How YouTube Ads Can Help You Grow Your Fashion Brand?

On 20 Aug., 2019

If your fashion brand could us YouTube ads or any form of digital marketing to push forward get in touch today and we will be happy to help you out.

How YouTube Ads Can Help You Grow Your Fashion Brand?

If you thought that YouTube was messing around, you are sorely mistaken and the joke’s on you.

If you thought that the video streaming platform would not grow to become a reference point for marketing campaigns, then you missed the memo. YouTube is steady growing, with massive audience attention, getting an incredible amount of daily streams, with many people spending more hours here than watching the TV every day.

The platform is growing, yes, but that’s not the best part of it. The best part is that it is growing in line with a market demand increase for video marketing content.

With the innovations in the marketing world, the audience for video marketing has increased exponentially, positioning video streaming platforms and video enabled platforms for potential growth in user metrics. To this effect, YouTube and platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc, which enable some extent of plug-and-play video content are witnessing reasonable increase in the amount of traffic generated on them.

What should the average fashion brand do with this information? How should a CEO in the fashion industry react to this news? I’ll tell you. This is open season on video ads and, when properly created and positioned, your ads are about to fly and increase conversion. Here are some ways that YouTube Ads can help you grow your fashion brand exponentially, increasing conversion and engagement rates.

Non-skippable Ads

YouTube offers different types of advertising, each existing to suit a particular need, particular audience and particular product. Non-skippable ads can technically only be 15-20 seconds long and are pre-roll ad campaigns. This implies that they must be viewed before the user sees a particular video content on the platform. Ads in this category must sell the idea within the first 4 seconds of the 15-20 seconds available. This is because, despite it being impossible for the user to skip the ad, if they find it boring or useless, they will try to avoid it in other situations, as much as possible.

When creating non-skippable ads, pay attention to your grabbers and use them well. Focus on gaining the attention of the audience and using their attention to sell the idea to them without boring them with “unnecessary noise”. Many brands successfully create ads that are so effective, the audience becomes so interested in learning more that they forget their original mission which was to watch videos.

Skippable Ads or TrueView Ads

TrueView Ads do not force people to watch, that means they can be skipped in 4 seconds after they start playing. However, as a brand that wants to convert, you should focus on creating your ads in such a way that captures the attention of the audience within the 4 second window. Doing this often requires in-depth analysis of the consumer persona, understanding the needs of the consumer and positioning your ads to suit that information.

Users have been known to watch 3 minutes long ads on YouTube just based on how engaging or interesting the ads are. With the right story, with the right production, the consumer would sit through the ads and watch it without complaining. For your fashion brand, you should consider this very much.

If your fashion brand could us Youtube ads or any form of digital marketing to push forward get in touch today and we will be happy to help you out.

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Why Choose Breeze Development?

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