Characteristics of the Products Built Through Foam Molding

On 14 Jun., 2019

The plastic parts manufactured through the structural foam molding have some unique characteristics, which is why it is being used widely in many industries.

Characteristics of the Products Built Through Foam Molding

Imagining a world free of plastic parts seems impossible because of some unique characteristics. Yes, there are many fields where plastic parts are crucial, but have you ever thought about the process through which, these plastic parts are manufactured? Injection molding is the most popular and widely used method for the production of plastic products on a large scale, but here, we are talking about the Structural Foam Molding, which is also a very popular manufacturing method.

Compared to other traditional molding methods, structural molding provides some unique advantages, which is why it is now preferred by many manufacturers. In this blog, the main advantages of the Structural Foam Molding have been described so that you will find out the situations when you may utilize this method for the manufacturing of plastic parts.

Process: The structural molding is similar to other injection molding methods, i.e. like traditional molding methods, molten metal is injected into pre-designed molds to form the desired product. But the difference is that an inert gas (or a chemical blowing agent) is also injected along with the metals, which is why the core of the final products has a foam-like structure whereas the outer walls remain thick and strong.

Qualities of a product manufactured through the Structural Foam Molding:

1. Since the inner core has a foam-like structure, the weight of the finished products is less than the products manufactured through other molding methods. It is a crucial advantage of this method because there are many fields where light-weighted parts are required and in that case, foam molding will an appropriate alternative.

2. Yes, the core has a foam-like structure, but the outer walls remain thick, which is why the final products have the required strength and durability. In simple words, the plastic parts built through this process have the highest strength-to-weight ratio, which is why it is one of the most popular manufacturing methods.

3. Accuracy is another significant advantage of this method or in other words, when the manufacturing is being done through the structural injection molding, the possibility of an error is almost zero. Because of these characteristics, manufacturers prefer this method for the production of plastic products on a large scale.

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