a full web project life cycle

On 10 Apr., 2016

developing a new website or application? view a full project life cycle written by efrat aviv | apr 2016 web & application research market research ux wireframe, mockup, flow concept & ui design presentation & worksheet development to beta contract, qa & going onling

a full web project life cycle

developing a new website or application?

view a full project life cycle
written by efrat aviv | apr 2016


web & application research
market research

- view your competitors over web & mobile
- looking for the same elements on websites with the same interests
- what are the new trends in the online market?

- what are the new design award winning websites in your industry?
- the best responsive mobile websites in your industry?
- conclusions over a presentation file or an online presentation with prezi / invision or other


ux wireframe, mockup, flow

- all about the ux process
- working with axure
- ux & medical regulation
- ux & insurance regulation
- ux & marketing 
- wireframes & mockups
- where to write comments for the developers team?
- website & application flow & behavior instructions sheet

the template you choose set the amount of time the viewer spent reading your pages


concept & ui design
presentation & worksheet

- about the ui process
- about the ui presentation
- online platform for ui confirmation
- the design files
- design files qa, ui fixes, ui qa
- when is a good time to launch?

development to beta

- choosing the website or application cms or outsourcing development
- easy & quick development processes with cms platforms & ready made templates as wix.com

- uploading content, video & images via cms
- proofreading
- mobile view decisions
- setting animations guide
- setting a limmit to social bottons /google adds intigration & about slow page upload
- risk working with api
- dealing with new buzz word platforms
- about using auto replay e-mail to masses 
- when beta can go live?


contract, qa & going onling

- remember the brief is the starting point of the contract
- the contract should contain a paragraph for each module developed

- the time spent on the project & using a detailed timeline 
- near the end of the development process check for broken links
- all you need to know about the qa process
- going with your application to the stores require for marketing materials such as images & slogans
- seo optimization will take place before going online
- working regularly with version control
- is a backup website a must?
- when to finish the update stage?
- working with the app store & google play
- the website or app name should be purchased in advance 
- dns changes take sometime 24-48 hours


- looking for a web content updating service?

​- your website or application needs update its user experience (ux) & design (ui)?

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