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Need a freelancer for translating a product from English to Hebrew
Need a translation for 3 products including: pains and cleaning products. the translation is from English to Hebrew. this require a small degree of knowledge in translating terms from the paints and cleaning industry. the translation will be used in order to describe the productes in hebrew for the use of an import company/
Cyber Security Instructors needed
Cyber Security Instructors General Requirements The position involves passing frontal lessons to college students. The course takes place twice a week during evening hours(17: 30-21: 15). The position is suitable for freelancers looking for another job under comfortable conditions, meaningful and rewarding work. The position is for both women and men. Ability to integrate into various campuses (Ramat Gan, Jerusalem, Haifa, and Be'er Sheva). PT Infrastructure Knowledge / practical experience in operating systems. Linux and Windows. Knowledge / practical experience working with telecommunications networks and equipment. CCENT certificate or Network+ Knowledge / hands-on experience with programming and scripting languages Python/PowerShell/bash. Hands-on experience in penetration testing of infrastructure. Human relations, good communication, teamwork, and high self-learning ability. Lecture experience - Advantage SOC experience - Advantage Relevant certificates - Advantage OR Application PT Knowledge in information security with an emphasis on the field of application. Hands-on in penetration testing, security checks for systems/products at the applicative level - Mandatory Work experience in the field of development in PHP/ Python/ C++ / C# / Java. Practical experience in developing systems of Django/ Express/ Spring/ Laravel. Knowledge and operational experience with various information security products. Perform penetration for mobile products/applications. Human relations, good communication, teamwork, and high self-learning abilityץ Lecture experience - Advantage Relevant certificates - Advantage Full Course Lecturer with knowledge of at least 80% from the modules' syllabus in Hands-on. Hands-on experience of 3+ years in Cyber Security. Penetration testing team leader - Advantage Control all requirements in the jobs above.
A Highly-experienced optical Enigeer is required for Initial Consultation for the Global-Trademarks corporation.
A Highly-experienced optical Enigeer is required for Initial Consultation for the Global-Trademarks corporation.
GPS tracker
I'm working on a long range livestock tracking system and need someone to help me prototype the hardware component as a consultant.
Robotics Engineer required for initial consultation
Robotics Engineer required for initial consultation. The applicant must sign an NDA attributed to also Global-Trademakrs the Ltd Liability corporation, and must prove previous experience in mixing Gaming and Robotics! Having said that, please send corroborative links to previous works. Cheers
need a freelancer for seo
I live in Yafo/Tel Aviv and work with therapy as well as design, two very different areas. Every area has it's site, with different needs. They are both in threee languages. As the template for the design site is not adopted to hebrew it is poor eastetically. (If it is a problem with Wordpress in general or with that specific template, I do not know. in any case it is less adopted for hebrew.) With both of the sites I need someone, that I can phisically meet to help me with: - yoast to search optimize, choose the right words and add-ons, and to thrive to make google like my sites. I am a behavioral science person, not a technician. I need someone patient, that can explane things in a pedagogic way! I would like to be able to choose from a few please. Please be back soon, thanks a lot, trusting this will be a succeess for all involves. My sites are; the therapy: the design: All the best / Eva
Lawyers & Legal Services
Need a freelancer for drafting a franchise contract
We are a startup in real estate business and need a franchise contract for the roll our of our business into different european countries. Our focus is a very specialized part of real estate business (valuation and sale of non performing loan properties) and once we got agreed on a standard franchise contract, we can add our special requirements, which needs to be integrated in the terms of the contract by a lawyer.
Software & Programming
Need a freelancer for adivses Machine learning/deep learning + quote
Hello, I search now, a freelance for some advises about machine learning/deep learning and asking price for an quote, Questions : - Machine learning start on data in entry and give result/output and learn with conditions write in code ? - For the next simulations/training, algorithm can start with before good result ? - We can give define result and he need to learn how to output this ? For the quote: I have several series of numbers, I would like, thanks to machine learning, to be able to guess the next line, if the algorithm does not arrive there (gives a false result), give it the result which should have had, learn how to get there and start again with this line (which is right) by comparing with that below until the last ... Objective: '' '' understand the algorithm '' '' by numbers !! These series of numbers are generated by various algorithms (php, excel, python, javascript, ....). These numbers have no meaning, like the idea which has very little use but it makes me laugh, so I do! -So why is it better machine learning or deep learning? -I wish that at the end of the numbers, at the end of the list, he gives me a prediction and does not pass on, is it possible? -If we stop training, can we resume afterwards? -Is it possible to add a sensor which estimates how many% it is relevant? -Is it possible to add data once finished? (and with this framework, -With over 1500 sets of numbers, is that enough for learning? It is necessary to run the h24 program? with what computer power? -Is it possible to make sure that there is learning with little data? How much did you offer me for that? Thanking you, Regards,
Sales & Marketing
We need help in organizing meetings with prospect clients for trade shows
We need help in organizing meetings with prospect clients for trade shows and road trips. The communication with the prospect leads is done through email and phone calls in English. Perfect English is mandatory. We will provide full info about the product, one-pagers, website links, and ongoing marketing support.
Software & Programming
GO/Golang developer
We are a tech-enthusiast group of experts, who always think of better ways to help our customers succeed with their software challenges, while having fun doing it! For one of our clients, an Israeli unicorn at the forefront of technology, we are looking for you! an xcellent GO Developer, for a long term position, to join an outstanding team of smart developers. You will help develop a product that transforms the way enterprises manage and release software updates. AgileSparks will provide you with a strong technology back, courses and learning opportunities, enrichment and a feeling of home. Responsibilities: Design and develop production grade software/services following modern DevOps practices from src to runtime Contribute to open source projects Make informed decisions quickly and take ownership of services and applications at scale Write blog posts, technical articles, represent the company and products at technical level at conferences & external meetings Social media influence Evaluate new trends and technologies in the market, provide feedback to product teams, and promote innovative solutions Education BSc in Computer Science/Software Engineering or equivalent - advantage Requirements 3+ years of experience GO build systems and tools, preferably in multi-platform environment 5+ years of experience as SW Engineer & developer: expertise in git, testing, developing code (Java experience is a plus), code reviews, continuous integration, releasing, etc Experience in OSS communities and projects Self managing, self directed

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