Being a Graphic Artist in 2018

On 11 Jun., 2018

The ups and downs about being an artist.

Being a Graphic Artist in 2018

In today's world people are more involved w what things look like other than the quaility of the item. I have learned that since people dont know or understand the importance of a logo that my job is to help them see and understand the 1st thing a customer will see will be the logo. 

I take it as my duty to make sure the client will know and understand the logo piece by piece. I take the time to make sure they have a clear view of how the logo should be used. A Client knowing that Font are important for them to know that are used with a logo. 

I enjoy the design process because of my willingness to help other get ahead and bring morebusiness for them. I know that people need help with the design process and I am that person willing to help