PHP App Development: What to Consider and Expect?

On 3 Jun., 2019

The powerful PHP App development allows several dedicated developers to post their created Apps to help other merchants to increase business revenues.

PHP App Development: What to Consider and Expect?

PHP is a leading web development framework that is currently supporting over lakhs of active merchants worldwide. One of the major attraction of this platform is its huge compatibility with App development. Here, you can choose from a number of apps as per your distinctive needs of extended functionality for your website.

The powerful PHP App development allows several dedicated developers to post their created Apps to help other merchants to increase business revenues.

Some of the most common uses of apps are inclusive of an improvement in email marketing, enhancing the payment or shipping methods, or adding customer reviews etc.

For a retailer, it is always easy to choose a specific app available on the app store that clearly addresses their online business needs. Or, there is always an option for them to hire PHP development services that can make customized web solutions for you.

The real difficulty faced here throughout the process of building apps and submitting it to the App store is solely for the developer.

Many times a developer who constantly aims to build different and creative apps fails to make it pass through concerned approval, so it is highly recommended to meet the norms or guidelines.

Here is a list of some crucial areas that you can refer to prior submitting your App for an approval without any fail.

  • Onboarding flow

An onboarding flow of your app relates to your merchants directly and start from their early installation. Whenever you create a PHP app just make sure it is easy to use and comes with step-by-step of instructions.

In short, you need to assist the merchants with every how and when involved in your PHP App. This way you can make them feel comfortable and confident while getting benefits from your app.

  • Comply GDPR norms

The regulation set by the EU i.e. GDPR last year has changed the whole way the complete web was collecting and using the customer’s data.

It has not only implied the restriction on the illegitimate use of customer’s data but also made you dependent on them to ask their intent to collect it. In order to make your App compliant with GDPR norms, you have to be clear in your data collection and usage policy in front of customers and it is a mandate to take their permission.

Also, you need to leverage consumer’s power to anytime cancel that permission and get all their data deleted as per their preference. In any case of failure, the app or software developer or the authorized company is liable with stringent penalties.

With an immediate effect of GDPR, every eCommerce platform along with other software development companies are serious about adhering the rules. So, you also need to be sure about either the developed app is following GDPR norms or not.

  • Refrain irrelevant API permissions

It is clearly mentioned in PHP guidelines that whenever you build an app, you are supposed to request only the relevant API permissions that will be used by the app on its real ground.

For e.g., when users install your developed App, it always asks for some permissions like access to your products or order etc. And, the merchants have to accept it in order to use the app.

Here, PHP has considered the privacy of merchants and their relevant stores even with the modifications in its policy. Now, the developers can only use those APIs that are actually required by the app.

In case of any irrelevant API permissions in context with your app, PHP holds the right to reject your app submission.

  • Test it well

Many of us are completely aware of testing the app prior to its launch. However, sometimes we overlook some of the areas of the developed app and get it rejected.

Hence, it is always recommended to test every single functionality of your app before submitting it for an approval.

Apart from the above-mentioned areas, there are several other criterias that you need to adhere while developing a PHP App. For the same, you can refer to the detailed guidelines and other developers’ blog available on PHP official website.