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Newest Projects

Writing & Editing
We are looking for a Technical Writer - White Paper for a Software Product
Hi We are looking for a technical writer who can write for us a professional , detailed white paper for a software platform . The ideal candidate would have both strong technology know-how and very good writing skills. The work process will entail interviewing the project's stake holders from the company's owners and all the way through to the technical team namely software developers , architects and testers. Following the interview process the candidate will create the document's layout and structure and then write the full document. The document's length is expected to be roughly 50 pages. In addition to text , it will have architecture diagrams , graphs, tables and additional images. Thank you Evi
Writing & Editing
Content writing for a medical cannabis firm
As a part of our new SEO content strategy, I'm looking for a freelance content writer 👨‍💻 He or She has to be a native English speaker and to be experienced in the medical / cannabis field. The content will be around 600 - 1200 words each And if we'll work together well it could be more then a one time job. Plus, they have to able to supply an invoice for their work. Send me examples of your work.
Need a freelancer to create a commercial video
We are a brand selling online a very special and unique Drone , the product is categorize as a toy, gadget, nice object to offer as a souvenir to kids or teenagers. The drone is available in 2 colors. The remote is very easy to use as it works with the hand gesture. We are looking for a talented video producer who will be able to combine shooting,after effect, editing and incorporate the drone in a Parisian background. *We want to create a video to showcase the product. The video has to convey the idea of a warm moment in family. We are open to any creative idea. We have a tight budget and timeline. The movie needs to be done by the 15/12/18 We are located in Tel-Aviv.
Software & Programming
Looking for Trainers
The Saudi Investment Bank, located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is looking for trainers to conduct in-classroom training for 20 university fresh graduates on the following subjects. If you are interested and qualified to teach any of the subjects listed below, please send us your reply identifying the subject(s) you can teach, the duration of the training and your daily rate. The Bank will provide the trainer with an airline round trip ticket from their home to Riyadh, accommodation at 5 star hotel and local transportation. 1. Data Analytics 2. Digital banking 3. Fintech 4. Cyber security 5. Big data 6. Machine learning 7. AI 8. Blockchain 9. IOT 10. Judgment and decision making, 11. Adaptability and resilience, and Initiative and self-direction. 12. Out of the box thinking 13. Fast reading 14. Negotiation skill 15. Novel thinking 16. Public speech and presentation 17. Social intelligence 18. Team working 19. Other Innovative technologies you recommend that are suitable for banking. If interested, please send us your profile listing the clients you have trained, the training courses you have delivered and your proposed schedule.
Architecture & Interior Design
Need a freelancer for Restaurant interior design
Work on the full interior design of a 200 m2 restaurant (150 m2 without the kitchen) located in a shopping mall in China, proposing unique features and ideas, based on the direction given by the owners of the place. Examples and pictures of existing establishments will be given as a reference. Sketchup layout of the space already made. Please provide price per m2 and delivery time for the work.
Software & Programming
Need a freelancer for firmware development
20-40 monthly hours Developing and supporting firmware of the IoT device- PCB, BLE, LED matrix, power supply. Connectivity with mobile app
Software & Programming
Need a freelancer for Google Chrome Extension + Platform + Integrations
Hi I am looking to build a chrome extension, including front- and back-end with integrations with major CRM software platforms (SalesForce, Pipedrive).
Looking for a freelance WordPress developer to update our website
Need to fix a few styling issues on a Wordpress site. Need to add some functionality and remove some others. Would like to make the site a little better looking in terms of design
Software & Programming
Need a freelancer for maintaining and upgrading a cloud solution
I am looking for a talented develop with background in start ups for 100-150 hours a month. to maintain cloud solution. please write me only if you can be dedicated to such amount of time very much familiar with coulds AWS, or Google, databases and have some experience with machine learning. you will work alone, no team from our side so you need basic understanding in front end and small IoT appliance like arduino or rasberry pie. The project is currently completed and ready to use, I need someone who could understand the architecture, be able to add more clients and develop new needs.
Design & Graphics
Digital Catalog For Home Design
Hello, I would like you to build for me a digital catalog (PDF/ flip book) for home design lightning store (in the future print version). This includes cover, back cover, minimalist and modern layout (5 different per style). Retouch of the images that need to be as background or images that need the background to be remove. around 120 pages

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