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Newest Projects

Software & Programming
Need a freelancer for a new browser based on chromium for IOS and Android
Hi We are Seva, a new search engine that is donating its profit to hungry children. We would like to create a new browser for IOS and Android based on chromium. password - Thankyou The browser will be simple and we just need to change the home page and default search to our search engine. You must have experience with chromium before. Would love to get a price quote first and to discuss. Please write **Superman2020** so i'd know you have actually read the job description. Thanks, Ron.
Writing & Editing
Max Vs Predator (Secret Life Of Pets And Predator Crossover Fanfiction)
Hello, I'm looking for someone who has watched both the secret life of pet movies and all four predator (Yautja) movies to write my predator and the secret life of pets crossover fanfic. The fanfic will be 16 chapters long and up to 20k words per chapter if that's fine. Plot Summary: After the events of Secret Life Of Pets 2, Max the dog finds himself and the rest of the world confronted by an even stronger subspecies of the galaxy's deadliest hunters! Will Max survive the encounter or die trying? Note: Please only apply if you have the following requirements above since I don't want to hire inexperienced candidates. Also, please make sure to mention what you know about The Secret Life Of Pets and Predator, thank you.
Writing & Editing
Eevee Eradication (Pokemon Fanfiction)
Hello, I'm looking for someone who has experience with pokemon and pokemon fanfiction to ghostwrite my pokemon fanfiction. You must also know pokemon gen 1-7/8. Plot Summary: When an Eevee is abducted from her family one night, she is forced to evolve into a sylveon and escape and endure a long journey home and it certainly won't be easy. Meanwhile, a cult of sinister people is attempting to free an ancient evil dragon pokemon who happens to hold a grudge against this sylveon and her ancestors... Note: Please only apply if you have the following requirements above since I don't want to hire inexperienced candidates. Also, please make sure to mention what you know about Pokemon, thank you.
IT & Information Systems Manager
A successful global consumer products company, with focus on the Juvenile space, is looking for an IT & Information Systems Manager to oversee the implementation of a new ERP system (Netsuite) and coordinate other IT aspects in the company such as IT infrastructure, IT procurement and trouble shooting. Essential Duties & Responsibilities: ERP implementation and administration • Support the implementation and smooth integration of the company's ERP system (Oracle NetSuite) across the company’s global operations • Update and manage the ERP system to ensure it provides proper business solutions and accurate results • Develop corporate ERP practices and methodologies • Serve as counselor and coach for ERP solution implementation and training • Analyze data modules & identify enhancement and improvement opportunities • Design procedures and reports to identify and resolve data integrity issues Other IT systems and processes • Consult and assess IT needs and system requirements across global operations • Propose IT solutions to improve cross-organizational processes • Recommend information technology strategies, policies, and procedures by evaluating organization outcomes • Provide general IT issue resolution and support IT needs of the global team Requirements: • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Industrial Engineering or a related discipline • At least 2-3 years of IT management and/or ERP implementation and administration • Experience in implementing and managing ERP systems (NetSuite) – advantage • Technology aware, hands-on IT operations • Ability to work independently • Excellent business English Scope of position: Full time Office location: Herzliya Company website:
Software & Programming
Need a freelancer for Research and Development of NLP
About Us Oktopous is an autonomous social-assistant for small businesses. We help them create and maintain a presence across many social-networks and search-engines. We are a young, pre-seed start-up with a big dream.  We are looking for a researcher to join our team. Responsibilities Create infrastructure for testing and development of NLP models.  Develop NLP models that generate coherent text, using state-of-the-art research. Collaborate with other team members to develop applets for initial model teaching (assign parameters to input). Contribute to architecture and prioritization, participate in integrating the model into the product. Requirements M.Sc. or Ph.D. in Computer-Science, Mathematics, Engineering or a related field. Hands-on experience in research and implementation of NLP solutions. Proficiency in Python. Advantages Good understanding of open-source machine learning toolkits (e.g. TensorFlow, DialogFlow, Pytorch). Creative and outside-the-box thinking, with great problem-solving skills. Incentives Take part in bringing content-generating MLs to the market. You will conduct independent Research and Development of NLP, gain deep understanding and experience in leading tools (e.g. GPT-2, BERT) Joining an early-stage start-up, equity can be discussed.
Software & Programming
Python backend and React frontend
We're looking for talented developers for a remote position
Design & Graphics
Unity Team Leader
At least 5 years Experience in game development with unity, preferred 2D games Team Leader Experience Experience working in Unity 5.x or higher Extensive knowledge in C# development Good knowledge with O.O concepts and design patterns Familiarity with mobile development platforms (iOS and Android) Familiarity with working in a scrum/agile environment Self-motivated, detail-oriented, with strong organizational skills
Software & Programming
Facbeook API mass publisher
Hi We need someone to program a simple FB API Marketing software. The basic module we need now is that the software will publish campaign+adset+ad to multiple accounts at a time and show campaigns progress on a dashboard. Dashboard should contain campaign data (Amount spent, CPM, CPC, CTR etc) as well as billing data (Next billing threshold, Amount spent since threshold) The input should be: 1. user and password of fb account 2. Credit card number. 3. Targeting & budget (campaign will always be conversion campaign) 4. Image and headlines The software will need to add the credit card to the account, create a new page and publish the ad on that page. The output should be the pixel id (event will always be "Lead") The software must be able to publish to 100's of accounts. This is only the basic module, if you are serious and know what you are doing - we have plenty of work for you! We don't need something beautiful or fancy - only something which is working and efficient.
Linux specialist
Looking for a Linux specialist for a freelance project (2 half days)
Need a freelancer for landing page
landing page in wordpress

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