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Writing & Editing
Leadership article
I would like to have an article to be posted about leadership and managing employee stress.
Sales & Marketing
Need a freelancer for Sales / Business Development
Looking for sales / business development who can help grow my video production business. We produce videos for businesses and organizations in Israel that market / fundraise internationally. Candidate would need to be fully fluent in Hebrew and English. This would be a part time job. Work can be done from home and would entail the following: Cold calling leads - list to be provided Researching new leads online and on LinkedIn Potentially marketing on LinkedIn Pay would be a combination of an hourly rate plus commission on deals closed. To learn more about the types of videos we produce and the kinds of clients you would be looking for, check out our website:
Design & Graphics
Need a freelancer for Android development
For a company located in Israel Only we an NEED ANDROID developer with interface to hardware , ANDROID AOSP , Java , Uart Comm and to build ROM DEVICE Thanks
Software & Programming
Algorithm engineer for a feasibility project
For the development of a new innovative system based on stereo camera technology we are looking for an algorithm engineer with proven experience of OpenCV, c++ or python-preferred must have experience in Stereo vision, camera calibrations.
Laravel-Wordpress-Stripe-Diffbot-Algolia Integration
To be described
Sales & Marketing
Need a freelancer for implementing Mixpanel into my app
Quick recap: I'm launching a mobile app for helping college grads and young professionals find compatible roommates. We are a few weeks away from launch and I'm looking for someone with Mixpanel experience to assist with important KPI event tracking and the set up of a few other Mixpanel nuances like 'flows'. I need this person to help identify what we need to implement and where so that I can report back to my development team. After it's been implemented by the dev team, I would like this person to assist with setting up simple dashboards in Mixpanel for the important KPIs. Attached is the scope document of the events and scenarios I would be looking to track. Please let me know if this project sounds like a good fit for your skillset. -Aaron
Need a freelancer for building E-learning platform
Need a freelancer for building E-learning platform (for example on
Software & Programming
Need a freelancer for creating a cluster resource DLL
I have a system that is a collection of windows services. A few of them contain state information but I need to be able to set them up in a highly available system. I need to create a cluster resource for Microsoft Cluster Services to maintain. The cluster resource should monitor my services and if some criteria is met, it should signal the failover services to activate a different standby node.
Hire developers with New Features in android 11
Now one thing is obvious Android is going to be a major and most likely the only player in mobile operating systems. What makes it so unique is its openness and constant evolution. Evolution in connecting to more devices or simplifying the user experiences and providing more API to the developer who can build intuitive user experiences. As of writing, the Android stable version is 10, the android team, however, has already started with beta testing for Android 11. Let’s take a high-level overview of new features and change it is planning to bring 1. New Features and APIs Welcome to the world of 5G, 5G soon going to be the reality of our world in order to cope up with it new icons are needed on phone to showcase the 5G signals. 5G visual indicators are introduced in the new API level and the best part is the developer can consume those indicators in their apps. Like 5G, let’s welcome ourselves with the world of phones having waterfall displays. Well, the obvious question here is what is the waterfall display, the honest answer is it’s the same as curved display however the side display is so curved so that the side bezel is not displayed. In short, practically there is no bezel on your phone. For more information, you can check the phone Huwai mate pro 30. Android 11 provides improvements in screen APIs for developers to cover the waterfall display. Developers just need to set layoutInDisplayCutoutMode to LAYOUT_IN_DISPLAY_CUTOUT_MODE_ALWAYS which allows expansion of apps in the waterfall display. Hinge Angles and Foldables Support, Android 11 comes with implementation for new sensor TYPE_HINGE_ANGLE which developer can consume for minute animations based on the angle of the screen. In Android 10 we got an experimental chat bubble feature (which can be enabled from developer option), now in 11 we have the number of improvements to bubble feature, users can enable/disable them as per app. Data sharing and content capture service, starting with android 11 a new service will roll on which can collect the data nearby you and show the relevant information, for e.g. showing travel information when the user is at the airport or station. 2. Behavioral and Privacy changes Privacy changes, Android 11 has introduced a number of privacy changes which might impact existing apps. User’s privacy is enhanced by introducing some new restrictions on the permissions. Few changes are listed below Scoped storage enforcement, apps that are targeting android 11 has to specifically request to store anything on external storage One-time permissions, users can grant one time or temporary permission to location, microphone, and camera to apps. Backgroundlocationaccess, there are changes in the way of accessing a location in the background. This is going to be a breaking change for all the apps that use background location, for e.g. see image below. There is a provision to access location in the background however developers need to create a separate screen for it and explain it to the user why it is required. Android 11 introduced an API that provides concurrent use of the camera. getConcurrentCameraIds() returns a Set of combinations of camera IDs that can stream concurrently with guaranteed stream combinations when configured by the same application process. isConcurrentSessionConfigurationSupported() queries whether camera devices can concurrently support the corresponding session configurations. Hire Our Developers To build and develop the best and new android application with all new Feature. Inceptive Technologies Provides you the best web and APplication Developers Hire us. Our Few Services are as follows:
looking for freelancers to build a new CMS listings management directory
A ) Building a new CMS listings management directory site + B) supporting an existing php frame dynamic CMS listings management site . Conceptionally Both sites are similar. Cadidads are encurage to offer for either part A or Part B or both, whatever fitst them best. Part A Building a dynamic CMS listings directory site Building a physician listings / directory site, preferably by configuring an existing WordPress or PHP listings or directory software if possible one that includes the followings: 1. Multilingual LTR + RTL (Hebrew being the native languish + English etc.) 2. Index tree - expendable & dynamic profession index tree 3. Multi parameters top "Search engine" by name, profession, expertise, country. 4. Profile approval mechanism allows site manager to either approve or disapprove each single parameter in the expert profile being submitted to site manager for approval, being a precondition to included in the site. 5. eLearning course mechanism to update online courses, present detailed syllabus, including lectures and lecturers C.V and pictures etc. 6. fully ecommerce shop with invoice execution. 7. Moodle (just finished LMS site) to be incorporated into the listing site. 8. Fully migration all members data into the new site. 9. The more the software being recommended by the potential candidate requires the less adjustments the more likely candidate is to win this job 10. Previous experience with building a listings sites is a must. 11. Good internet connection to allow good Zoom conferencing with Camera (camera is a must !). Candidates possessing the following qualities and willingly able to support the existing site listing site for the intermediate time until the newly developed site is fully accomplished would be considered as preferred, subject to passing the following: Candidates are encouraged to apply to either parts separately or jointly as they feel fit them best Part B supporting an existing lisining site Ability to learn and understand the existing code + enhance functionality + fix existing issues and provide quick response whenever required. For the existing site candidate is expected to possess the following qualities and know how: At least 5 years of experience and fully Fluent PHP (being the frame work), Java script, CSS, HTML, Google Analytics/site tags/tag manager/reCAPTCHA/Font API / Viewport Meta, Gstatic content, jQuery, Alertify, Js, Bootstraps.js , Fancybox, SPF email hosting, LetsEncrypt, SSL by Default , Apache servers, Unix, OpenSSL, DircetAdmin web panel backup, fluent command in Articulate Storyline and Moodle LMS configuration fluent proven ability would be favorite , Good command in the Hebrew languish is to be considered as substantial advantage.

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