Thinking eCommerce? Huge Benefits of Choosing Laravel PHP Framework!

On 14 Jun., 2019

ECommerce is no more a luxury push to your business. It has become obligatory for every business owner if they wish to succeed. Total no. of digital buyers at the end of 2019 is expected to reach 1.92 billion globally.

Thinking eCommerce? Huge Benefits of Choosing Laravel PHP Framework!

On the other hand, a proliferation of technological advancements is also boosting this trend. With the help of technology, it is quite an easy task to set up online stores in no time.

If we talk about various web platforms available, PHP is the bone of many popular eCommerce platforms. In one or another form, it is present in the website design and development process. With itself, you can start building eCommerce stores from scratch.

However, PHP offers you many frameworks apart from choosing its default structure. Here I shall discuss the benefits of choosing Laravel PHP framework for your eCommerce site building. Let’s begin!

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework and is known to be the best fit for developing MVC based applications. Fully compatible with web hosting accounts. It leverages you for easy migration from other frameworks and starts coding again.

Additionally, below are some compelling features that you should consider:-

Mail Services Integration

Mailing services is an essential aspect of eCommerce system as it is vital to keep your end users informed about activities performed. Without email integration, it becomes difficult to visualize today’s advanced digital industry.

With Laravel, you get a simple and clean API that provides easy drivers for Amazon SES, SMTP, and more. Sending notifications across different delivery channels like Slack, SMS, etc. is also facilitated with Laravel. Simply hire PHP web developer and get started with this advanced PHP framework.

Protection against Security Vulnerabilities

For any kind of eCommerce website, it is critical to protect against security vulnerabilities that become a hurdle in your business success. Some suspicious security threats like cross-site request forgery, SQL injections, etc. are quite harmful to your eCommerce store.

Laravel offers you a great advantage while protecting against these threats. It is quite a secure PHP framework that safeguards your business along with auditing by a huge community.

Boost Web App Performance

Integrating with caching backend is an important step to optimize your web application from the performance aspect. Laravel PHP framework supports cached back-ends (Memcached & Redis out-of-the-box) and by default, it is configured to use file cache driver to store cached objects in a file system.

Additionally, Laravel gives you complete flexibility to integrate multiple cache configurations.

Built-in Authentication & Authorization

For any kind of secured/paid resources, it is important to restrict user access. Any unauthorized user can harm your eCommerce store to a huge extent.

With Laravel, you will get easy to implement built-in authentication where almost everything is already configured. It offers you a simple way to control access to resources and organize authorization logic.

Exception Handling

Though you have taken each & every security measure and followed the best practices. Still, there are many occurrences where you face errors and need to handle them efficiently. Like the way you handle them leaves a great impact on the UX and usability of your web app.

For instance, Forms on your website are critical elements where users may find errors or issues after clicking the submit button. To report the users about their errors (like if they have left any field blank or fill wrong information etc.) is important via an informative message.
Such kind of exception and error handling is configured in Laravel by default. It is well-equipped with Monolog logging library that easily supports a variety of robust log handlers.


Laravel is a solid PHP framework that covers your eCommerce aspirations from various aspects. In the past, this framework has proven its viability very well while making the development process swift and cost-effective.

At last, I hope that you find this reading useful and informatory. For queries, you can contact me anytime.