Huawei Watch GT Active Review

On 5 Aug., 2019

Detailed Review of Huawei Watch GT Active.

Huawei Watch GT Active Review

Huawei Watch GT - a series of smart watches of the middle class. As in smartphones, the company achieves the perfect balance between price and functionality, as well as looking for a way to impress the user with the original design. The watch series includes four versions: Sport, Classic, Elegant and Active. They differ in design, size and price. We received the latest model from this list, and we will tell about it.


Features Huawei Watch GT Active:

Supported OS: Android 4.4 or higher, iOS 9.0 or higher

Connections: Bluetooth 4.2 BLE, 2.4 GHz

Operating system: Light OS

Screen: AMOLED, 1.39 inches, 454 × 454 pixels, density 326 PPI


Built-in memory: 128 MB

Sensors: acceleration and gravity, pressure, light, gyroscope, compass, heart rate monitor

Microphone: no

Dimensions: 46.5 × 46.5 × 10.6 mm

Weight: 46g

Battery: 420 mAh

Maximum run time without recharging: 30 days

Water Resistant: 5 ATM

Design and ergonomics

You can find out about the accessories of the Huawei Watch GT Active to the mainstream segment only when you look at the price tag, the design of the accessory does not betray the economy of the manufacturer. The metal case, comfortable straps, a large and bright AMOLED screen - looks solid and expensive. Externally, this is a classic mechanical watch, there are two crowns for control, the straps are removable.

Around the screen is a metal ring. It is above the screen, which protects the glass from shocks. In addition, Arabic numerals are placed on it, so the electronic dial only needs hands to show the time.

The watch is heavy - 46 g. For comparison, Apple Watch Series 4 with a 44 mm case weighs 36.7 g. Over time you get used to it, but first you feel pressure on your hand. Good or bad - you decide. Someone like a hard watch, some do not. The thickness is no more than other smart watches - 10.6 mm. For comparison, the large Apple Watch Series 4 - 10.7 mm. Enclosure is protected by 5 ATM standard. Watches withstand immersion in fresh water.

QuickFit rubber straps are comfortable - do not rub the wrist, do not cause itching and irritation. The watch is fastened securely - there are two clamps on the straps. The chances that the clock will fall off hands are minimal. The straps are removable, so if you do not like the complete straps, you can choose others to your taste or color.


The display is the pride of the Huawei Watch GT. They have an AMOLED screen. This is noticeable in the picture - the colors are saturated, and the black color is really black, because the pixels in this case are not highlighted.

In the settings there are five levels of brightness of the screen, you can set the automatic adjustment. As a result, it is comfortable to use the clock and on a clear day - all data is clearly visible on the screen, and in a dark room - bright pixels do not hit the eyes.

The screen is round, and this is an ambiguous decision. On the one hand, the smart watch follows the design of classic mechanical models, and their appearance is made in the same style with round icons. On the other hand, on a rectangular screen, it is more convenient to scroll notifications and view data on health training. However, this design did not cause us any problems. Convenient or not, you decide.

The display is turned on in one of two ways - raising the wrist or pressing either of the two crowns. The first can be turned on or off in the Huawei Health app. Activating the screen by raising the wrist can be inconvenient - for example, you shift your hand at night, the screen lights up and the light hits the eyes. In this case, the gesture is better off. There is a “Display Time” mode in which the screen will be turned on for a long time: 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes.


Hours without recharging - the strongest side of the Huawei Watch GT. Due to the dual-chip architecture, energy management system and AMOLED screen with a lower level of energy consumption in the background of IPS, the accessory can work up to two weeks without recharging. In practice, the company's data is similar to the truth - the hours of the day are discharged by about 8% with active use: viewing notifications, monitoring physical activity and health (pulse and sleep). With enabled GPS, heart rate monitor and a constantly burning screen, the energy will be enough for 1 day of work.

The clock is charged wirelessly using a pancake. Connects the charger at first unusually - a pancake is repelled by a magnet, if you just bring it to the bottom of the watch. To connect, you have to lean the pancake and scroll, then the charging and the clock will connect with a magnet.


Huawei Watch GT Active run on the operating system Light OS. The name speaks for itself - in the smartwatch of the average price level, the set of software functions is cut down: there is no app store here, you cannot download music.

The limited set of features is compensated by the aesthetic design of the interface - the operating system looks pleasant: multi-colored icons, in form repeat round screen, there is a unity of style. Added an analog shutter in Android on the main screen - swipe down.

