Emotional Web Design : Theory and Practice

On 11 Sept., 2019

Emotional Web Design : Theory and Practice. Each person has their favorite places, whether it's a store, cafe or movie. And this is not just a meaningless “acquired, gone and forgotten” relationship, it is a certain emotional attachment to a place, because there is something special in it.

Emotional Web Design : Theory and Practice

Each person has their favorite places, whether it's a store, cafe or movie. And this is not just a meaningless “acquired, gone and forgotten” relationship, it is a certain emotional attachment to a place, because there is something special in it. The same thing happens with websites. In order for the user to constantly return to a specific page on the Internet, it is necessary that it carries a positive emotional load. However, no matter how interesting the website is, it is simply unrealistic to guess absolutely everyone, but you can optimize effective interaction with the user. It is for this purpose that emotional web design is designed to cope .

What is an emotional website design?
Today, the emotional design of the site is one of the most powerful tools of highly professional designers. Recently, there has been a tendency to simplify complex elements, therefore, in the development of the site, the emphasis is not on technical issues, but on its emotional content.

When creating sites, much attention is currently paid to the adaptation of sites for various devices, making them essentially faceless and forgetting about the emotional component. But focusing on the functional perfection of the website may not be as useful as you would like, so the potential for emotions in this case should not be ignored. No wonder they say: “attractive things are more effective”, because if the site leaves a positive impression, then it will quickly gain confidence among visitors.

An emotional presence can be found in several components of the website:

Appearance . The predominance of soft, rounded and smooth elements in the design of the site looks much more pleasant than sharp corners and torn repellent forms. The first emotions in the form of a page originate in the subconscious, and this happens very quickly. That is why it is important in the first place to focus on the intuitively correct perception of design.

Usability (or usability). The main thing here is to correctly organize navigation on the site so that the user does not have any difficulties and questions where to click. To implement this, it is most convenient to make the person see the result of their actions.

Contemplation . Here we mean satisfaction after visiting the site, its memorability. This is a conscious reaction of a person to actions taken on the site, his assessment of certain objects and their analysis.

If the site design is truly excellent, then all three components are necessarily present in it: attractiveness, convenience, it is remembered and brings only pleasure from visiting.

How to realize emotions in web design?
For the attractiveness of the site or certain elements on it, they usually focus on specific things: colors, contrast, gradient, shapes. And this is quite obvious. However, there are other less obvious tricks of emotional impact . For example:

Humor . Perhaps, for influencing human emotions, this is one of the most effective methods. A joke share, a smile, a laugh always liberate and involuntarily make people feel more comfortable. However, it is also important here not to overdo it, since what is funny to one, may seem offensive to the other. And not in all subjects humor is generally appropriate.

Faces . People are so arranged for the most part that they themselves do not understand, looking for an emotional connection with the interlocutor. Using it in design redleos.com/pk/web-design-company-in-islamabad/ is quite simple: the faces on the site will always provoke a response, whether it be joy, empathy or grief. In other words, when entering a site, the user subconsciously searches for another person and charges them with emotions.

Desires . This is more true for sites involved in the sale of goods and online stores. To arouse a desire to acquire a certain thing, it must be reflected in a very attractive picture, with one glance at which the thought arises: “I want to!”

Thoughtfulness to the smallest detail . It is advisable to work out each design element to make it as useful as possible. But do not forget about the pleasant things that can catch or cause approval and a smile. The simplest example is the original layout of the 404 error page . It is here that you can move away from the rigor of the site and add a little humor to it. Or, when you click on the button to buy goods, launch the company, display the inscription: “This is your moment of glory!” And each user will be pleased if, upon registration, their photo displays the inscription: “A good shot!” And there are a lot of such trifles, you only need to show a bit of creativity.