Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing a WordPress Theme

On 7 Mar., 2019

Choosing the right WordPress theme is very important and obvious. The right theme will showcase your business in a positive way, be responsive for all devices and load very quickly.

Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing a WordPress Theme

There are over more than 1000 WordPress responsive free themes available on the market out there. Choosing the right WordPress theme is very important and obvious. The right theme will showcase your business in a positive way, be responsive for all devices and load very quickly.

But before you buy or download any WordPress theme or investing your time in customizing one be sure to read the below given list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to selecting the perfect WordPress theme. This list will help you figure out how to select a theme for a business website.

Do Know the Features that you Want Ahead of Time
Before choosing any WordPress theme, it is important to determine which features are important for your website. As not all the WordPress themes are same, every theme is different and tend to have some certain different features and functionality.

Luckily, WordPress has a filter that makes it super easy to customize your search for the free themes based on your specifications you want. It is important to already have a design in mind before making the selection.There is no point in selecting a theme which has features that you will not use, so make sure to choose a theme that contains the features you want.

Do Choose a Responsive Theme
With the increasing number of smartphones and tables, it is very important to have a website that is responsive. As there a lot of WordPress responsive free themes available for every business. Responsive just makes your website easy to use on multiple devices. While choosing a theme look for features like fluid site grid and flexible images. Responsive and optimized themes provide the best user experience, and should always be one’s goal.

Do Consider Buying a Premium Theme
There are many free theme options available and all are great if you are on a budget, but they are not as good as premium themes. By using free themes, one can take the risk if it not being updated regularly, lack of support, etc. Premium themes are dynamic, offering more features than the free themes, fully customized, and look better than the free one’s. If you are serious about your website you should be investing in premium themes.

Don’t Choose a Theme that is Hard to Read
No matter how much you like the theme, a theme which is hard to read is an automatic turn off for the users. One should make their site as easy as possible to navigate for the visitors. Your theme should capture the visitor’s attention quick and instantaneously. Make your fonts simple, easy to understand and classy. It is easy if one is familiar with CSS, but if your theme is free it depends on the limited customization of your theme. And, if one is having a premium theme you will 100% be able to adjust the font.

Don’t Choose a Cluttered Theme
One may think of a theme cluttered with every feature is a great idea, but it’s not. A theme with features and extra elements may look nice, but it has a massive effect on your website performance.  Be sure to restrain yourself from installing every feature you think is nice. When choosing a theme, follow the less is more approach and only include features which you cannot function without and avoid themes which are packed full of unnecessary additions.

Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas about how deep is the selection process and might have also answered the questions of how to choose a WordPress responsive free theme for your business. The best thing about WordPress is that one can change their site whenever they want to, as it is very flexible to so.