The watch offers 15 dials. You can see the range in the settings section, or by holding your finger on the main screen for a long time. The dial can be selected depending on preferences and tasks: it can be in the style of mechanics, can show the weather, pulse, battery charge, training data.

Pressing the left crown - exit to the settings menu, pressing the right - training menu, where you can offer their types and displays the recovery time.

For a week and a half of testing, we received two updates - one immediately when the watch was paired with a smartphone, and one in the testing process. During the update, I strained one moment - after installation, the clock is unavailable for several minutes to use, at this time they disconnect from the smartphone, but then reconnect. It seemed that the pairing was canceled after installation. No, the accessory is not disconnected from the mobile device.

Pairing and working in conjunction with a smartphone

The clock is synchronized with the smartphone through the Huawei Health app. If you have a Huawei or HONOR phone, it will be preinstalled, if not, download it from Google Play or the App Store. Select the desired watch model, and on the accessory, open the "Search for a smartphone" section, then they will mate.

An important feature is the display of notifications. In the "Messages" you will see everything that came to the smartphone. If the text is not fully displayed, click on the notification and it will unfold. Externally, the opportunity is convenient, but it is functionally inferior. Responding to notifications without a smartphone will not work - the watch does not support any patterns, as in the Samsung Galaxy Fit bracelet, nor the ability to dictate text.

Hours also notify about incoming calls. They cannot be answered due to the absence of a microphone; with the help of an accessory, you can only reset the call. Convenient feature - "Search Phone". If you cannot find your mobile device, turn it on and the smartphone will signal to you.

Health control

The most well-known possibility of wearable electronics is pulse measurement. This watch is equipped with TruSeen 3.0 heart rate monitoring technology with self-learning support.

Swipe to the right on the main screen, you will see a page with an extended set of heartbeat data: current heart rate, change in the index during the day, maximum and minimum value during the day. Swipe up and you will see the pulse zones: extreme, anaerobic, aerobic, fat burning and warm-up. In Huawei Health, the threshold and borders of the pulse are manually indicated.

Added TruSleep advanced sleep analysis feature. The system shows how much time you slept, divides sleep into day and night, analyzes sleep phases. In the settings you can specify how many hours you should sleep, and the clock will show whether you are fulfilling the plan or not. Vibromotor quality - with a wake-up signal, it seems that you are slowed down, it is extremely difficult not to respond to the alarm clock.

Based on the data about the dream, a smart alarm clock works - the system analyzes your condition and raises you at the most opportune moment so that you wake up awake and not suffer in the morning. In Huawei Health, you can select the interval in which the clock selects the most appropriate time: 10, 20 or 30 minutes. The clock wakes up with a vibration motor. It is of high quality - with a signal, it seems that you are being shaken, not to react to the alarm clock is extremely difficult.

The watch also monitors the user's movement. If you sit for a long time, the accessory will remind you of this and will offer to stand and stretch your legs.


Huawei Watch GT Active is equipped with a cherished GPS-sensor. With it, the watch will be able to collect data about your movement, even when you do not take a smartphone with you. It turns out that while jogging a heavy mobile device can be left at home, the smart watch will do everything for it, and the application will display the distance you have done.

GPS turns on and off automatically. When a smartphone is near, the watch uses its sensor, when there is no mobile device near, its own.

The system supports 11 training modes, you need to select the necessary manually in the training menu. There are many metrics, each detailed in the Huawei Health app. A set of training modes scanty. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Fit fitness bracelet captures as many as 90 types of exercises, six of them automatically recognize. However, the clock beats this advantage with a GPS sensor. What is more important, training regimes or tracking movements, decide on the basis of priorities.


The difference between smart watches and fitness bracelets, in addition to the size and size of the screens, is the desire for independence. Some models offer a virtual SIM card eSIM, they have the ability to answer calls, dictate text messages and download music or download the cache in the streaming service, GPS-sensor. The Huawei Watch GT Active has only the last one, otherwise the accessory in its functionality is similar to a large fitness tracker.

But we must pay tribute - this is a quality "big fitness tracker." Huawei Watch GT cost 13 thousand rubles, this is the average price segment of smart watches. For the money the user will receive a solid accessory with a great screen, GPS-sensor, high-quality vibration motor and high autonomy. Yes, the set of possibilities is curtailed, but the functions that exist will definitely not disappoint you.