Uniquely designed ring that speaks all about love

On 6 Dec., 2021

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Uniquely designed ring that speaks all about love

Engagement Rings have a long tradition of representing the bond of two people. Engagement rings are an essential part of an ancient culture that always has inclined jewellery makers to continue designing new Celtic variant pieces.

Celtic rings are intricately designed as a symbol of new beginnings. It is not just part of heritage but also a sign of love to share something special that speaks volumes about the celebration of years yet to come and creating a design that symbolizes eternal unity.

A Celtic Ring is a beautiful piece of art created by artists who put their personal touch into the ring. All unique pieces are handcrafted and then taken for polishing for that perfect shine, and that's the true beauty in Celtic rings.

The specialty of Celtic Engagement Rings:

  • The Celtic ring is one of the most popular types of wedding rings in use these days. They are also known as Gothic-style cathedral bands. Celtic engagement rings are traditional engagement rings with undulating curves used by the ancient tribal people. Like engagement rings, they are also meant to be worn by those who enjoy nature.
  • Naturally, there are different designs and shapes you can choose from, like a rectangular, oval, cushion, and pear. Decorative elements are also popular with these rings. Some have eccentric patterns or designs, while others have ornate etchings throughout the surface area and various gemstones near the band's top.
  • The design may be found on the ring shank but can also be around the diamond. The sizes can vary depending on preference or needs. Diamonds typically cover at least half of the front upper section of the ring. Whether it is solitaire or halo-set diamonds, they should be high quality, just like your relationship.
  • The Celtic cathedral engagement ring draws from the rich tradition and style of Celtic illustrations. The design features an elementary symbol that is elegantly crafted into each piece. The centre of the band is engraved with a knotted base, which represents unity and eternity, while two hands holding a heart encompass these symbols. The Celtic ring has been recognized for its beauty and the way it is designed.

Usually, the more expensive ring you select, the more durable it will give you better quality in its appearance. If you wish to learn more about Celtic Engagement Rings, click here to explore more!