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Architecture & Interior Design
Need a freelancer for
I would like to design a coffee shop from A to Z that will be unique and appealing to the eye . Please include prices details and blue print of electricity and plumbing and lighting and 3D modeling and kitchen design( coffee bar) blue print and all the papers needed for the construction.
Make a total design rebranding for our site
Before you propose your candidacy, view all the pages and find a unique competitive advantage. You will need to change everything completely: - fundamentally the whole architecture - rewrite all content (rewrite) - absolutely all icons and icons -all the links and relink -audio and video re-record it - suggest what to do with the news - the whole product line add more value and benefits to the buyer - call to action add motivation and more strong decisions The budget and terms are discussed individually for each specific proposal. Without explanation of what, how and why to change - the cost is not discussed. I will be glad to constructive criticism and ready to consider the most revolutionary ideas!
Board design
we're looking for a Board designer with experience of 3-5 years. Work from TLV/ Yokneam project duration - 6 months
Need a freelancer for Translation of diet book in Spanish to Hebrew
Translation of diet book in Spanish to Hebrew by freelancer Lys Gloger The book has 44,590 words
Design & Graphics
Simple Graphic tool and GUI in Python
Simple Graphic tool and GUI in Python that allows definition of X columns of Y Squares each and display it. (Gui with Qt librery if possible) Attach ex. file for details : Yaron
Software & Programming
Need a freelancer for optical testers SW development
Need a SW development freelance to participate in an optical tester development project for advanced LIDAR final testing application
Sound & Music
Israelite native voices recording for an App
We need short voice recordings of 25 men, 25 women and 25 children Israelites natives saying a list of 22 words (repeated 3 times). The voices do not have to be professionals: friends, family, co-workers work fine. We do not require studio sound quality recordings but they must have good quality, without background noises. The recorded voices will not be heard in any site; they are only to configure the software of an App. If you are interested in the job, you can make us an offer saying exactly: -How Many men, women and children you can record. (Speaking Hebrew) -The recording equipment you are going to use. We will respond to the offers by sending a detailed request. We will only accept recordings made on request.
Need a freelancer for Automatic Text detection (OCR) in Images using MATLAB
Please find the attachments. I am looking for MATLAB code for detecting and displaying all the text in both the images given in the attachment. I can afford upto 10 dollars for this code. I need the completed script on or before Sunday (18/11/18). A MATLAB code for Automated Text Detection in the PCB board images using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The code must detect all the horizontal and vertical text in the PCB board images and display the text in the image itself (Refer the attachment for sample simulation results). Reference link1: Reference link2:
Need a freelancer for Image Segmentation using MATLAB (Simple Project)
Please check the attachments. I am looking for MATLAB code that can detect all the ICs in both the PCB board images given in the attachment. The detected ICs must be highlighted by a outline. I can afford upto 10 dollars for this code. I need the completed script on or before Sunday (18/11/18).
Sales & Marketing
Sales representative for software and website developing company.
Am Ernest Kaweesi COO of Solvak international, a software development company. We develop customized software and websites for different organizations, companies and individuals. I'm not that good in sales, so we are looking for talented people who could join our team to help us with this. We are searching for sales agents/representatives and/or appointment/Leads generators. Both positions are 100% commission-based. We pay a very generous commission that has no ceiling. Contact us and get started today.

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