Online Dating Just Got an Orthodox Twist

On 4 Feb., 2017

This article was published on the Canadian website It is about a documentary about finding love in the Jewish Orthodox world.

Online Dating Just Got an Orthodox Twist

If you thought that finding love is unique to secular guys and gals, you’re in for a surprise.

Miriam Leah is a secular-turned-Orthodox Jewish woman who has decided that is she wasn’t married by the age of 36, she was going to seek external help. Finding her answer in the Orthodox community, Miriam turns to a religious matchmaker who diligently finds her “perfect match”, even if he is in a different country.

The Rabbi is a down to earth, yet optimistic matchmaker who isn’t afraid to tell his clients the truth like it is. Such as when he tells a 33-year-old religious DJ whose mom is pressing him to find love that he is married to his music and not ready for love, or when he knocks down a married woman’s belief that her marriage should have more sparks.

It is interesting, in particular, to see the Rabbi’s take on the concept of soul mates. At one point during the documentary “Kosher Love”, which airs on CBC on February 16th, you hear the matchmaker say that it is ok to ask yourself, is this the right person for me? is this my “bashert” (A Yiddish word meaning soul-mate) while seeking love, but once you are married, that question is no longer valid. And in any case, you are not required to be in love before marriage.

The film Kosher Love, produced by award-winning Canadian producer Frederic Bohbot and directed by Evan Beloff, gives a light-hearted view into Jewish religious matchmaking, and provides some serious and thought provoking ancient religious perspectives on love and marriage that can appeal to secular people as well. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, be sure to tune in to CBC to get a glimpse and some pearls of wisdom from the Jewish religion, to make your search for love a little less stressful.

Kosher Love premieres on CBC’s Firsthand on Thursday, February 16 at 9pm ET.

To watch the trailer click HERE.