What are the Benefits of Cardboard in Packaging?

On 5 Jul., 2019

Cardboard remains an essential packaging for the industrial sector as product packaging, the postal sector as shipping packaging or the moving sector as a transport crate.

What are the Benefits of Cardboard in Packaging?

Cardboard remains an essential packaging for the industrial sector as product packaging, the postal sector as shipping packaging or the moving sector as a transport crate . Why is cardboard always so much in demand? What are his assets? Discover below a list of the main qualities of the cardboard.


Single corrugated cardboard

1) The carton is solid
Contrary to popular belief, cardboard is a resistant material that, once transformed into a box, can support loads of several tens of pounds. This is also why it is used to carry his business during a move.

This is due to its composition: the wall of the cardboard, called "  groove  ", determines the thickness of the cardboard packaging. It consists of one or more corrugated paper (s) located between two flat papers. When there is only one corrugated paper between the two flat papers, it is called "  single corrugated cardboard  ". When there are two, we are talking about "  double-fluted cardboard  ". When there are three, we are talking about "  triple flute cardboard  ". And we stop here for the number of flutes!

Of course, the more corrugated a board is, the stronger it is and will withstand heavy loads . Thus, if you want to pack fragile and / or heavy objects, it is preferable to use double or even triple flute cardboard. For light or weak items, you can settle for a single corrugated cardboard for taken by packaging company https://wellpackeurope.com.

Double corrugated cardboard

2) The cardboard is versatile
If there is a package that can be used for many uses, it's cardboard! It can serve very well:

from transport case for a move or for next
shipping packaging for postal consignments of small parcels
Packaging packaging for products of all kinds (perfume, food, computers, toys, medicines, etc.)
of boxes for storage and storage for your files and other items that you do not use often
It is therefore used in all aspects of modern life, which does not risk falling into oblivion!

Shipping cases stacked on top of each other

3) The carton is convenient
Indeed, the carton is convenient because it takes up little space when not in use . Just lay it flat and put it away in a nook in your home. You can even decide to store several dozen cartons flat next to each other, this storage will be very compact  ! Which is an asset in the case of rigid plastic or wooden bins.

But, that's not all: even when it is mounted in the box and contains objects, its storage is simple and convenient thanks to its rectangular shape! Simply stack the boxes on top of each other . As they are closed by solid flaps, the upper part of the cardboard remains flat, which allows a pile of boxes without difficulty.


4) Cardboard exists in many formats
In view of the ever-growing interest of all players in the economy for cardboard, many models and formats of cardboard packaging have emerged to meet all requests. Here is a non-exhaustive presentation of these cardboard packaging:

the boxed in single / double / triple wall  : ideal for removal and transport of many products at once
the cardboard box Galia  : template especially designed for the automotive industry, available with or without lid
the cardboard box VAD / Redoute  : model specially designed for the garment sector and Distance Selling
carton packaging for bottles  : equipped with storage modules to hold the glass bottle in place
the post office box  : specially designed for sending small parcels by post, exists with or without adhesive closure
shipping case  : equipped with flaps to hold CDs, DVDs or books for shipment
the shipping tube : square or round, can send posters, posters or other documents without creasing or folding (they are rolled)  
the archive box  : ideal for storing documents to keep
the storage bin  ideal for storing small parts like screws or small accessories