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Need to convert WIX site to Wordpress
I have an existing running website which was built with WIX. It needs to be converted to wordpress. The converted site must have the exact look-and-feel of the existing WIX website which includes: -In Main page: * Several full-width strips. * Full width video in first strip. * Contact form, call to action buttons, etc... * Wix Plugins/Apps: Counter, Events Calendar,etc... -Additional Pages for specific event types: * Dynamic pages based on WIX database (allow content management through web-UI) * Contact form, call to action buttons, etc... In the future we will need to integrate a ticketing system of our choice, so we need to make sure that converting the site to wordpress allows this. ** Must speak Hebrew **
Blockchain & CryptoCurrency
fork cryptocurrency coin
I need to create cryptocurrency coin fome current one using source code, it should be you did similar project before. New coin can be same algorithm, with small change in it's functions
Sales & Marketing
Instagram promotion
I'm offering an easy job with enough high payment. It's connected with instagram second-services, such as cheating subs and likes. Nothing is required from you, just complete an easy tasks and get payed. Contact me for more information.
Software & Programming
Need a freelancer for
Looking for a competent developer preferably on PST timezone to help us develop and support a series of extensions. Secondary Skills 1. Angular 2 2. LAMP 3. IOS Native Please submit links to sample chrome/firefox extensions.
Need a freelancer for wordpress site building
Need freelancer to create wordpress woocommerce website on 10 pages
Need a freelancer for wordpress site building
Need freelancer to create wordpress woocommerce website on 10 pages
Software & Programming
Need a freelancer for C#
C# app connected with the betting industry, connecting directly to Betfair API (Horse racing) I had to sack my last programmer because he mislead me and used a GUI connected with Telerik, which is not stable. I was tricked and only have the source code. The app connects to an online betting company via their API which has now been updated to a new version making my app outdated and needs to be re-coded from the ground up. The next version needs to be coded in Microsoft Visual Studio and have a dedicated intuitive interface/GUI. I have limited funds as I am retired, so whoever is interested, we will need to come to a satisfactory agreement over cost. They will become a partner in the project once they have proved themselves. Development is five years down the line and the app makes a regular but small income per month but with a little more development, will become a decent money earner. Anyone interested will have to agree to be fully vetted. They will also have to agree and sign an INDA (International none disclosure agreement) before I reveal my betting system. There will be no compromise on the latter requirement! Good communication is a high priority and unless you are 100% proficient in the English language, please do not bid for this project. Communication via Skype is also an essential. If you are not prepared to talk face to face with me, then also do not bid. Being totally honest, I should also add that I am a perfectionist and speak my own mind when I need to, which does not sit well with some people. I know very little about programming but know what I need, which can be frustrating for both parties at times. If you can handle all that and more then you may be the person I need to make it all work. This will be a long term on going project. If you cannot give me your expertise as and when needed, then you are not for me. TAKE CAREFUL NOTE AND TAKE IN MY STATEMENT BELOW: I am learning by my mistakes (Slowly!) The person I chose wasted five months of my precious time and he got his just dessert's by the scathing feedback which should ensure he never get's any more work! (I hope) I hate repeating myself but here goes: If you are not prepared to introduce yourself with a face to face interview on Skype. If do not have the experience to carry out this project and have no experience with Betfair, Json etc. then do not think of applying for this project! I will not tolerate bad practice, slow commuunication or any other kind of 'blip' which will effect my progress. You have been warned!
Need a freelancer for photography
Cosmetic products. On going photography.
Product Photography
Cosmetic product, on going.
Software & Programming
Windows kernel device driver development
We are seeking an engineer familiar with device driver development for Windows, that can take one of the example drivers of Microsoft (available on web) and add connectivity and logging capabilities to it. Approx. time is 20-40h, a very short project. Work from home or at our offices at your convenience. Deliverables are source code, and compiled and operational binaries for x86 and x64 architectures.

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