5 Best Web Conferencing Applications for your Business

On 2 May, 2019

Web conferencing has gained critical importance in the business arena making your business more versatile and helps it grow.

5 Best Web Conferencing Applications for your Business

There are several popular web conferencing services available in the market. Let’s take a look at some of the leading services.


GoToMeeting is a leading web conferencing service used by entrepreneurs and small businesses. The interface is very intuitive and easy to use. You can use VoIP to join the meetings. However this feature is not available for mobile devices (but you can find and buy installs android similar to GoToMeeting) , which can be an inconvenience for your employees and partners. GoToMeeting web conferencing service allows you to connect instantly. The basic paid account, which costs around $49, allows you to connect instantly with 15 people at a time. The participant limit is adequate for a business that usually has less people participating in the meeting.


WebEx is a popular web conferencing service. It is also one of the oldest available and a reliable web conferencing service used by a majority of users. It is an ideal service for any business. WebEx allows you to have 6 users at a time and the service can be used on different platforms that include mobile and desktop platforms. It offers all necessary web conferencing features such as document collaboration, whiteboard, recording, and screen sharing.

Adobe Connect  

Adobe Connect is a leading web conferencing service. It is ideal for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large businesses. Adobe Connect allows you to connect to 100 people at a time. Every user involved in the meeting can share a computer screen and documents, video chat, or edit shared documents. The meeting room can be customized to make it more efficient. Adobe Connect costs $ 55/month, and the service works on mobile and desktop platforms.


GoMeetNow is a simple and straightforward web conferencing service packed with several useful features. It is the most cost effective one available in the market. GoMeetNow allows users to share applications and has a complete screen. This feature is useful for presentation on big screens. With GoMeetNow, you can schedule a meeting or also organize an impromptu meeting on short notice. While users participating in interactive meetings have to download and install a Java application, it is not necessary for webinar participants.

Attendees of webinars only need a browser. Participants can record meetings while switch presenters can provide remote support using the mouse and keyboard. GoMeetNow offers 20 minutes of free video conferencing. The basic paid account allows 2 participants to have unlimited meetings and costs around $12.95, while the next level of the paid account costs $15.95 and allows 5 participants and unlimited meetings.

Fuze Meeting  

Fuze Meeting is a new web conferencing service. Though new, it offers good web conferencing features like other advanced web conferencing services in the market. Some of the notable features include HD video conferencing and webinars with 100 users at a time. The maximum number of people for video conferencing is limited to 10. Recording a meeting, sharing a screen, and sharing a document are relatively easy with Fuze. A basic Fuze meeting account costs $69/month and the service works on a variety of devices. You can also use Skype to make calls using toll-free numbers.

5 Best Web Conferencing Applications for your Business