levitation one love

On 16 Apr., 2019

I welcome you to be part of our growing LEVITATION Family around the world, becoming one with the forces of nature through art. I am happy to share and be part of the creating force in this world. https://www.etsy.com/il-en/shop/LevitationJewelry - my etsy jewelry shop - https://www.facebook.com/levitationshlomi - FB music page - https://www.instagram.com/levitation_jewelry - Instagram jewelry - levitation one love - become one with the forces of nature yours Shlomi ~ levitation jewelry

levitation one love

My name is Shlomi Levi, I'm a jewelry artist and musician

Ever since I can remember, I spent most of my free time making jewelry and music.

At the age of 14, I started selling my first jewelry to people around me and their friends. I soon realized that making jewelry is my greatest passion in life. It gives me the feeling to both create and give something to people.

I traveled and sold jewelry in Germany, London, Greece, and Hungary, over time I gained knowledge and experience and good friends.

After many years of traveling and learning about the beauty and crafts of our world, I started my own line of jewelry designs. In this line of work, I hope to bring the same feeling of connection with elemental forces that have given me so much strength in life that I once needed.

The only thing missing in life is often the realization that we have lost touch or connection with our most important inner feelings, and through my jewelry, I hope you can regain that spark. May it shine forever and ever.

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