Noga seats from sketch to production

On 10 Oct., 2014

Study Case- from idea to production

Noga seats from sketch to production

Noga seats: From sketch to production.

The design work was ordered by Arica Ltd, an Israeli leading company for design, development and manufacturing original Outdoor Furniture.

The Noga seat was first introduced to the world at the Expo blue & white No.4 2011, the annual exhibition of the Israel Community of Designers and received praise for its innovative design.

Since then the Noga seats system is manufactured and well sold in Israel.

Today, you can find the system in open public parks, along the beach, school yards and even in privet homes.

The work on the Noga seats has started with the idea of bringing a new way of seating posture on an out-door furniture and drawing new visual detail in the urban environment picture.

Instead of the traditional, frontal way of seating on common benches, the Noga offers informal and free way to use it as your resting seat during a trip or as a perfect ‘friends gather round point’. Teenagers will enjoy riding it while it can be perfectly suited for children, seating or having fun playing around it.

The design process started with some rough sketches. They demonstrated the inlaying of the new and unusual outdoor object in various environments, park or the city plaza.  

First step after the concept initiation was to find the exact perfect circular shape with proper dimensions that will be compatible with human-factor measurements and yet, keep the original look and feel of the ‘chubby donut’ .

Once we had the satisfying design, the heaviest manufacturing issue raised:  The product, being made of concrete, will be very heavy.

The weight of the seat can be an advantage, helping keep it in its place and avoiding vandalism, but can be very difficult to handle during manufacturing at the factory or a hindrance for transportation and installation.

The solution was to empty some of the inner body of the product which opened the way for the next stage: mold designing.

Arica’s engineers designed a unique mold evolving new technologies of flexible molds together with rigid parts.

Arica’s studio designers assisted with refining the product shape, dimensions and with adding wood seating matt to meet a perfection of comfort.

The Noga system has several complementary components: Flat Noga seat, Noga litter bin, Noga barrier.

Those products are now being manufactured and will be introduced in the short coming future.

I would like to thank my client Arica, for the credit and trust they gave me in this project, and for the trust I am having today working on new projects.

I would like to thank Arica’s studio manager Mrs. Efrat Zucher, and the talented team: Daniella, Amit and Naama for their assistance in bringing this product to perfection and to its indisputable proven success.  

Noga seats from sketch to production