10 Things That Make Melbourne A Better Place For International Education

On 19 Aug., 2019

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10 Things That Make Melbourne A Better Place For International Education

Various students dream of studying abroad while completing their graduation or higher education. One reason might be the quality of study which could also be found in India, but a plethora of other attractions spell on the hearts of students. Most of the students applying for Australia study visa are interested more in the beautiful culture and lifestyle.

Ranked as the most livable city, Melbourne is the heart of Australia. So, if you are also trying to choose an excellent location for your international study, here are some convincing reasons to select Melbourne.

Best in Education

Melbourne houses some of the best educational institutes. Universities or Colleges of Melbourne offer high-class education in various fields of study. Whatever is the field of your school, you will find a course and university in Melbourne. The teaching methodology of Melbourne has lectures and weekly tutorials for better understanding.

Variety of Food

Melbourne is famous for coffee after Italy. So, if you are one of those who are a fan of Italian coffee, you are going to love the coffee from Melbourne as well. The coffee will make you feel in Italy instead of Australia.

Are you missing the warmth of home food? Melbourne cafes have covered all the family meals. The gorgeous cafes of Melbourne have Italian, Mexican, Asian, and yes Australian food at its best.

Vibrant Culture

The culture of a place plays an integral role in keeping you bond to the land. The music, museums, art galleries, and every corner of the city give a hint of the extensive culture it owns.

Melbournian culture is a mix of Greek, Australian, and a large number of other nationalities. The cultural fests and events make the culture flow through the city to your heart.

Enjoy the Festive Vibes

Since the city has got a blend of various cultures, every bit of it leaks through the festive events. The heaps of events hosted by Melbourne go all year round, and you don’t even find time to get bored.

The festivals bring you and the students of other nations closer, giving you a chance to discuss and understand different cultures. You will not only learn your subject because Melbourne has a lot more to teach.

Not So Cool Weather

Melbourne is usually warm, and that should not be something attractive for Indian students as we have summers give us the same feeling. But, you will definitely love the fact that the temperature never goes below 10-degree Celsius and that helps you enjoy better winters.

Moreover, the weather is totally anonymous. You can have hail, rain, sunshine, and even health waves on the same day.

Sports and More Sports

If you’re a sporty kind of person, Melbourne will leave you crazy. The city has numbered sports ranging from the Australian rules football to Australian open tennis covering Rugby, Soccer, Netball, and Golf in the way.

Even water sports such as kite surfing and paddle boarding are at a distance of just 1-2 hours. Melbourne is a city at the bay of beach.

Scenic Beauty

The beautiful landscapes of Melbourne cover the alluring country life, pleasing mountain ranges, and the appealing ocean road makes it the house of everything your heart craves for.

Bored with city life, travel across the countryside. Wanna have a word with waves? Have a 1-2 hours drive across the ocean road, and you will be in heaven. The mountain ranges of Melbourne offer the best bush walk.

Public Transport

International students can also have cards that are 50% cheaper than regular cards, and that makes public transport even more comfortable for you.

Help Resources

Work, sports, health, studies, and any other issue that you might face in Melbourne can be reported to international help desks. Not only the university, but the government of Australia also offers help to international students.

Some nongovernmental authorities and charitable trusts also offer help and guidance to guest students.

Friendly People

Melbourne people can be called terrific, but they are too fast when it comes to friendship. You have friends and a lot of friends in just a few seconds, and that’s what makes Melbourne more livable.

These were some of the perks you are told before you head to the destination. What you explore after landing Melbourne is beyond imagination. The beautiful land has everything you might ever dream about your international studies. For more guidance regarding the place and universities, you can seek help from Yuranus education, the best Australia student visa consultants in Ahmedabad.

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