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Software & Programming
Data Analysis - Cluctering
I'm interested in clustering movies. I would like the clusters to indicate which movies “go together” in people’s preferences. To do this, I want to implement the PIVOT algorithm: This involves reading the data set of movies, finding for each pair of movies whether they should be marked + or −, and implementing the pivot algorithm using these marks as input. After that, I want to build an algorithm that improves the results of the PIVOT algorithm, using the probabilities of each pair of movies. (probability of a random person to watch one or both of them) The improvement can be a totally different algorithm, or it can take the output of the PIVOT algorithm and improve it, or it can change its input, or anything else you think might be helpful. The data set can be downloaded from here: movielens/1m/, it is the Movielens 1M dataset. All the details are explained in the attached file.
Sales & Marketing
Impact Radius specialist needed
For the affiliate program for the large VPN service we need specialist in Impact Radius to setup it and to integrate it with another platforms. We need someone who knows Impact Radius very well. One of the biggest VPN provider looking for Affiliate Program expert with proven experience in Impact Radius for the Affiliate Marketing Project (software, VPN Services), who will setup and integrate it. Other requirements: high communication skills, good conversational English and business writing, perseverance and flexibility, perhaps regular help in solving problems arising from our partners with partner program.
Need a copywriter for VPN service LANDING PAGES
Hello, copywriters! We are the advertising agency and we are looking for a skilled writer with good industry knowledge to write authentic, informative and relevant, short selling content for an ongoing project for the one of the largest VPN providers. The writer will create benefit-driven copy that articulates features and specifications in a compelling way that helps a customer make an educated purchase decision. Responsibilities: Researches and analyzes product-related content. Creates, writes and edits content for landing pages. Writes and/or edits in a clear and concise manner staying true to client’s marketing tone. Main Qualifications Excellent English: strong writing, proof-reading/editing skills. Experience in marketing content creation. Demonstrated ability to write in a company's voice and tone. The knowledge of additional languages is a plus . The knowledge of UX is a plus. So write to us! Gravity agency
Design & Graphics
Need a freelancer for Logo desgin
Project 1. Vlog buzz (Logo For Youtube) 2. rjn group inc.
Software & Programming
Need a freelancer for android development
Client side developer position at a startup company (for ninjas only) A startup company in the center of Tel Aviv is expanding and is looking for an experienced client side developer to join our team of experienced programers. The development will be done in Native Android. Position's benefits: Available immediately Great location in Ben Yehuda and Bugrashov Cute office dog Young and fun atmosphere Requirements: Experience and high capabilities in Android. Immediate availability for a full time job (possible to work as freelance). A person that is fun to work with.
Need a freelancer for migration from jenkins 1.5 to latest
I have a jenkins server with 200+ jobs on jenkins version 1.5 . Looking for someone who can migrate jenkins to latest version with all the jobs working.
Design & Graphics
Need a freelancer for App Design
Looking for a designer to give some personality to a new app. Need you to design logo and select color scheme. Base on wireframes we have already created, we would like you to prepare a more thorough design of select pages in the app. And lastly design a landing page for the app.
cryptocurrencies trading platform
Multi coin trading platform for people that want to buy cryptocurrencies but don't know how.
Software & Programming
C++ Software Engineer wanted
Looking to join the autonomous cars revolution ? Jungo is working on solutions for future of driver monitoring in autonomous vehicles. We are looking for talented, energetic, and committed individuals to join our world class engineering team.  Positions: - Design, build and maintain computer vision software - Implementing  & training deep learning algorithms Requirements: - 2-5 years experience in C++ - Linux - SQL - Full time - Good team member - Self learning - Highly motivated Advantage: - Deep learning - Windows programming - Android programming - Computer vision experience - OpenCv - Python Location: Netanya Please send your resume
Software & Programming
Talented computer vision/deep learning engineer wanted
Jungo Connectivity is Looking for talented computer vision/deep learning engineers to join our driver monitoring development team. C++ or Python knowledge Experience in computer vision or machine learning or deep learning. Please send your resume

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