How Can We Find Difference Between Fake Followers And Genuine Followers?

On 5 Jul., 2018

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How Can We Find Difference Between Fake Followers And Genuine Followers?

Social media is growing continuously and currently, 2.49 billion social media users around the globe. Due to the increasing popularity of social media, people have a desire to be celebrity like Justin bieber, Selena gomez etc. Celebrities have a huge fan following and it is not easy to build up a huge fan following like them. This fact, encourage the people to buy twitter followers. But the bad side of buy followers is that some sites provide fake followers and also leak the data of their customers. In some cases, increasing your follower base with some fakes followers is a great idea, but we will get into that a bit further down in this piece. I will give you some information about a fake and real followers - this information could help you spit fakes from a mile away.

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3 Easy Steps To Find Difference Between Fake And Genuine Followers

The trend of buying Fake Followers is continuously increasing. Almost 15 percent of twitter accounts and 8 percent of Instagram account are fake and around 32 percent of Instagram accounts may actually be inactive. Real users account are going to be much more appreciative than fake, as most of them are just looking to do some marketing of their own products or brand. If you want to gain more engagement on your account, then you should buy instagram followers from These followers will help you to achieve your goal. Increasing number of these fake followers pressing questions for marketers: Are my marketing efforts reaching real customers or bots, and how can I difference between fake followers and genuine followers?

1. Profile Avatar

Genuine accounts have a real profile image with no suspicious data whereas Fake accounts do not have profile images or if they have profile images, the pictures may be with obvious links. However, Fake accounts will use photos to set up their account which are available online, so the presence of a profile image does not necessarily mean an account is authentic. Most of fake accounts filled with hot girls or womens images or obvious words in their bio.

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2. Followers, Likes And Post Count

Often Fake accounts have a high ratio of people they follow to people following them. While Genuine accounts usually have a 1:1 follower to following ratio, bot accounts follow an average of 40 Instagrammers for each one that follows them. You can use instagram likes app to increase your follower base. Generally you will see in fake account that there are no post, or if they have, these post will not be frequent. There will be gap between 4 or 5 months each post. If you want to make the most out of your efforts, you will need to find out which accounts you should be follow.

3. Username And Interact

Most of the fake accounts use a random string of letters as a username. If an account's username sounds like computer generated gibberish, it probably is. If fake account follow you, it will never interact with your posts. There are a lot of followers out there that do not interact with your posts, which is another problem altogether, having a large follower base and low post interaction levels can be a tough issue to handle.


Now you understand the difference between fake and genuine accounts, and why it is so important to identify them. If you have a large fake follower base, you never growth on Twitter and Instagram as businesses. So you need to hard work to find these bot followers. You want real followers that are going to spend real money, because that's how businesses stay alive.