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Need a freelancer for design WP website
Web developer and designer is needed for designing a wordpress site. Possible long term relationship I’d like to design and change my current wordpress theme Fluent in english and hebrew - must! Proven work experience as a web designer with wordpress
looking for a freelancer
A paid monthly freelance
Need a freelancer for
Need a landing page using Divi template for my vbulletin site. This would including configuring everything, installing photos, ect.
Software & Programming
Need a freelancer for create a C# "hello world" project integrated with Allure
Hi Need to Integrate an "Allure report" into a simple C# console application. I would like to have a simple: "C# console application" I will use it later on automation testing project The application should generate an Allure report at the end of execution. Very simple for someone that familiar with "Allure report" Thanks, Amir
Software & Programming
SDL2 Queue Management System Rendering Fonts and Texts on on or multiple displays
developing languages: Python Here is what a Queue Management sytem (QMS) is if you don't know it: Python SDL2 bindings: I need to create an app with sdl2 to use it on Raspbian running outside startix and be free in the future to use it on other linux operating systems. The app is a Queue Management System that works in this way: 1) at the start it show the number 00 2) right arrowkey: grow the number of one step, so for exampe ->1 -> 2 -> etc.. till 99 3) left arrow key: reset the number restarting it from 00 5) CONFIGURATION FILE: - permit the option to show a letter before the number, so for example then the counter would looks like this: P01,P02 etc... - define the file name name of the true type font font to use (all the used fonts are stored in the same folder) - position of the text in pixel: X-Y - color of the text - dimension of the text - define the filename of the .png file(24+8 alpha) 32 bit that will works as a mask in foreground - give a unique id to the QMS - Every Queue Management System has 3 options: option 1) only show the QMS managed from the arrow keys option 2) don't show any text produced form the arrow keys and only listen the tcp socket to receive informations to show one ore more QMS on the same display, on the same layer option 3) show the QMS managed from the arrow keys plus send the configuration and the number to show to one or more devices in the LAN trough the tcp socket notes: use the layer raspberry framebuffer graphicsdriver 3 we use Raspberry Pi Model 3B and B+ with raspbian the devices will be resetted to the counter 00 daily, rebooting the os instructions about how to compile the driver for raspberry GPU: and then please insert in the raspiconfig the graphic driver 3.
Writing & Editing
The deliverable will be written content for predefined topics relevant to website products and products categories. The website is an e-commerce portal with Judaica products and arts. We are looking for native English speakers
Software & Programming
Need a freelancer for an EXE file Revers Engineering or rebuilding
Hello, I have an EXE file of a trading software that has a lot of unique options, that was connecting to an API. This EXE was created 8 years ago, and the source file is in a hard drive that is corrupted. We would like to get to the source file if possible and change modify and add to this software, and of course adjust the structure to the current API. This software uses some XML files, some DB files and lots of DLL files. In order to use this software you would get a licence or product key from the owner of service and then it would continue to work. The software interface is old windows with what seems to be like WPF. It has graph's and other info that it gets from the API, and you could shoot orders to the trading portfolio as you please. You have options such as strategies, unique stop loss and take profit options and much more. The language of the software is Hebrew, and I have many videos and screen shots of this software.
Need a freelancer for Backlinking
Need backlinks for my websites. Hot keywords: SmartMIrror MagicMirror Wall Mirror Gadgets Interior Design Bathroom mirror
Manage Facebook page for FinTech company
We are looking for people who have a deep affinity to finance and technology. Who live and breathe social networks. With an amazing ability to express in writing, marketing understanding and creative writing that attracts audiences. Our target audience is business customers in Israel, Germany and other European countries. If you speak native English and experienced writing in the worlds content of business, technology and finance. If you know how to manage Facebook pages in an amazing way and if you have proven skills and experience working in other social media. we'll be glad to hear from you.
Software & Programming
:) Urgent help needed
We need ios developer with experience in apple release process, analysing crush dumps, ideally with experience building react native

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