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Newest Projects

Software & Programming
Fix Ionic Issues for App Store Launch
looking for Ionic developer to fix CSS issue and Errors preventing uploading app to App Store. Please DOWNLOAD file attached for CSS issues and 3 Errors in Xcode for app store. this tasks should start soon as possible and to be delivered in 3 days. Person must making sure project delivered back with all issues fixed and it perfect condition.
Software & Programming
Drivers compliancy with Win10
We are looking for project\consulting services for driver compliancy: Fix\Rewrite our filter driver for our app to comply with Win10 (1809 LTSC) – C or C++ Project is required as soon as possible
Software & Programming
Need a freelancer for Facebook Messenger chatbot
I am looking for Messenger chatbot in which bot automatically handle all the situation.
Software & Programming
Need React Native dev urgently
I need an iPhone app to be built quickly. It's simple and needs to connect to Twitter API and produce alerts based on keywords being found in particular tweets. We have already framed this and can share the prototype. This needs to work in real-time. If a tweet occurs, I need to be alerted to it almost instantly. If you have ever built an iPhone app that connects to a 3rd party API and also utilizes push alerts please be kind to respond to this job.
Sales & Marketing
Looking for a digital salesperson who LOVES it
First of all, we are looking for a nice and talented person. Then we are looking for a great marketing person, loving people, experienced in digital (!), Talked in the past with big corporate executives to coordinate big strategic meetings with prospects he would find.
Sales & Marketing
We're looking for a Web Analyst
We need first of all to be human Then were looking for Freelancer Web Analyst to build flow charts, conversion analysis, campaign manager control, productivity growth and ROI for our clients.
Software & Programming
operation and production environment
Responsibilities: Responsibility for the company's operation and production environment (on call duty). Manage a large production environment including several servers and environments. Monitor the infrastructure and proactively scale as necessary. Evaluate and implement a continuous delivery framework including data center infrastructure. Work closely with R&D, supporting them in building new services. Requirements: Hands-on experience Strong knowledge in Linux administration – must! Security - knowledge in VPN's administration, WAF, Firewall applications – must! Networking - basic understanding networking concepts; ability to manage switches and routers. Familiar with VoIP traffic and applications (FreePBX, A2billing) – big plus. Programming skills in one or more languages (GIT, Python, Jenkins, Django, PHP, etc…) – big plus. Experience setting up highly scalable and redundant systems Personal Skills Excellent interpersonal and communication skills Problem solver with exceptional customer service skills Long terms commitment. Someone who cares About us ITC is an Israeli VoIP provider, specializing on local-network and encrypted calls services, to our customer worldwide. The company has been in business over 11 years, virtual company, all work from their respected locations. Position is offered as a full-time job, work from home at your own leisure. The only thing you'll need is an Internet connection. We are happy when our employee take advantage of the job benefits and go travel. Work by agreed que of tasks, learn and expand your knowledge, have your own areas of responsibilities. High proficiency in both speaking and writing English
Looking for a freelance designer to design our logo and business cards
Looking for a freelance designer to design our logo and business cards
Software & Programming
Small Vue / Node Project
Help tutoring and completing a small Vue/Node/Mongo project. 3-4 hours
Need a freelancer for Thawing room monitoring system
I introduce myself, Martin Dalle, from Denis Group (Singapore), food-industry company, specialized in canned-fish. I'm contacting you about a monitoring system to design for industrial use. In fact, as mentioned above, we are specialized in canned-fish and we are now developing an air blast thawing room to defrost products. Our monitoring system will be composed of 4 Input : 4 temperature sensors (probes PT100) and 3 Output/Relay to control (2 fan motors, and one solenoid valve for a misting system). To monitor this system we want to use a Programmable Logic Controller ( 4 AI / 3AO), according to temperature records from the 4 temperature probes during the thawing cycle, the 3 output should be controlled. For the central fan and the solenoid valve output, an ON/OFF control request will be enough, but for the third output( fan to inject ambient air in the room), we would like to control the speed rate of the motor. For this monitoring system, input data will only be temperature records of the 4 temperature probes, however, probes could be in some case interdependent for some control request. These 2 examples could explain the control operations of the system: 1 -Once the temperature of the intern probe reach a set temperature ( 4C), the 3 output ( 2 fans + misting system) should be turned off. 2- If the ambient temperature probe and the surface probe reach a set temperature, the injector fan speed should be reduced by 30%. To design this system it is important to take in consideration several requests: We are looking for a monitoring system easily replicable, in fact, the final project will count 8 rooms and we expect a centralized interface to control all the rooms in simultaneous. Moreover, we are looking for an intuitive and flexible software solution to study and control the system. In fact, we are still in the experimentation phase, then we would like in the first time use the monitoring system to test and understand all the thawing parameters. Then we will need a freelancer to advice/select the best hardware components for our system (PLC) and above all find or design a software solution to control our application.

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