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Writing & Editing
English US or UK native writer
We are looking for a USA or UK native writer for a USA customer, must have experience in massive content writing for high end customers. this job is for long term. if you apply please add few samples of your writing. please add all relevant info on your experience.
RF energy harvester Rectenna design and simulation
Hello, I'm looking for an expert that already have done Rectenna design and simulation for RF energy harvesting in particular Wi-Fi, LTE bands. The deliverables shall include the following: 1). Design files 2). Simulation files 3). Production files and guidelines Let me know if you require any additional information Thanks, Roie
Software & Programming
Algorithm development for target detection and tracking
Require a novel algorithm for object detection and tracking in image processing. The algorithm must improve the optimization and increase the accuracy of detection and should comprise a mathematical model.
Remote DevOps/System Administrator for an IT company
Attract Group is a team specialized in providing IT services of varying complexity (CRM / ERP-system, E-commerce, Android / iOS-applications). Due to the expansion of the team, we are looking for a person who constantly develops their skills, monitors the quality of their work and is a team player. Main requirements: Linux administration, Experience in Centos OS, network and disk partitioning; some experience in Docker, Configuration and installation, https remote socket configuration; Additional skills will be an advantage: Working with swarm, configuration of HA setup, Docker proxy; Experience in setting up and initial configuration of DB, MySql, MongoDb, Postgres; Setup of clustered solutions for DB; Experience in cloud projects: Digital ocean, AWS, Rackspace; AWS: Lambda, S3, EC2, Cloudfront; CI/CD tooling: Jenkins; Automation of infrastructure: Ansible; Scripting: Python or Bash; Maintaining Documentation.
Software & Programming
Alpha Omega C++ code refactoring
Alpha Omega is a medical company located in Nazareth, that produces products that are used in Neuroscience and Neurological treatment. We need a C++ freelancer to work with us, in the company, on refactoring our C++ code. The requirement is to work at least 3 days/week in the company headquarters in Nazareth. The time period is at least 6 months. The qualifications are: * Extensive knowledge in OOD (Objective oriented Design). * Expert in C++. * Advantage is for candidates that have experience in Modern C++. in C++ design patterns , in MFC and in UML. Nabeel
Design & Graphics
UX & UI Design for a new Mobile App
Looking for a UX/UI designer experienced in mobile apps. Preferably one that lives in the north, near Kiryat Tivon, as we are looking to hold a few UX brainstorming sessions in Kiryat Tivon. UI design work can be done remotely.
An interesting foot ball site
I am looking forward to making a interesting website. This is a football game site with math, where players (users) do not use any keys and play with their own scores after starting game. The players (subscribers) have a score corresponding to some items such as speed, attack power, accuracy of kic, defense, etc., and the game is progressed according to the score and the result is determined by it. Every player has own score, which increases with performance and experience in the course of the game, and can be credited even when contributing to the enrichment of the site. I do not yet have a specific design for the site I am going to create, but I'm sure it will be popular once the site is completed. Therefore, I would like to discuss the functions, design, development and operation of my website with developers, Developers should have a deep knowledge of football, especially he majored in mathematics. You do not have to work full time, but you should be able to help this site until it is fully operational. I want to hire European and American developers because there were developed soccer skills. I particularly emphasize this. And I will hire you who didn't major web. We will continue to recruit developers until the project is completed, and will hire useful developers at any time. Especially, I hope that developers who majored in mathematics will help me a lot. I will pay a lot in this development.
Design & Graphics
Need a freelancer for Mobile app UI/UX design
A startup company Tunity ( is looking for a Mobile app UI/UX designer. We are looking for a designer with prior experience in designing B2C mobile apps. Please send us examples of such designs. The needed work scope is 1 day per week.
Software & Programming
Looking for Java backend developer with Ad-Tech experience
Requerments: 1. Java backend development experience 3+ years 2. Strong understanding of ad tech, such as targeting, programmatic, mediation, reward-based video, SSP’s and DSP’s 3. Available for 80-100% position (Tel-Aviv) , long term. Looking forward to receive relevant CV's. Good luck! IniTech Team
Deep Learning Sports Video Analysis
Employing A Deep Learning Analysis to Sport Videos Historically and Applying this analysis to real time video feeds with a live output on a given website. With versatile other parameters under NDA.

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