Top Benefits of Learning Martial Arts

On 26 Mar., 2019

Perhaps, when practicing Martial Arts, we seek to learn how to defend ourselves, get mental well-being or know the techniques of discipline.

Top Benefits of Learning Martial Arts

However, the benefits go much farther, including the improvement of our health, abilities, and mood:

1. Improvement of cardiovascular health

A weak cardiovascular system can cause difficulties in breathing, fatigue, weakness, and, in severe cases, even a heart attack.

A research concludes that the only real way, to improve the state of the cardiovascular system, is through participation in aerobic activities, that is, those activities that require a high dynamic component and a low or moderate static component, such as walking, walking, cycling, swimming and, of course, practicing martial arts.

2. Weight loss

Weight loss is another great benefit associated with martial arts. For reference, Muscle & Fitness magazine, USA, corroborates that kickboxing is the number one training option for the loss of body fat as it helps in burning more than 800 calories per class.

3. Increased muscle tone

Due to the intensity of the training, the practice of martial arts also leads to an increase in muscle tone. Moreover, muscle development is achieved in addition to an effect of acceleration of metabolism that helps prevent obesity and provides a potential weight loss. Also, agility is acquired.

4. Improvement of the reflexes


One of the skills that are most required when practicing martial arts is having good reflexes. Researchers say that due to training, reflexes are improved, but not only in the field of martial arts. These reflexes benefit people as faster reaction times are observed in all activities that take place on a daily basis, such as driving, cooking, etc.

5. Improvement of mood

Regular sports practice is one of the most effective methods to improve the mood. During physical activity, endorphins are released. Endorphins are small proteins that enhance our mood. In addition, we keep on feeling its effects on the body for up to four hours after the practice.

As we know, the practice of martial arts helps to relieve stress and frustration, but its benefits go further: it makes us happier.