My human Startup

On 14 Jul., 2016

how to train new developers from the bottom up - a human startup

My human Startup

Talking with youths and children in Israel you hear that what many of them aspire to is to start up – which means "create a Startup". Mostly that means  to create an app like "Waze" or a game like "Angry birds", others think about "Cyber", security apps or other inventions. It's part of the things that every Israeli child grows upon.

These youths or children study in Robotics classes or high-tech courses, part of their schooling or in afternoon schools or communal centers; others are avid readers of technology and app news in different languages – many are bilingual because they're immigrants (or Olim – as we call them) from all over the world, and many achieve their dreams, one way or another.

When I try to follow up some new company, new product or invention in high-tech technology or inovation, I often arrive to an Israeli or former Israeli inventor, founder or CEO, and I think – hey, another one has done it.

However, there are many other youths and kids who will never be able to achieve that kind of future. Some live in the periphery of Israel, some live in the center but in slum neighborhoods, and others are called delinquent, you can find them in the streets, trying out alcohol and other kind of substances. Their parents haven't the financial ability or the technological know how to send them to such courses, their English is only good for tourist catch up on the beaches – "You lookin' good", and so they have no real chance in this race.

I think that everyone should get a chance.

In a small project that I've been managing the last three years, since I was 17, I've tried to make a change. I've been in the teenage scene, like others in my age, parties, socializing, and in the meanwhile I've noticed some very bright young people, who haven't finished their studies, who were using alcohol and smoking. Youths, my age, who never thought beyond a future job in something menial, cooking, mechanics, drivers (which isn't really bad….). They never even thought of university studies, or any other higher studies (they've hardly finished high school).

Since my growing up was different (and that's another story) and having had a strong and supporting background, I tried to change the future view of some of them, and succeeded.

I did it with motivating talks; I tried to make them believe in themselves and their abilities. I've helped them change the way they walk, talk, converse. Some have come from harsh backgrounds, and we talked about it, cried about it and learned to cope differently. I was empathic  yet firm – you can do it!

None of them is drinking or using anything else nowdays. Three of them work in my team, others have gone on, but with higher motivation and abilities; some tried, couldn't continue but something changed, and they will continue with other goals.  

I still believe that everyone has a chance, and I wish that I could help provide this belief to many. I still haven't' got the resources to make a real revolution in the field, but I'm working towards it.

I want everyone to know that they can make it. This is my human Startup