Call forwarding - A boon for globetrotters

On 9 Sept., 2019

So, you are traveling for work or pleasure. While you are exploring the world, your landline phone back home is continuously ringing as no one is there to pick it up. Or While you are in Europe, your US phone number is not working due to the international roaming issues, and you are missing all your important calls.

Call forwarding - A boon for globetrotters

Both these situations are realistic and can bring sourness in your travel. Traveling is an integral part of our lives. Whether it is work or business, you need to pack your back and roam around the world. Though seeing the world is exciting, it comes with certain obstacles such as flight tickets booking and booking suitable Airbnb. Then, there is poor communication which bothers the most. Your service provides may not be operational on that part of the globe where you are traveling. There are roaming charges. No matter what the reason, this may lead to missed calls which no traveler wants. 


Here is a sure shot solution for this issue and it is call forwarding. A noteworthy feature of your Local Phone Number, this feature is nothing but a blessing in disguise for those who live nomadic lives. A simple step of diverting your calls to another destination can help you to enjoy uninterrupted communication regardless of your location and service provider.


Call forwarding - The byproduct of modern telephony.


Modern telephony has changed the face of our communication methodology by offering ample of services. Call forwarding is one such feature that enables a user to get in touch with the loved ones in every situation. 


By using this feature, the end-user can divert all incoming calls of mobile or landline phones to any other number. The receiving end can be your home phone, office phone system, or virtual phone system. As soon as the caller dials your primary number, the call will be routed to the destination phone number after ringing once on the primary number. The ringing reminds the call forwarding user that the facility is activated.


The world of travelers and global business is going gaga over call forwarding. The prime reason for being so is its real-time performance. By simple code dialing, it enables a user to get hold of every call. Let’s understand its modus operandi with an example.


So, you are a freelancer that has to roam from place to place for work. This time, your travel is outside your motherland. While this new journey is important to get new business opportunities, you can’t neglect already existing clients and cut ties from them while traveling. So, you signed up call forwarding on your virtual phone system. As a virtual phone number works on an internet connection, there is no roaming issues and poor connectivity.


You can set call forwarding on your primary phone number or landline phone located in the office back. Now, all the calls will be routed directly to your virtual phone number, and you can pick them without being worried about roaming charges. It is as simple as that.


How to make this tool available at your service?


There is no second opinion that this feature is what you require for hassle-free travel, and the above example explained it well. Now, the question here to ask is:


How to make it available at your service?


To use this service, the first thing that you require is a subscription from your service provider. Your access to this service depends upon your service provider. Some service provider offers only local call forwarding. That means you can divert your calls to any other local number only, while others don’t support this facility if the destination number is outside their coverage area.

In that case, you will not be able to use this revolutionary facility in full swing. The best way for a globetrotter to be in touch while traveling is to buy a virtual phone number from a trusted service provider.   As it works on an internet connection, there are no hassles involved.


On a general basis, dialing *72 on your phone can easily activate this feature on your phone, or you can also call the service provider to activate this facility. Depending upon the type of mobile handset you are using, you need to change the setting and prepare your phone for the travel. It can be deactivated by dialing *73. In some places, such as Europe, a special dial tone also indicates that call forwarding is activated. 


You can also make this feature condition-based such as: 


  • Forward - when busy.

  • Forward - when no answer.

  • Forward - when out of coverage area.


Traveling can be fun and stress-free provided you plan diligently and activating call forwarding on your office phone number is that wise move. So, use it and don’t lose touch.

Call forwarding - A boon for globetrotters