How Much Do Freelancers Really Earn Per Hour?

2011 Comparative Freelance & Outsourcing Pricing Report

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The first comprehensive real-time report of its kind created by XPlace compares the hourly rates of more than 50,000 freelancers in over 600 categories finally answers the question: How much do freelancers earn per hour.
Founded in 2003, XPlace is one of the world's leading freelance marketplaces connecting thousands of freelancers with projects and businesses in more than 600 categories, including dev, tech, design, writing, translation, marketing, and more.
The report aggregates three principal pricing parameters: the freelancer's stated price in each category, the bid prices proposed by the freelancers and the price finally paid by clients for work performed.
In addition to exhibiting the average price per category, the report also provides an in-depth look at the distribution of observations for the various price buckets in each category.
Freelancers in the top price percentiles include the most accomplished experts with the most experience as well as highly-specialized boutique firms operating in niche categories.
Freelancers in the lower percentiles include those experts who price themselves more aggressively in an effort to quickly build their customer base as well as novice freelancers attempting to establish themselves in a new category.
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