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Newest Projects

Design & Graphics
Decentralized marketplace
For a project in stealth mode: The project is based on blockchain technology and is going to make a huge global impact, and we need your help to design the most progressive and action invoking website. Are you the freelancer that will help us make the impact?
Blockchain & CryptoCurrency
Check ICOs to spot scam
We search for agents for a company Voronkov Ventures in every country of the world. Agents will have to check ICOs to spot an ICO scam. The work includes 1) evaluation of reputation of teams participating in ICOs, 2) verification of veracity of claimed data (e.g.: Does a farm or a plant described in ICO exist? Do founders of ICO have relation to this farm or plant?). At this moment, the result of the work will be a manually created catalogue. Further we plan to automate the reputation system via blockchain and smart contracts. Agents have to meet the following requirements: 1. High-resolution photo. 2. Mobile number and e-mail. 3. Profiles in social networks. 4. Skills in using local registers of natural persons and companies. 5. Readyness to travel. Piece rate pay.
Need a freelancer for Translation of a Product Page (Amazon)
Hello! I'm looking for translators from English to 5 languages: Spanish, German, French, Japanese and Italian. The text is a Amazon product page (product descriptions). It's about 600 words for every language (give or take). Feel free to contact me with a price estimation. Thanks, Asaf
Writing & Editing
Need a freelancer for API documentation technical writing
A global company looking for technical writer for ~1 month of work to document 2-3 APIs that will be exposed to developers via PDF. English native speaker. Experience with API tech writing is an advantage. Work is from the office, which is stated in Raanana.
Software & Programming
Looking for consulting services for Cassandra
We are working on a new and improved architecture that is based on Cassandra and would like to get a second opinion.
Freelance Graphic Designer
We are looking for a Graphic Designer to to work with our marketing team on a regular basis. •Up-to-date knowledge of effective UI concepts and web interfaces. •Prepare graphic materials such as landing pages, banners and mailers. •Processing graphic requests for all marketing team while providing high quality optimized marketing materials. Job Requirements: •Proven graphic designing experience of 2 years at least in the digital marketing arena. •Portfolio with digital design examples. •Expert in Photoshop & illustrator. •Basic knowledge with adobe premiere - an advantage. •High level of English •Hard worker, target oriented, Multi-task and able to perform with deadlines. •Organized, detailed with ability to prioritize task.
Expert Partner For revolutionary startup at Alpha stage
Looking for expert partner with proven record in image processing and data learning to change the way people do certain things. A revolutionary idea with already working module is waiting extending and completion.
auto redirect entire site I'm no expert and so will try my best to explain what I need here: The magazine I work for runs an old and no-longer-supported SharePoint CMS, and we've stretched its life as far as we can—it's time to jump ship. The destination is clear: WordPress, but migration is so messy my current web support contractor told me migrating may be close to impossible, considering the amount of custom code my predecessors got into the site. My plan is to abandon my current site and start fresh, not migrating anything. Instead, the plan is buying another domain——and dropping all our current content there. Then, the plan is to tell WordPress, which we'll install onto Every time someone tries to access an page older than the date we launch it, change the "" part of the URL to "" ________ Example: after we switch to a new CMS and start fresh, user wants to access old content from March 2017... WordPress would get that request and redirect to: ________ URLs involved go back to 2011/2012, I believe, but am not sure. I'm not sure how many URLs are involved but can likely provide a sitemap. I believe we're talking about 50,0000 URLs. _______
Sales & Marketing
Brainy Ball
I have a new patent pending preschool / early childhood product. I am looking for a experienced sales person in the preschool, early childhood, education field that can grow with my company.
Wordpress site in hebrew
We have a word press site in english. We want to make it bilingual english and hebrew We need someone to make all the website bilingual in hebrew. Also he should make all the translations etc. According to his wordpress knowledge we can continue to work with him. He should be hebrew native speaker.

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