Few Ideas on How to Improve Your Argumentative Essay

On 21 May, 2019

While there are different essay types, most have shared common grounds. However the Argumentative essays hold few particular features which differentiate it from the standard essays. It is important to be aware of these key features so that you can produce a argumentative essay that is easily understood even by a layman.

Few Ideas on How to Improve Your Argumentative Essay

Writing an Argumentative Essay Requires the Writer to Present His or Her Opinion Strongly and Coherently. Writing an Argumentative Essay will have its own requirements while it also shares basic essay commonalities with other essay types such as Abortion Essays, Compare Contrast essays or political essays. As you are considering two conflicting opinions or view points on a subject, the introduction of the essay should consist of an introduction of the opinion. 
In line with standard essay format, the Body of the essay must be used to support the position you are taking and this must be done with evidence in the form of data, examples, testimonials etc. The strength of your argument will lie on how strongly you back it up with credible and authentic evidence. You may have a number of arguments to support your opinion and each of such statements needs to be backed by evidence and support data. You need to discuss the arguments against your opinion and then rebut them as well. 

The conclusion of the essay is where you reiterate your opinion and point out that you have established your case with valid and sufficient evidence. Leave a memorable concluding remark that can keep the reader pondering over your essay even after the actual reading is completed. Prompt them to think of the consequences or the outcomes which the opposing argument holds compared to the outcomes that can be predicted with your own argument. This is only applicable in some argumentative essay topics, so take care to assess the relevance of this essay tip in the context of your own essay. 
Below is a sample topic for an Argumentative Essay and how you can provide an introduction to the two contrasting viewpoints: 

Topic: Can Weight Watching Eating Habits of Parents Impart Anorexic Behaviors to Their Children? 

Argument for: When parents are excessively mindful of weight gain, they tend to practice controlled diets and calorie counting. This signals to their children a high importance of being “slim” which prompts anorexic eating habits and food disorders such as bulimia in the young children, especially the teens. 
Argument Against: If Parents are aware of what actually is healthy eating habits, which includes maintaining healthy body weight achieved through balanced diet and exercise, then they are unlikely to impart anorexic eating habits. 

Thesis: This essay will analyze the potential impact of weight conscious eating habits of parents on their children’s eating disorders. 

Having written your argumentative essay, proof read it and edit it to perfection without submitting a paper that has spelling and grammatical errors or flaws in sentence structures. You can always consider the option of enlisting some professional help by message - write my essay for me, where companies offer choices of buying essays or editing your essays at a reasonable fee. However, you need to exercise caution in selecting your writing assistance company so that your intentions of getting a professional third party service is realized.