Top Mistakes to Avoid while Making Magento eCommerce Mobile-friendly!

On 5 Feb., 2019

Over the past several years, digital technologies have bridged the gaps in communication and business. Mobile commerce is a prominent area of today’s eCommerce environment.

Top Mistakes to Avoid while Making Magento eCommerce Mobile-friendly!

In such an approach, selling and purchasing of goods and services take place through users’ individual mobile devices.

Apart from this easy reachability, mobile commerce is also accompanied by enhanced SEO ranking, increased user-engagement, faster content loading, reach to push notifications, localization, and more. However, there is always a need to take care of this approach in contemplation of getting the most of it.

As per Statista Research on Mobile retail commerce, “In the year 2021, out of total retail eCommerce sales 53.9 % is anticipated to be coming via mobile phones.”

Although mobile commerce’s future is quite bright and linked to many lucrative opportunities, still, not everyone who set up for a mobile website or app is able to succeed in terms of profits and ROIs. Apparently, both eCommerce and mobile commerce are interlinked but they can’t be treated equally while aiming to convert profits.

In this article, I shall be throwing some light on the most common mistakes to avoid while devising your Magento eCommerce ready from the mobile-friendly aspect.

Let’s get started!

1. Being rigid with Registration Forms

Today’s shoppers don’t want to waste their time even in filling some easy registration forms. So, choosing to keep your log in constricted to ‘Registration Forms’ only is one of the biggest mistakes that you can do. By doing this, you are definitely losing on a fair amount of potential consumers.

To avoid such a mistake, you can allow “Social Network Login”, “Gmail Login” or any other way around that is less time-consuming and easy for the users. You can also gain custom login forms with easy assistance of Magento web development team that is adept on the latest technological trends.

2. Abrupt user-experience

UX or user experience is a huge term that consists of different areas of your website. For instance, website navigation, imagery, page load times, product representation, responsiveness etc. all together contribute to your website’s user experience.

And, an abrupt user-experience is definitely lacking on any of them. Let’s say if you have a poor product representation, few shipping options, ambiguous site navigation, lack of responsiveness etc. then you are definitely offering an abrupt UX on your Magento store.

Some of the best practices involved in offering a great user-experience are fast loading pages, compressed yet high-quality imagery and videos, Live chat, easy to follow navigation, less content stuffing etc.

3. Poor social media strategy

In today’s digital world, if you forget to opt for social media approach, you are definitely leaving behind the competition. Many social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have come a long way to transform themselves into providing users with social stores that are easy to follow and order online.

With some easy ‘Hashtags’ and ‘Posts’, you can reach your target audience in an efficient and cost-effective manner. In context with your mobile device offerings, you can opt for social media login, sharing, and reviews etc.

4. Invasive Ads & Pop-Ups

Due to small screen sizes, mobile phones have some limitation in terms of showing content, pop-ups, menu categories and more. So, if you plan to display each and every content of your website (as displayed on desktops), you are definitely bombarding smartphone users with irrelevant and irritating content.

For this very reason, Google (a powerful search engine), is also cracking down on website that are consisting of invasive Ads & Pop-ups due to a bad experience for users. Therefore, you need to eliminate such irrelevant and harmful elements from your mobile websites in order to sustain a great user-experience and brand reputation.

Final Words

As we all are aware that evolution of smartphones is triggering an increase in the use of digital commerce so it has become paramount for the retailers to emphasize its user-friendliness and usability.

All the above-mentioned points are crucial for your mobile commerce success and I am hopeful that you find the information useful in context with your professional endeavors.