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Newest Projects

Writing & Editing
Customer Service
We are seeking to hire an individuals that can perform customer service tasks for our health e-commerce store. Our e-commerce store will be designed more in a direct marketing way than a traditional pure e-commerce store and we will need customer service to handle inquiries, sales, and issues as they come in. To apply, please provide a cover letter with relevant experience. We will review all candidates before we proceed to interviews.
Sales & Marketing
Need a freelancer for Email marketing
We need someone who can assist us in our email marketing projects. Below are few requirements: 1. Should have experience in B2B Email Marketing in the past. (need to see some successful projects on any of the websites eg.upwork,xplace etc.) 2.Should have your own email marketing tool 3.Flexibility of working hours US time zone. 4.Accurate reporting 5.Should be able to send 500,000 emails in a day.
Design & Graphics
Looking for Growth Hacker to be part of Marketing Initiative
A European SaaS company is working on a tool that will affect marketers and their businesses The tool is ready to launch and we are looking for a freelancer that will help the project attract relevant traffic and turn this traffic to return users. The job will require an understanding of marketing and testing. Using a/b testing tools, social media, and other initiatives to reach the goals. We are looking for a dedicated person that will work autonomously and bring outstanding results. The perfect candidate needs to be creative, doer and motivated to help the tool grow and reach its potential.
Software & Programming
Interconnect chatbots
Hello, We have developed on our own multiple chatbots with different platefroms (IBM Watson and DialogFlow). We want to carry on our projet and offer our collaborators a better experience, we’d like to interconnect those bots together. Having done a study of solutions present on the market , we have found the plateform Proximity developed by Gogowego ( which meets this need. We’re looking for someone able to upgrade quickly their skills about this plateform (if you’re not familiar with it , its a pretty recent one) and then be able to manage to interconnect the chatbots. Your wage can be discussed. With kind regards, Christophe.
Need a freelancer for computer vision
Computer vision NLP practitioners to digitally process paper based forms
Writing & Editing
Technical documentation
Job description: ongoing job of writing an English online help manual for new SW & HW versions. The manual is published to html pages. Publishing tool will be determined. Requirements: * Experienced Technical Writer * Experience with publishing html manuals (i.e. via WordPress) * Knowledge in technical publishing tools
Need a freelancer for Online Help editing
Update an existing (technical) online-help sheets, create links where needed, and provide a final zip file containing all the pages.
Writing & Editing
Need a freelancer for 1 pager text for Package deal
Dear Partner, I am interested in rendering services of a copywriter who can invent a concept + text for a package I am organising. I represent a chain of Boutique hotels in Eastern Europe, and I would like to promote a "Bachelor/Bachelorette Weekend Party package". We need a 1 pager landing page that will include all information required before calling to schedule.
Need a freelancer for Arabic into French Literature project
Dear Linguists, Hope you are doing great. This is Hagar mohamed, from Localize group for translation and localization. Currently, we have an on-hand books translation project for the language pair Arabic into French and the below book is still available with the following details: The book name is سفر اعمال المنسيين, word count: 2 files (3251 words) Deadline: will be at next Sunday 22nd of July. Rate :0.025 USD per word A Sample from the book attached for your reference If you are interested kindly send your CV and highlight your experience in literature field . Thanks in advance for your prompt response!
Need a freelancer for landing page on Shopify
We are looking for good designer for this landing page. We intend to take Subscription for Zippify. This will make your work easier to drag and drop. We welcome more ideas. Please goto our WebStore Page on amazon to take a look at our products. We need to create the landing page for one of these products on our website This landing page will provide coupon code and gather email address. Please share some sample work while applying for the job.

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