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Software & Programming
Need a freelancer for help with MS access 1997 problem
When I enter orders they show up correctly in the database at the end. Now when I Query for a customer orders the last one entered shows up at the top of the results and the rest are in order. This just started today. I did remove a few years of orders last week because the database was having problems doing re-calculations on the entire database
Software & Programming
PostgreSQL Expert
For remote consultation & hands on tasks Flexible hours
Writing & Editing
Essay Writer
Professional Content Writing Company
Sales & Marketing
Need a freelancer for Lead Generation
I need a freelancer for lead generation.
Writing & Editing
Need a freelancer for article writing on
We want to hire a freelancr to write articles on
Experienced .NET full-stack web developer
JumboMail is looking for an experienced .NET full-stack web developer. We offer an open, flexible and supportive environment. Responsibilities: Working with advance technologies including: NoSQL databases (Couchbase, Elasticsearch), AngularJS, AWS, Entity framework, Unit testing, n-tier architectures. Requirements: Minimum of 3 years' experience in Object Oriented Programming 3+ years' experience developing in .NET C# (MVC, WebAPI, MSSQL) Experience in web application development (+3 years) Experience with both Client and Server sides 2+ years' experience working with client side frameworks (Angular 1\2) Understanding client side technologies: JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, HTML5, CSS Proven experience in responsive UI design and usability for rich applications using Bootstrap Experience with building software from scratch A productive individual, fast learner, passionate about technology Excellent communications skills (English and Hebrew) Team player
Software & Programming
Need expert in Cheat-engine , IDA pro , etc for debug game
Hello everyone, I am a beginner programmer, and I need someone expert Debug game using Cheat engine, Ollydbg, Ida pro, etc to carry out the following task, homework here The task focuses on the purification of a game. 1-debug the game and get the list of entities and also the local player (for example, and, x, z coordinates) 2-debug and find more things like objects, lives, etc. 3-Once you have obtained the above information, you must create a dll to inject it into the game, for example, create a dll to inject ESP (with names information life etc and Snap lines) + aimbot 4-create video tutorial step by step of each movement with the cursor with subtitles in Spanish (using google traslate) that is the whole task
Software & Programming
Need a freelanlcer for a few lines of lua scripting
Hi, I'm looking for someone to help me write lua code for an autotouch script (cydia app that records clicks on your screen). I already know roughly what it should look, I have an example but for some reason it doesnt work as it should. Thats why im looking for someone to check those 10 lines and make them work. Thanks in advance, Felix
Design & Graphics
Need a German speaking graphic designer
Translation of a map from English into German Requirements: - Fluent knowledge in German - Experience and full knowledge in Illustrator C6 - Perfectionism - Readyness to sit together on the finition part of the work Short project with possibility for longer cooperation
Software & Programming
.NET Software Engineer
ABOUT THE ROLE: Software Engineers at our company are responsible for defining and implementing the systems that make Software Defined Manufacturing possible. You will work on a team with other Software Engineers in the company Seattle office to define and implement our software stack – from robot to cloud. As a Software Engineer, you will create scalable software systems that drive our cloud-based analytics, data pipeline, and machine learning systems; performance monitoring, dashboarding, and command/control systems on the factory floor, as well as on-robot operations. Our robots and software will be deployed in a variety of factory conditions and help support the manufacturing operations for some of the biggest names in the industry. This is a unique opportunity to be part of a greenfield development effort that will change the way companies build and produce products. If you’re ready to apply exceptional engineering practices and build the software that will define the next generation in manufacturing, this is your opportunity. WHAT YOU WILL BE DOING: • Architect, design, develop and deploy software components that help realize Bright Machines vision of Software Defined Manufacturing • Contribute best-in-class programming skills to develop reliable and scalable micro-services· • Write clean, maintainable code, and perform peer code-reviews. • Work in an Agile/Scrum environment to deliver high quality software against aggressive schedules • Analyze and optimize applications to maximize speed and scale. Basic Qualifications • Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or a related field • 4+ years job experience (Software Engineer or equivalent) designing and implementing SOA services • Proficiency in a variety of modern programming languages (Java, Go, Python, JavaScript, C#/C++) and OSS (Linux) • Ability to work in a variety of compute environments (Windows, Linux, AWS)

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