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Newest Projects

Need a freelancer/company for App Development
Looking for an App Developer/ Company to develop an app (an MVP actually), preferably using React to develop for both iOS & Android. I have a detailed product specification I can share. The timeline to sign the contract is ASAP (by the end of the week). Then can be more flexible with the timeline. Interested? PM me for details! * I'm in the US so there are time zone differences.
Design & Graphics
Looking fo a Pursemaker
We are looking for someone with experience in designing & producing laptop bags, messenger bags etc. A Purse-maker, pure and simple Must be from Europe, preferably Poland. More details on contact
Writing & Editing
Need a freelancer for Technical Translate from English to Hebrew
I need translation services for documents Information Security Bulletins and Alerts, translate technical english to hebrew high level quality
Design logo, landing page, frame for a new Israeli Shopify shop
Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to check our project. We are opening a new Shopify shop focused to the Israeli market that will offer a large variety of products (over 100k). We need a simple, clean and light design that will help attract the eye and make a fun website without over flooding the pages with designs. We need your help with the following: -Logo Design -Landing Page design -Standard products page frame design -Buttons/other designs for categories names -Help choose main colors/Fonts Some remarks: - Any design must be applied on theme "Supply", the theme can be changed in anyway you see fit but we do like the base structure of the template and the way it presents products so we prefer to use it's base structure. - If you have experience with Israeli marketing it's better -We are technical people and design is not our strong side, a good work on this design will lead to A MONTHLY CONTRACT with us for further designs of the website, sales, marketing and coupons (if you want to of course:)). We will be happy to hear from you and discuss further
Design & Graphics
Need a freelancer for developing and designing an app
We want to develop an app for iOS and for Android for our real estate agency. The app will initially be used for current and potential tennants of our properties. This is the first phase that we'd like developed. The aim is to streamline the application process of our rental properties and to minimize the paperwork for our agents. The way it will work is as tenants come to view a property of ours they will be invited to download our app on their mobile. They will then select the property that they are interested in and be taken to the property page which will display details and pictures of the property. Then they will have the option to apply for the property. The next screen will be an application form to capture all their details and at the same time create a user login for the app. Next page will be to upload supporting documents by taking photographs and uploading them. Once the application process is complete the user will receive an email confirmation and the agent managing the property will receive an email with the application.
Software & Programming
Citrix Ready Program
We are developing a .net application that we would like to verify for Citrix Ready program. We performed the tests and some of them failed. We would like to consult with Citrix developer/Expert so we can understand what's wrong and solving the issues with him.
Software & Programming
Marketing Project Manager
Ladbrokes Coral is looking for a temporary proficient and senior Programme Manager with experience managing highly complex change Programmes. The Programme Manager will be responsible for managing a Programme of work focused on the migration of IT Affiliate systems across multiple brands to a new technology platform along with managing multiple related and inter-dependent work streams. The role will be based in Tel Aviv but frequent travel to Gibraltar and the UK will be required.
Software & Programming
Freelancer for DATA for trading clients
Hey, my name is Oron. im looking for data for people that could be interested in trading and making money. im looking for a very big data, so we can start small and if it would be good we can continue to work together for a long time. The criteria: above age 18 i need name, phone, email also (optional) i want to start at UK clients (we have alot of countries for later) i will do the telemarketing. thank you.
Need a Freelancer for Promotional Videos
I would like to make short, creative and engaging videos for a recruitment startup. Probably 1-3min long and with animations; but I am open to any ideas. Possibly looking to make 3 or 4 different videos
Full stack IT expert
Hi We are small company that develop and market applications around voice processing. Our application involves strong servers over the cloud and web and mobile clients. We are looking for free lancer to maintain and support the company's IT in the company's office and of its server over the cloud. Here is list of subjects involved in our IT systems: AWS QA DB - SQL server, Mongo DB SSL certificate installation Word Press Google apps Apple store Vmware Dropbox Linux GitHub IP-telephony Microsoft accounts Fortigate FTP ESET anti-virus Printer installation Android iOS We are looking for long term contact that can include minimal monthly retainer.

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