Important Things Club DJs Can Learn From Mobile DJs

On 14 Jan., 2022

Read this article to know more about what club DJs can learn from mobile DJs when it comes to the entertainment business.

Important Things Club DJs Can Learn From Mobile DJs

Successful mobile DJs in Melbourne have a lot of things that club DJs should learn. Let us face the fact, success in the DJ industry is not fully dependent on talent. The top thing people look for when considering hiring a DJ is their marketing skills. Very few people consider the skills of the DJ. Mobile professional DJs do not have booking agents so learning to promote and market yourself as a DJ is something most club DJs should learn from mobile professional DJs. Apart from marketing, here are some more things that club DJs can learn from mobile professionals.

A professional website

Most club DJs do not have a website and those that have it have a simple website with little to no information about what their career is all about. Some DJs do not have videos and photos of them on their websites. You should therefore hire a professional photographer to shoot you while performing so that you can update your website accordingly. You also need photos of yourself performing on the turntables at one of your clubs.

The next thing to do is to craft some sales copy, training, career highlights, and DJ battles you have completed. List down your past clients and where you currently perform. You should also list your contact information and your social media handles. Give as much information about yourself as possible. This is one of the tactics that mobile DJs use to get clients.

Have your gear that you can freely take to gigs

You will need to have gear at home to practice on. In addition to that, you should have gig basics like flight cases for your kit, microphone, and other essentials. You may not be offering mobile services but as much as you move from one club to another then you should have the necessary gear. Some club DJs rely on the gear at the club they play at but this is not a good idea. You need your gear so that you can be familiar with it. Also, if the gear at your club fails, you will need a backup plan.

Know your worth

Unless you have a big name and you have been touring around with a manager then it is likely that most mobile professional DJs make more money than you. If you set your rates too high for clubs to afford, you will not get any gigs. You will be forgotten and if you are in the show biz then you should know that it is very easy to be forgotten. You should therefore know your worth and charge a decent amount. Do not be too cheap nor too expensive.

Leave the partying to the guests

If you have been observant, you will notice that mobile DJs Melbourne do not drink during or before a set. A good example is wedding DJs. These are some of the most disciplined DJs you will ever find. This doesn’t mean that you should drink during a set just because you are performing in a club. You should be disciplined.