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Software & Programming
Cyber Security Network
Looking for Cyber network security To crack SSL protocol encryption codes traffic in real time ("man in the middle") and to transmit the wired transmission between them to an external server and to make them believe that they communicate directly on a private channel, whereas in fact the connection is entirely controlled by the authorized user, Without looking like a virus. The Developers who will find the solution will be asked to demonstrate how the solution is actually possible, And only then the tools and the salary for the development will be given. Looking for the one who knows how to decrypt SSL codes and Decode algorithms, while being "man in the middle" between two wired different systems, whitout looking like a virus. If you are reading this and you know how it will work send me a message with a document that describes the way to be the "man in the middle" without any problem and with 100% success decryption.
Design & Graphics
Animation Promotion Video for E-commerce Start Up
Hello We are looking for a highly skilled vendor to create a promotion video for one of our portfolio start ups - SaleUp. SaleUp is a mobile app for a leading marketplaces (eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc) sellers with multiple accounts allowing them to manage and operate all the accounts in one place. For more details please visit our website: Currently we are looking for a full cycle vendor (generating ideas, witting a story board and actual animation clip creation explaining what we do and why it is good for our audience - big and mid-size eBay sellers at the moment) We prefer animation due the tight time frames and budget We ask for high level professionalism,dedication, creativity, on-time delivery and cost effectiveness. Proven experience in creation of promotion content for e-commerce apps are highly desirable Please send your offers with link to portfolio Best of Luck Adam
Writing & Editing
Native Arabic- Egypt with high experience in Copywriting and translation
MGS LS are looking for native Arabic - Egypt with high experience in Copywriting, content writing and translation for a long –term project on a freelance basis . Job requirements: Previous marketing agency experience High level of English Experience with content marketing and writing for digital media is a plus
Software & Programming
college fees management system
Intro--------- Complete system with student fees management, staff salary management, user management, real time fees notification. help support, forgot password facility(Admin user can recover his password with registered email address). The present century has been a revolution in the Information Technology all over the world. Computer is playing an important role, touching upon every aspect of our day-to-day life. This project is a desktop system that enables efficient storage of student records to properly manage the fee records of the students. And it also generate messages for due balances in students fee. The system is designed for fee management of a college administration department. It makes searching records easier and faster. The aim of this system is to develop fee management system by using VB .Net language. This system mainly reduces the work task and it is easy to maintain the records for a long time than normal hand written records. The user can check his record details by just entering his name no need to search all the record. With the help of this system fee calculations can be done very easily by this system. So the maintenance and management of fee became very easy. Lightning fast searching speed keeps your students lines moving. It helps to generate common reports to keep everyone on the same page Thoroughly field-tested in a live facility—ensures fewer bugs. This system provides an Intuitive interface reduces training costs and simplifies management. Its highly stable system is based on a Microsoft Access database. The accounting data can be easily exported to QuickBooks or Excel. SOFTWARE REQUIRED: Platform/environment used : Microsoft Windows 10 TOOL/Language used : Microsoft Visual Basics 2010 or Visual Studio version 2015 or later. Backend : MS Office-2007(Access) HARDWARE REQUIRED: Processor : Pentium III or Above RAM : Min 256 MB Printer : Any DPM or Reports Common reports keep everyone on the same page. Thoroughly Tested Thoroughly field-tested in a live facility—ensuring fewer bugs. Intuitive Intuitive interface reduces training costs and simplifies management. Stable Highly stable system is based on a Microsoft Access database. Features of this Project The system is very simple in design and to implement. The system requires very low system resources and the system will work in almost all configurations. It has got following features > Complete .Net code and exe installer > Complete Presentation file and complete Report(156 pages) > Included coding conclusion > Ensure data accuracy. > Minimize manual data entry. > Minimum time needed for the various processing > Greater efficiency > Better Service > Bootstrap slider(require IE10 or later) > Advanced Login system with user and Admin(s/w work according their role) > Multiple work environment (2 themes included traditional and modern) > Real time chart and report generation of high level > Highly advanced Admin panel > Minimum time required > We can export data to excel files. > We can add Semester wise fees system. > It would also help in providing adequate data to the corporation, particularly Key features -------- advanced login system with multi user role bootstrap slider, responsive, multi interface forgot password facility(recover by gmail) responsive, vb .net 4.5, vb, bootstrap, forgot password facility, advance login system, multi user roles, modern and default layout, staff salary management, student detail management with fees management, bootstrap slider, advanced UI Project files Included exe Installer, visual studio files(you also can run in VB 2010 or later), complete report file(Modern design cover page), Presentation file(.pptx). If your are going to submit a project for your degree course in University or School this Project is perfect for you. Lightning fast transaction speed keeps your customer lines moving. It helps to generate common reports to keep everyone on the same page Thoroughly field-tested in a live facility—ensures fewer bugs. This system provides an Intuitive interface reduces training costs and simplifies management. Its highly stable system is based on a Microsoft Access database.
Software & Programming
byteball clone
Hello Do you have dag skills? If you do not mind, please make a clone of byteball.
Need a freelancer to build a website
Hi I am looking for experienced web developer to build a website similar in the functionality to the attached Desktop Application. Please check the attached Desktop Application carefully and if you can make it please make the bid. Thanks.
Sales & Marketing
Looking for a salesman/woman/agent specialised with Kids/babies market
French brand of accessories for babies and children, new in Israel. Already present in shops in Tel Aviv area. Looking for someone able to help to implant the brand among the babies/kids marketplace (stores, chains, hotels, online marketplace...) Could be someone interested to be a business partner, or playing the rôle of an agent/salesman. Need to know good the Babies/kids universe, and the actors on the market (experience needed). Hebrew-English needed, french a plus. Good with people, and sensibility with the brand and the products. To have a car is plus.
Design & Graphics
Need a freelancer for illustrating two eight-page lessons
We are looking for 4-5 illustrations in two eight-page lessons on Jewish prayer. Illustrations will be full-color, one-quarter to one-third page each and will be based on either the prayer or a biblical stories that relate to the prayer. Budget is $400 hundred per lesson. Timeline for final illustrations is 6 weeks with sketches within three weeks for approval.
Design & Graphics
Looking for an experience in React Web App.
We are start up in Russia. Need company website applying React/Redux. We already have DB and constructed relevant API so if you are an expert in Front-end with up-to-date React.js skill, we can go with for further proceed. Web Design skill is big plus! Kind Regards. Augustus.
Software & Programming
Full-stack SW Engineer
Req: 4+ years of front end & applications development experience. Experience & knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Expertise with at least one major JavaScript web framework such as React, Ember, Angular. Experience in C# .net. Ability to write testable, documented, resilient code, with effective unit and integration tests. Long term contract, Works from offices (NOT from home) Please send CV

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