On 11 Jun., 2018

Here are the most important strategies to optimize your shopify store to get top rankings in search engines.


With the internet being one of the greatest innovation of all time, there has been a change
in the traditional system as attention is now on online trade. Shopify is an online platform
that provides sellers with the opportunities to establish their online business. If you are
planning to establish an online store, Shopify e-commerce platform is readily designed to
provide you with an online store.

However, online trade might look unproductive for you if people find it difficult to find you.
One key way to generate revenue as an online trader is through Search engine traffic. The
incorporation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will surely place your Shopify store in the
limelight. SEO allows easy visibility of your store in the search engine. The easier it is to see
your website, the more people visit your Shopify store. Hence, you must implement SEO for
e-commerce techniques to make your Shopify store easily accessible. Below are specific SEO
tips to enhance your Shopify e-commerce.

Avoid excessive reliance on Pay Per Click(PPC):
Though PPC tends to make your store visible, it might be difficult for you to keep up with its
increased fee. If you try to stop paying, the rate of your website’s visibility will decrease.
More so, there have been complaints towards online ads and links due to fraudulent
practices. So, do not use PPC with SEO.

Do not make use of copied content:
Your store content must not correlate with another store’s content. For a Shopify store like
yours, copied content will be easily identified which will ultimately affect your store’s
ranking. So, when you create content, ensure the content is not related to a previously
established content.

Make your title page unique:
One important element of SEO is the title page. Before you create any page description,
ensure you identify easily researched words as well as keywords that can give a
straightforward identification of your Shopify store. The words you incorporate will help
search engine to easily identify your e-commerce website.

Enhance your product images:
As most people are visual learners, the effect of your product image will greatly affect your
Shopify store’s presence. Also, people want to see the visual content of your store before
clicking on your site. Hence, ensure you tag your images with the right keywords.

Create links for redirection:
Ensure you create links in all your store pages. Though your home page will be different
from your product page, make it easy for potential customers to identify your product page
by creating links on your homepage. Created links should be at the top of the home page for
easy SEO.

Make use of enhanced anchor text:
The links on your website must appear as keywords in a way that would make your site
easily seen on the search engine. Instead of having to write the link as ‘Click here to order
on Shopify’, it can be ‘Order on Shopify’. Shopify SEO demands that your product
description must be written using keywords.

Be strategic with Hyperlinks:
SEO will work more for you when you are strategic with your ideas. Your Shopify store will
easily be seen on search engines if many known sites are linked your Shopify store.

Video product enhancement:
With higher interest in video marketing, you need to optimize the video copy of your
products. Improve the quality of your videos and tag the video with SEO keywords

Install Shopify SEO APPS:
Shopify SEO apps will help you identify any Shopify SEO problem that might affect your site.
You can also add Shopify review apps to get customers’ reviews and add to your Shopify

Establish the inbuilt blog in your Shopify platform:
Developing your inbuilt blog exposes your store to the world and gives you an added
advantage of having increased customers.

Have a well-structured Shopify store:
The structure of your Shopify store affects your SEO ranking. Since search engines will easily
bring up sites that are easier to see, ensure you have an uncomplicated Shopify store
irrespective of any changes.

Employ the services of a Shopify SEO expert:
If you are a business owner who multi-tasks and may not have the time to follow all of these
processes, you can employ the services of a Shopify SEO expert who would be in charge of
ensuring that your Shopify store is ranked in the search engine. You would surely get more
than the money you invest in getting a Shopify SEO expert.

While SEO is of utmost benefit, the ability to incorporate its processes is what makes it
different. It is not easy to ensure that you put the right keywords, to ensure that your
content is clear and to ensure that your Shopify store attracts customers with its optimized
image and video product enhancement but incorporating these SEO tips for your Shopify e-
commerce platform, you will surely yield more interest.