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Newest Projects

Design & Graphics
Looking for a ninja developer to develop social app iOS
Need very skill developer. Must be able to follow strict deadlines and guidelines. Updates on gitlab and trello. Must sign NDA. Must be able to work full time with deadline. code in SWIFT. Skilled in API integration, design and social apps. Need someone fast and efficient, that can follow instructions . Budget tight, our budget for now is $500. Also a lot of API implementation so must be skilled in that. Project already started, mostly back-end work and some front-end Read carefully. Looking to start ASAP and finish ASAP. We are looking to hire someone to start asap. Someone who can work full time including weekends. Please send trello and gitlab username to see if you a right for the job. Also keep in my this is our fixed budget.Add 'apple' at end of description if you've read everything.
Writing & Editing
Need a freelancer for email and chat support, ads posting, social media marketing
Do you want a secured work-life balance? Take a long break from stress and traffic? Enjoy working online from the comfort of your home. An emerging social media marketing company requires your services to work full time and become part of its growing online marketing team. No experience required. Don’t worry for they will take good care of you and guide you while you strive to grow with the company. If you are results-driven, keen on details, have good research navigation skills and good English writing skills, then you are the right fit for the role. Apply now and send us your resume, for this could be your next long term career
Need a freelancer for teaching Hebrew to new Oleh from US
Looking for someone who can work with me on my Hebrew. We would do Skype chats and work on my conversational skills.
Need a freelancer for Text for Landing Pages in the Financial Trading
Dear Freelancer, I am looking for a creative talented copywriter that can write marketing text for LP's in the Forex trading. No need for design or any programming only Text, around 100-150 words. This is going to be an ongoing project with involving copywriting.
Hebrew to english translation
14000 word Daily hebrew
Need a freelancer for translation
Translete from hebrew to english 14000 words
Need a freelancer for Hebrew Calendar + Hebrew clock
I need a script/plugin for wordpress to show Hebrew date, Hebrew time (zmanim, Sha'a Zmanit). The script should be able to query a table with different messages by Hebrew date and time. If you have experience in this area please respond and I will provide exact specifications. Output would be Hebrew or English (Different columns in the messages table). The website that this script would be used is
Design & Graphics
Logo & Visit Card
I would like to have a logo of: Cloudy CRM A clean simple logo. Look and feel like In addition I would like to get a design for the logo in a visit card (Full details of the visit card will be sent) Pls contact me in any question
Lawyers & Legal Services
Need a freelancer to review legal document
I have a contract to sell a small business. I created it using a similar older contract and I added some sections to it. I would like someone to review it before signing the document. Thanks.
Clinic CRM
The purpsoe of the project is to implement a small but scallable web application to manage a health clinic. The development includes server side and client side. Project specifications: Client side: 1. The client side will be build on react+redux framework 2. Will be written in es6 3. Will support webpack 4. MUST support RTL languages (mainly Hebrew) Server side: 1. The server side will be build on nodejs + expressjs + mySql (Another tech stacks can be offered by you ) 2. The database will include the correct tables and indexing to ensure fast response 3. Will support push messages to client using socketjs The application will include: 1. login screen (username + password) 2. Post login screen according to the user role 3. Available role: a. System admin: Can see/edit/create all information in the system b. Clinic Admin: can see/edit/create all information under it's clinic c. Therapist: Can view information for it's patient d. Patient: Will not be able to login 4. post login screen will include top navigation: a. Therapists: Create\edit therpaists b. Patients: Create\edit patients c. Treatments: create\edit treatments d. Settings: blank for now e. System: Create\edit clinics The relations in the application: 1. There could be many clinics 2. Each clinic will have many users (Clinic Admin, Therapist, Patient) 3. Each Therapist will have many patients 4. Each patient will have many Therapists 4. Each patient will have many treatment series 5. Each treatment series will have many treatments NOTE: More objects are to be introduced. NOTE: many = 1 or more The code must be well written, understandable and scallable. Can use as many js, nodejs libraries as needed.

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