Tips & Tricks to Generate More Revenues on WordPress Website

On 1 Mar., 2019

WordPress is a leading and popular CMS for the past several years. And, it has been continuously used by several business owners, be it a blogger, new channel or any seller.

Tips & Tricks to Generate More Revenues on WordPress Website

WordPress is a leading and popular CMS for the past several years. And, it has been continuously used by several business owners, be it a blogger, new channel or any seller.

One of the major reason for its huge appreciation among all is its flexibility and scalability to get utilize it the way we want. The scope of this piece of writing is limited to its usability in eCommerce activities and performing tweaks that can help you generate more revenues.

Let’s get started!

  • Tweaking on SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is a process of enhancing your overall website to enhance its ranking on search engines like Google. In general, it helps you to bring organic traffic and that too without paying even a single penny.

Digitization has taken over the complete society in almost every term. From searching restaurants to booking flights etc., it is all initiating via a simple keyword search on search engines. And, it is a human nature to trust the results showing on the top.

Following a powerful SEO strategy on your WordPress website can help you to achieve such ranks. Some of the best practices involved in it are Increasing Page Load Speed, Using optimized images in WordPress, Opting for Long-Tail keywords, Using SSL/HTTPS, Utilizing SEO-friendly URL structure, Opt for internal linking, Hierarchical Categories, and more.

Apart from these, you can look for leading WordPress eCommerce development company that can suggest you on more convenient and effective ways to deal with your website SEO.

  • Engaging Customers’ Journey

The customer is the king of every online business be it a retail or blog or any other industry. Without them, there is no online business.

So, it becomes our core responsibility to provide them with a seamless journey throughout whole website experience. From landing on your web page to adding the product in shopping cart to completing the purchase, it should be smooth, easy, and optimized and frictionless to keep them interested in your business.

Some of the best practices while looking for ways to bring engaging customers’ journey are inclusive of easy navigation, compelling product descriptions, easy to access cart, multiple payment options, one-page checkout, flexible delivery options, and more.

  • Compelling Blog Section

People love to read and some of them are very fond of looking for digital forms like articles or blogs to collect information about a topic. Many of the retailers today are opting for powerful blogs to promote their services while addressing the needs of potential audience.

Opting for a blog section that contains relevant, error-free, fruitful, and unique is one of the best options that you can start while aiming to generate more user-engagement on your website. One of the other advantages of this strategy is that it comes with a cost-effective approach.

If you are technically sound plus have a good hold on writing skills, you can yourself post blogs. Otherwise, you can always hire some professional content writers to do the job for you.

  • 24X7 Assistance

As you are no machine, so you can not be available 24X7 for your customers. However, people can have concerns at any time of the day or night. And, a few minutes delay in addressing their needs can affect your sales to a great extent.

To combat such concerns you can bring in the help of chatbots who can be available in the form of Live Chat. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have collectively contributed a lot in changing the old website dealings with users.

Thus, you can look for an appropriate solution as per the variant needs of your target audience.


Generating revenues on your digital shops is not as easy as it seems. First, you need to analyze the need of your customer base and then act accordingly.

All the areas and other tips mentioned in this article can definitely help you to enhance your WordPress powered shops in contemplation of generating more revenues. Otherwise, you can always choose to hire professionals who can offer you tailored solutions.