Best Self-Help Books for Women

On 7 Aug., 2019

The best thing an individual can do for himself is trying and do whatever it takes for self-improvement and help.

Best Self-Help Books for Women

There is this perception out in the society that anyone who seeks self-help books and techniques has a lower IQ or isn’t smart enough to handle problems him/herself. This perception is so wrong, if you are seeking help for self-improvement then I would suggest keeping a deaf ear towards such people as the most successful people in the world was inspired by methods of self-improvement and organizing thoughts which made them what they are today.

For all the women out there, I have hand-picked some of the best self-help books for women that would guide your way along as your journey through life continues.

1. Leave Your Mark

This book has been in limelight since 2015 as it stunned the fashion and media industry. It is filled with practical and non-generic advice from Aliza Licht, including tips on how to work your way up in your career and get that raise you always deserved. She has beautifully incorporated her own experiences as the former @DKNYPRGirl, a twitter account handled by Licht when she was Donna Karan International’s SVP of global communications while keeping her identity secret for 6 years.

2. The Best Damn Answers to Life’s Hardest Questions

This book is written by Tess Koman. It’s like a flowchart of everyone’s dream which would make adults feel instantly better about themselves. This book has addressed some of the most taboo and critical questions of life. Which includes questions like “Will I survive this hangover?” and “Is a bra really necessary?” A crucial aspect of self-care. Laughter.

3. The Up Side of Down

This book has addressed perhaps the most important stigma of our society which is “A failure is always a failure” which is such a degrading statement to the very core. This book highlights why failing well is the key to success. A human being always learns from the mistakes he/she makes. No one is perfect, we are humans, we are flawed. No one would ever learn without mistakes. In this book, Megan McArdle, who is a popular business blogger, illustrates the success in failures and the importance of holding on to your confidence even in the most challenging times.

4. Cringe Worthy

This book is written by Melissa Dahl, with the central idea that focuses on how to analyze your awkwardness. She explores a lifetime of cringing and wat the most awkward moments can teach us about ourselves.

5. Tiny Beautiful Things

This book revolves around challenges faced by love and life. It’s written by the famous best-selling author of Wild, Cheryl Strayed.  In earlier days she was a secret columnist who used the pseudo name “Sugar” at The Rumpus, which is an online literary magazine that was launched in 2009. Later on, she revealed her identity and released Tiny Beautiful Things, a compilation of the advice given and received on love and loss and everything in between. The editor of this Marie Claire said: “This book changed my life.”

What I want you to take away from this article is

Ponder, worry, mend your ways thus the fate

Start with the woman in the mirror before it’s too late.