Step By Step Guide To A Student Visa To France

On 19 Aug., 2019

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Step By Step Guide To A Student Visa To France

Every student has a dream to study in a foreign country. European countries like France are some of the best educational institutes in the world. You can’t make it abroad whenever you want, and that’s why, to make your dream come true, the first requirement is a visa to France.

According to the best overseas education consultants, there are a variety of visas. For each kind of visa, you need to follow a procedure which is different for all types. Moreover, the type of visa you need totally depends on the type of course you are looking forward to study in your next destination. The type of visa that you will need will depend on the length of course, and that’s why you first need to decide what you will do after teaching your dreamland. Let’s know more about getting a student visa to France. 

Types Of Visas

There are four types of visas available for you to choose the one best according to your convenience. The details of all the types of visas are given below.

  • Short Stay Student Visa

Short stay visa is also known as Schengen short-stay visa. This type of visa is only for those students who want to study only around 2-3 months. If a student is thinking of a language course or any other short term course, then he/she can show his interest in this kind of visa.

  •  Examination Visa

As the name suggests, this visa is only meant for the person who wants to go to France for appearing in an entrance exam. This visa is valid when someone wants to study in an international institute. And if the student gets selected for the exam than its 90-day validity is extended to the duration of course.

  •  Temporary Long Stay Student Visa

This is a student visa, which is an extended form of short-stay student visa. The main difference between these two is only that in temporary long stay visa there is a validity of up to 6 months. Also, this visa cannot be extended and renewed. 

  • Long Stay Visa

For the students who want to stay and study in France for more than six months can apply only for a long stay visa. This visa is valid only until the course duration. For example, if you want to do a masters in France, the visa is applicable only for two years. And for bachelor, you can stay for a period of three years. And someone who wants to do his doctorate then he/she can stay there for four years.

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Eligibility Criteria 

The overseas education consultants in Ahmedabad further elaborate that there are some essential requirements for the application of a visa to France, no matter which type of visa you want to get. 

  1. You must have a valid passport with a minimum validity of 3 months.
  2. You must do your studies from an authorised institute. 
  3. You must know French if you want to study a French language course.
  4. Always show an intention to leave France as soon as your course is completed.
  5. You have to provide an enrollment letter from the institution where you want to study. 
  6. You must be financially stable.
  7. You have to give a copy of your Accommodation Letter,flight ticket & Medical Insurance.


Steps To Apply For A Visa

Some steps need to be followed by the aspirants in case of all types of visas. Most of the steps are nearly the same. Some can differ a bit and for them, you can talk to your educational consultants, and they will share more information regarding the concern. 

  1. Visit the website of France campus for online registration. 
  2. Register online and get your campus registration number.
  3. Go to your account and send your documents for review to fix an appointment for an academic interview. You can set an appointment online also.
  4. Appear for an interview and get a certificate of interview completion.
  5. Download and fill the visa application form with your signatures.
  6. Add a recent coloured photograph of you in the form and check the application fees.
  7. Again fix an appointment with VFS to submit your form and fees.
  8. Collect your visa after issuing.

Fees Structure For Visa

  1. For short stay student visa- INR 4,658.30
  2. For long stay student visa-  INR 3,881.92

Note: Fees may vary from time to time.

Getting a visa yourself can seem an easy task, but it’s complicated when you have no one to guide. And that’s where educational institutes like Yuranus help you with their experience, skills and network in the country you want to join.