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Need a freelancer for the Robotics & Big Data Lab of The university of Haifa
Converting applications and code from Laptop to Raspberry Pie. FreeLance or FullTime, from home or from office.
Software & Programming
Backend Firmware developer
For an existing product we are looking for a backend developer You will need to rework some existing code and develop some new code Coding is mainly in the Python and small portion is in C Backend based Flask + Python - RESTful API. - About 60 endpoints. - MVC project – separate existing code to date, model and client response (Jason, CSV) - Pub – sub implementation (mosquitto or other) - Generate PDF reports based on data sets. - Linux/Raspbian
Software & Programming
Software Automation Engineer CI/CD, Ansible, AWS
Work at customer site in center of IL full time as a freelancer. Ansible knowledge and experience required. AWS knowledge very recommended. See additional requirements below. Responsible for building and maintaining the automation infrastructure of the product (server side). As a server side product, we need to take into account the following areas in our coverage: availability, backup, cloud readiness, disaster-recovery, scale, performance, concurrency etc. Working with the team automation solution, keeping up to date with the latest technologies and innovations in the industry. Research and recommend new methods, technologies, practices and tools. Be part of an R&D agile team (including Developers, QA Architects etc.) Knowledge in one or more of the following areas – Advantage: Knowledge in automation tools\scripts. Experience as software developer in complex environments Security principles and techniques (encryption, authentication protocols) Knowledge of Windows internals Knowledge of TCP/IP protocol (analyse network traffic, use of network sniffers) Experience in virtualized environments (VMware, ESX) Active Directory, Domain controllers, Exchange servers Authentication methods (RSA SecurID, Smart cards, Tokens, Radius, LDAP)
Software & Programming
Need a freelancer for Embedded Firmware Development
- Looking for freelancer to participate in our technologically advanced projects. - Work is expected to include bare-bone development on Microcontrollers. - It will be required to come to our Rehovot office relatively often. Availability should be relatively high - at least 20 hours a week. - Developer will need to dive into our rather advanced platforms and methodologies - CLIs, git, etc. - Future hiring as full time employee is an option.
AR Watch platform
We need a AR viewer for 18 watches with some variables on each item. We are looking for AR platform to join at our app. We already have the models, so we only need someone to create a customize the AR environment for us and input on own APP. Thanks
Software & Programming
Data migration Asterisk FreePBX
Hi, We are looking for an experience Asterisks developer with familiarity in FreePBX application to assist in the following project: 1. Data migration from FreePBX V2.8 FreePBX V14 2. Data migration from Asterisk 1.4 to Asterisk V13 3. Transfer of UI modules (PHP) currently working on Asterisk 1.4 to V13 We will request full process documentation as well as actual data migration and data integrity check there after. Please reply only via
Looking for a freelance WordPress developer/designer to update our website
I need to update an existing site by adding two landing pages and integrating a payment solution. I'm also open to any ideas on how to 'tweak' the site to make it smoother/better looking/better ux etc. Many thanks.
Need a freelancer for English to Hebrew translation projects
We are looking for English into Hebrew& Hebrew into English translators to join our team and handle our daily projects. the translators should be aware of CAT tools or willing to learn. interested Candidates, please send your updated CV to thank you Best Regards, Esraa Hanafy GoTransparent Talent Manager
Need a freelancer for the Robotics & Big Data Lab of The university of Haifa
Converting applications and code from Laptop to Raspberry Pie. FreeLance or FullTime, from home or from office.
Natural language processing and machine learning engineer
* Also we are looking for full time candidate, part-time and freelancers are also welcome. 4Girls, a social-tech initiative to promote the healthy development of teenagers is a start-up in the wellness and health domain. We are looking for ML & NLP engineer to join our team. If you want to help improve mental health solutions, we offer you a position in young start-up. While collaborating with top Israeli & foreign academic institutions, we offer flexible position, where you have a say and you can work on your own projects. What do we do? We are developing solutions to detect & diagnose mental distress, depression, suicidal. Our algorithms design for early detection of mental deterioration. All that is done via ML & DL analysis of texts from social networks. We are looking for someone with relevant education and/or hands-on experience in NLP/ML. Someone who is willing to work with both academic researches and non-technical staff (physiologists, social workers, teenagers). Also working under the guidance of our CTO & CSO, we prefer someone who can work independently. Location: Our offices are at Ibn-Gabirol, Tel-Aviv. You may work from your home part of the week if you wish. Beginning work: Jan. 2020

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