How On-Demand Apps Are Enhancing the Healthcare Industry?

On 26 Jun., 2019

On-demand healthcare apps are drastically changing how healthcare industry works. It enables faster & accurate processes benefitting, patient

How On-Demand Apps Are Enhancing the Healthcare Industry?

Imagine a scenario which explains the significance of on-demand healthcare apps.

A boring hall, full of gloomy faces of patients, getting frustrated in pain and waiting to enter the doctor’s cabin! This used to be the scene a few years back, but, it has completely changed after the on-demand healthcare apps came into the picture. People can now fix the doctor’s appointment in advance while saving their time and efforts.

The innovation, the efficiency and the profitability that these apps offer are bringing a revolution in the healthcare domain. Many medical practitioners, healthcare institutions and even pharmaceutical agencies have already started using these apps for ensuring better patient experience and thus, higher business profits. Some apps are specially designed to benefit the patients as well. Due to these advantages, the on-demand healthcare mobile app development is in high demand all over the world.


Significant benefits of on-demand healthcare apps

Immediate medical guidance using a doctor on-demand app

There are apps through which the health experts can immediately connect to the patients anytime and anywhere. A medical emergency response app connects the patients to doctors or medical experts immediately in case of life-threatening emergencies. The medical experts can reach the patients instantly or they can guide them remotely to take the right action to reduce the pain or even save their lives.

Phlex65, a user-friendly on-demand healthcare app helps the senior citizens to hire professional caregivers in their area. The caregivers assist them in their daily care activities like taking medicines on time, personal care grooming, cooking healthy food, assistance with bathing, housekeeping, etc. If needed, the caregivers will also take them to hospitals. Phlex65 is a HIPAA complaint app that is very helpful to senior citizens.


Fix the appointment with doctors in available times  

Gone are the days when patients needed to wait in long queues for treatment after visiting the doctors. Advanced apps are developed using healthcare IT services which allow the patients to book online appointments with the doctors in their available time slots. The patients can book the appointments sitting at home anytime and visit the doctor just before the appointment. It saves time and reduces the panic caused by waiting for long hours. The patients can also cancel the appointments in case of any complexity. These apps also benefit the doctors to manage the appointments better and accordingly decide their tasks.


Patient-doctor relationship improves

An on-demand healthcare app additionally manages tasks like sending reminders of appointments or for taking medicines, monitoring symptoms of health conditions, keeping records of medical data, etc. Nowadays, patients and doctors don’t have to be at the same place to gather the required health information. Medical apps help in better patient-doctor communication which increases transparency and ensures better treatment. In remote locations or in emergency situations, such apps are like a blessing, as remote patient monitoring is possible. The doctors can guide the patients without being actually present there.


Brand value improves

mHealth apps, healthcare professional finder apps, emergency response apps, etc. enhance the band value of the clinics and hospitals. More and more customers can be targeted to use the services. Using these apps, contact details and personal information can be collected to advertise any benefits or offers related to enticing the patients. The patients can take advantage of attractive discounts or free services and spread the word to their near and dear ones. This helps in creating brand awareness.



On-demand healthcare apps are drastically improving the healthcare industry. They enhance the experience of patients as well as doctors. The apps are designed to respond immediately to various medical needs in case of an emergency. The trends of using healthcare IT services in clinics and hospitals are growing at a fast pace as they help better communication and management of resources. These apps have the potential to enhance the entire hospital ecosystem.