Fix the ‘PC Matic has stopped working’ error (1-833-295-1999)

On 15 Mar., 2019

1-833-295-1999 Fix PC matic Stopped Working error. here you can find the solution for pc matic not working /updating/installing etc.

Fix the ‘PC Matic has stopped working’ error (1-833-295-1999)

PC Matic keeps your system in a good working condition by performing multiple tasks such as defragmenting disks, updating drivers, removing junk files, cleaning registry, updating common software, etc. But, sometimes the users might get an error message saying ‘PC Matic Has stopped working’ while running a system scan. It is quite important that you fix the PC Matic not working problem ASAP in order to protect your device from being at risk. In this article, the users can find the different reasons behind this problem and the different ways to fix them.

Reasons why PC Matic is not working

There can be many reasons behind the ‘PC Matic stopped working’ problem. Certain common issues that might be the reason behind the PC Matic not working are given below.

  • Your PC Matic was not downloaded or installed properly.
  • Some PC Matic files went missing or corrupted.
  • There is some compatibility issue between PC Matic and your system.
  • An antivirus program installed in your device is interfering with the working of PC Matic.
  • There is interference due to another third-party application.
  • PC Matic updates were not installed successfully.
  • Hard drive of your system has crashed due to any reason.
  • You have downloaded the unsupported version of PC Matic in your system.
  • Sometimes, programs running in the background such as a firewall can also create this problem.

Easy steps to solve ‘PC Matic not working’ issue

There are some basic things that the users can try to solve the ‘PC Matic Has stopped working’ issue. Few simple troubleshooting measures to help the users fix this problem are mentioned below:

  • Make sure that the JavaScript is enabled.
  • If there is interference due to a third party application present in your system, disable it temporarily.
  • If any antivirus scan is going on in your system, let the scan finish first and then start PC Matic.
  • Disable temporarily firewall or threads running in the background and restart your PC Matic.
  • If you are not able to run PC Matic in normal mode, run it in compatible mode. The steps for the same are given below:
    • Download new PC Matic setup file.
    • Right-click the driver setup files of PC Matic and click on 'properties'.
    • Click on the ‘compatibility’ tab and check the ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’ box.
    • From the drop down menu, select your operating system.
  • Make sure your system has all the latest patches and fixes as PC Matic will not work if windows update does not work properly.
  • If you get a pop-up saying an ActiveX control on this page is unsafe, it means your IE security is set too high. PC Matic requires medium security zone settings in order to work properly.
  • Run the ActiveX Control Removal tool to fix the problem.
  • If nothing else works, reinstall PC Matic on your system.
Fix the ‘PC Matic has stopped working’ error (1-833-295-1999)