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Importing from excel to DB and applying business decision on the data
Importing from excel to DB and applying business decision on the data Project language: English with support of presenting Hebrew texts Environment: ASP.NET C# with various DB support (MDB (2007) / MySql/ SQL Server express) 1. The code will have main 2 input excel files a. The "structure" one: this file will hold list of the fields we may find at the other (data) excel file b. The data file: will have data in its fields based on the strucre declared by the structure file 2. The action a. Code will act according to the 2 input files and store the data from the xls(x) data file to the MDB (or any other of the 2) 3. The output a. Code will present the imported data with format all taken from CSS classes. 4. The huge opportunity: This project is a small part of much larger project. The freelancer who wins this will have the chance, by doing good job, to get very high capacity of work, if he likes. 5. Who will win? : not only the price matters but we will give advantage to good candidates that may show us similar import projects they did or will present Mock – up. This project is not at the budget specified here, but its free for you to offer the cost. We had to put sum because the site won't let clients to leave project budget field not filled.
complex web platform
We looking for a web architect for consulting on eCommerce and marketplace enterprise web platform
Software & Programming
Real-time embedded Linux architect
A start-up company placed in Yokneam is looking for a real-time embedded developer. •Experience developing video or audio processing products -Experience with video frameworks GStreamer and Video4Linux -Experience with video codecs, containers and streaming protocols Experience developing and debugging kernel drivers for embedded Linux -Strong ability to diagnose hardware and software issues; Hands-on hardware bring-up, system debugging and code optimization -Experience writing/modifying linux device drivers and Boot loader -Experience writing real-time/low-level software •In-depth understanding of Linux, OS internals, tools, libraries and open source development ***The position is not suitable for OS development companies.
Software & Programming
Development of a medical device, face dermatology.
Development of medical technology in the field of dermatology. As part of a project to develop medical electronic equipment with operational tools adapted to the required algorithm, the following work was performed: 1. Development of RT firmware G and user GUI and UI in LabVIEW (Windows 32/64) for mobile platforms (Intel architecture); 2.HW Development and creation of a prototype of the external interface for the operation of the hardware in combination with the PWM driver. 3. The device allows for microcarent procedures of the face epithelium, magnetic resonance therapy, as well as phototherapy with adjustable wavelengths, including invisible IR; 4. Development and design of printed circuit boards (PCB) on a flexible and rigid basis with the subsequent transfer of Gerber files for the production of a Chinese company. 5. Verification and validation of the entire process, including software and material components; 6. Interaction with mechanical engineers for the implementation and implementation of the mechanical part of the project; 7. Creation of technical documentation and accompanying instructions for transferring them to manufacturing contractors. 8. Technical support for the finished product. 9. Search for suppliers of electronic components and much more. 10. Preparation of instructions for end customers.
Design & Graphics
Creative UX/UI designer for customer experience app
Personal Note on the project: Dear freelancers, I'm inviting you to get involved in the development of an incredible problem solving application which is intended to solve the question of what to do when you travel to some place. Who we're looking for; Creative & Resourceful UX/UI designer who enjoys delivering incredible user experience satisfaction. Who you would be working with on the project; - Me & my co-founder - Selected group of users who experience this problem we're solving What do we require; - Portfolio - - In your posting, share what you're experienced with & what can you help with for the project. - Share(tell/write) with us your latest breakthrough you had in your work - Share(tell/write) with us what are your inspiration What we require for this project: Since this is work in progress, we need hourly rate offerings - Offer 1: We hire for this first stage: we want to design first version for users to test - Offer 2: in case we move forward - we want to hire you for our team on a regular basis
Software & Programming
Freelance senior python/django developer
We are a software development company that works on exciting projects for startups and we are looking for a freelancer to join our team as one of our clients go live. Starting from 10-15 hours a week for approx 3 months, working in Python/Django/Celery. Please, only senior developers as this is time sensitive and there won't be an option to learn on the job. Please attach your CV/example projects. FREELANCERS ONLY, no development companies etc.
Medical Device Development
Our company is looking for a freelance SW tester of a part time position. Please contact me only via XPlace Zion
Software & Programming
PostgreSQL Expert
For remote consultation & hands on tasks Flexible hours
Writing & Editing
Essay Writer
Professional Content Writing Company
Sales & Marketing
Need a freelancer for Lead Generation
I need a freelancer for lead generation.

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