best for beginners and other Amazon sellers who are in a hunt for potential keywords. 

  • Write an engaging content 

According to the respective A+, you are required to write short but engaging content for your listings. It's 2019, you should know that content is more than just content. It covers the remaining gap and can do wonders for you.

Use keywords in your title, description, and bullet points. Repetition of keywords doesn’t make a difference in the Amazon search algorithm. 

  • Invest In Amazon PPC

PPC can literally drive you drastic results if done right. Gather a little investment for your Amazon PPC Campaign and increase your product’s exposure in the Amazon market place. 

For PPC Campaign, you can take help of Sellex, AMZ One Step, or with other renowned companies. 

Although, organic traffic can drive leads for you. However, it is wiser to keep investing some amount in your Amazon PPC ads. 

Over to you

Take the most of Amazon Seller Services and grow your business today and build your own brand. Last, but not the least; Let your luck do the remaining job.