What is Structural Foam Molding and How is It Beneficial?

On 22 Feb., 2019

Considering that there are many benefits of manufacturing plastic products through structural molding, there's no doubt that it is one of the most reliable production methods.

What is Structural Foam Molding and How is It Beneficial?

It is a production method through which, various plastic products are manufactured. In this method, polyol & isocyanate are combined to prepare polyurethane and then that polyurethane is injected into the molds along with an inert gas or a chemical blowing agent. So, because of the inert gas, the core of the final product isn't solid but a foam-like structure, whereas the outer walls remain thick and impact resistant, which is the reason that this method is called Structural Foam Molding.

In short, the final products have a sandwich-like structure in which, the low-density core is surrounded by a comparatively higher density skin and hence, the manufactured parts are light-weighted but strong. After reading the information given in this article, you will be able to know the advantages of the Structural Foam Molding and will also be able to identify whether it is a suitable manufacturing method for you or not.

  1. As already mentioned that the manufactured products have a foam-like core structure and thick walls, which means that you will be able to deliver strong products to your customers. Remember that there are many areas where light-weighted parts are required and in that case, it will be the most suitable production method.

  2. You don't need to worry about the durability of the products as you will be able to build durable and sturdier plastic products through Structural Foam Molding, but you are required to use an appropriate material for this.

  3. Another significant benefit of structural molding is that it is an energy-efficient manufacturing process because low-pressure is used during the injection process. So, if you opt for this production method, then you are certainly conserving electrical power, which is a crucial resource.

  4. As a manufacturer, you want to earn a good profit, and it is possible only if you can lower production cost. You will be happy to know that it is a cost-effective manufacturing method as the aluminium molds can be used during the molding process. Thus, you can earn a good profit without compromising with the quality of the products, which is undoubtedly the most significant benefit of this method.

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