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Design & Graphics
Looking for a freelance designer to design our logo and business cards
Your resume has been received from your database and reviewed by our HR Department. We believe you are capable of handling this position based on your resume. Your details have been forwarded to Ms. Kathy Seaman (Hiring Manager). she would be conducting an online interview with you to discuss the Job Details, Pay Scale, and Benefits, etc . You are required to set up a Gmail account on ( ) and download the Google Hangout App on ( After this process, you are to add Ms. Kathy Seaman on Google Hangout.. here is the ID ( you are to send him a message on Hangout immediately for an online interview/briefing exercise. she will be online waiting to talk to you. You can email her on {}. Your verification code is A-01538789, this would serve as your identification number throughout the online hiring process. I wish you the best of luck!
Blockchain & CryptoCurrency
new Crypto currency development
WE would like to launch a new premined cryptocurrency based on Cryptonote. We will need android, IOS and web based wallets. new website for the currency ICO and for the coin itself.The coin will be directly connected to the most advanced technology for water and air purification on the planet which we have patented and own. already with a manufacturing facility and products that are sold. We would like to put real economy behind our coin. so investor will receive the annual proceedings from water and air purification sales of produces and form government projects world wide we will take a portion of the money for every cubic meter of water and air purified on during the life span of the installations. Proceeded form the coin covering will be invested only toward water air purification and organic food production across the globe using our own patented technology. Sanctimoniously is to launch a new global crypto currency exchange. we already have a tier 4 data centers across the globe and a full banking support. our website: is the cheapest green most effective and advanced technology that will be implemented by large manufacturers that are polluting the water and air in the planet. also for residential use .
Need a freelancer for Data Entry Clerk
We are looking for a Data Entry Clerk to type information into our database from paper documents. The ideal candidate will be computer savvy and a fast typist with a keen eye for detail. You will report to a data manager or another senior data team member. Understanding of data confidentiality principles is compulsory. The company will rely on you for having accurate and updated data that are easily accessible through a digital database. Responsibilities Transfer data from paper formats into computer files or database systems using keyboards, data recorders or optical scanners Type in data provided directly from customers Create spreadsheets with large numbers of figures without mistakes
Design & Graphics
3D Examining
3D Examining – What You Have To Know? 3D examining is a procedure of catching advanced data of question shape utilizing hardware that has light or laser to quantify separate between the protest and the scanner. The non-damaging and non-contact examining innovation utilizes lines of laser light catching the correct shape and size of the question. The fine points of interest of even the littlest articles are caught and the procedure proves to be useful in such a large number of enterprises and fields. Some the zones that 3D outputs are usually utilized incorporate car, assembling, medicinal and aviation. 3D laser scanners catch a great many focuses every second, permitting fast assessment of parts. It is a procedure that is in a perfect world suited for measuring and investigating molded surfaces furthermore complex geometries that require heaps of information for precise portrayal and where conventional estimation strategies are unfeasible. A 3D scan can prove highly beneficial in different sectors. If you do not have what it takes to enjoy the accuracy of 3D scans, you can get help from service providers who offer all kinds of scanning services.
Software & Programming
Need a freelancer for Salesforce development projevt
Looking for a consultant to join our Salesforce team that works exclusively with nonprofits. (We still charge!) Currently looking for developers (coding) to build out functionality for the integration of a client's CTI and Salesforce. Also looking to create a donations parser screen with spreadsheet-like functionality. And more. We are a nonprofit that supports other nonprofits in there someone implementation and customization needs and we are looking to build out our team with creative and energetic individuals who are ready to listen, understand and then do what it takes to help these nonprofits succeed.
Design & Graphics
Freelance Banner Designer
We are searching for a freelance employee to make us a top banner for our website. Please go to our website topspynews com and see the theme for our news site. Contact us asap if you want to do the task We look forward to hear from you! If we are both satisfied with our corporation you will most likely be hired for further banner design tasks. Notice: We only hire through this site!
Blockchain & CryptoCurrency
CryptoCurrency Development
Description: Cryptocurrency Developer We are looking for an expert Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency software developer. Our ideal candidate will have experience in blockchain, creating alt-coins, compiling alt-coins, and comfortable making changes to alt-coins. Candidates familiar with Bitcoin and alt-coins, especially Proof of Stake Masternode Cryptocurrenies such as Dash/Pivx, are needed. For this first task we are specifically looking to implement the zerocoin protocol into our alt-coin. Our alt-coin is a fork for the PIVX code before PIVX implemented the zerocoin protocol. Now that PIVX has implemented zerocoin, we would like to as well. We need this task completed before Q1 2018. Our coin (COLX): (PIVX): If you don't understand what we are asking for you are not the candidate for us. Candidates who do understand what what we want please contact us before beginning the work to negotiate compensation.
Need a freelancer for new simple website
need a new website for my business in the website the payment will be automatic with autorize net api also i will need a full manage control panel that i will be able to change whatever i want i should not take more then a week or 2 answer me only whoever have time whoever dont have 2 week for it so dont contact me dont waste my time ! contact me whoever think is fit
Design & Graphics
Freelance Logo Designer Needed
We are searching for a freelance designer to make a logo for our website. Please go to topspynews com and see in which theme we are looking for a logo. The logo must match our website colors, so it is very important that you visit our website first to see what we are searching for, before you send us your application. Get in touch asap, if you want to apply for the job. We look forward to hear from you! Notice: We only hire through Xplace
Sales & Marketing
Need a freelancer
hello I need a new campaign manager who can create banners and also update and put constant new banners and publicity to generate the best and freshest leads. the subject with change every couple of months but need some one who know all the tricks to generate the best leads. please get in contact to learn about more info. also the leads we will be needing are in France so subjected to all French speaking countries in and around Europe.

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