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Newest Projects

Need a freelancer for Wix LP
I need a new design for a Finance LP including a form. This i is the current design and we need to improve it (starting by having text and not image) Thanks
Design & Graphics
A business card for my store
Hello freelancers! I have a store of creative goods. It`s name is kabZZZec. I want a business card for it.
Need a freelancer for editing poetry and separately business journal
I would like to speak with Abigail about this work.
Design & Graphics
2D Video Animation Cartoon Style (NO Whiteboard)
• 2D Video Animation Cartoon Style (NO Whiteboard) • Script: around 600 words • HD Video resolution (1080p) • Avi and mp4 format • Video Maximum duration: 3 minutes • Voice Over recording and synchro (Female, British accent) • Background Music • Background Images (provided by me) • Unlimited review and money back if not satisfied The script with an example video (similar to the one to be created) can be provided Maximum budget: 60 USD
Need a full task programmer - relocation overseas
For a NEW start up company overseas , we are recruiting full task programmers . 1. A foreign passport - A must !! 2. Must have knowledge in data systems + software programming . 3. Preferably a past start up experience . 4. Very good to excellent - English level 5. Knowlede in webcasting / streaming media - advantage. ** we offer high salary package Kind regards, Shon K.
Looking for a blockchain developer
Looking for a blockchain developer to join as a tech lead for a new project
Design & Graphics
Need a freelancer for web site development
Needing web development ASAP Job is open to all levels of skill Budget is somewhat flexible, but please be kind.  I have big ideas but a considerably more modest pocketbook. General info below, more specific info available from me as well.  There are two connected but separated sites to be developed, both must be mobile friendly Adult themed ecommerce site Disclaimer pop up when arriving at site      Must be 18 years of age or older      Acknowledging there is nudity and adult themed content      Accept/Don't accept                  Don't accept redirects away from site                  Accept continues If the site is arrived upon by a specific link, site should register that this link contains a promo code and inform visitor of the promo.  Site will need to track this promo throughout the visit and apply it to the cart at checkout.  Specific promotion links will be live for a certain period of time only, but site will need to be able to handle multiple promotional links in the same manner, and track each. Track visitor info on each page including IP address - must be able to register returning users/guests and show previous visit info Ecommerce Store Introduction Products, Services, Packages, Pricing - add to cart with each option- ecommerce store Login required to purchase Users must create individual login profiles Signup generates automatic email to authenticate user After authentication, another automatic email is sent directing user to verification page Form will be used for verification info Searchable and updatable forum database     Accessible by login     Basic info and ability to update available to all users after login     All updates allow for 24 hour unlimited forum access     Specific forum info available only to subscribing members          Link to upgrade to subscription options - ecommerce area Multiple members only access areas including discounted store area Purchase of certain products will need to generate automatic form email.                          Will need to connect to a secondary website that also needs to be developed.       Secondary website must be able to  host individual, customizable profiles       Site will not be searchable        Main page will require login        Page must be able to confirm if user is approved to access this point        Site must be able to register if user has paid for access/is current        After successful login site will open to individual user's profile page        Profile page must be customizable        Profile will have many required and optional fields             Fill in             Check mark             Drop down Several other members only access areas. Additional pages still being determined. Colors, general theme and overall look of ecommerce site has been determined Must be easy for me to do minor updates and changes You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal: Do you have suggestions to make this project run successfully? What challenging part of this job are you most experienced in? What part of this project most appeals to you? Why do you think you are a good fit for this particular project? Please provide work samples
Sales & Marketing
Need a freelancer for Online marketing
For our 2 ecommerce projects, we are looking for experienced online marketing managers with track record in one of the following fields: SEO & PPC in Google Facebook Advertising Social Marketing Influence marketing Content marketing (Taboola/Outbrin) Affiliate Marketing
Writing & Editing
Need a freelancer for Marketing writing
For an ecommerce project we needs an experienced marketing writer for writing an review of marketing materials for our website. American English mother tongue is a must.
RT Emb. Engineer - Micro-Controllers Expert
RT Embedded Engineer Wanted! Full time. 2 Months Period (optional - longer) Significant Experience with Micro-controllers - Must! Please indicate your per-hour rate

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