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Newest Projects

Centralization of Authentication and SSO
Experienced with installing and managing OpenAM server (ForgeRock) integrated with OpenDJ (LDAP) Requirements: 1. Authentication 2. Authorization 3. Federation
Need a freelancer for LARAVEL
Looking for a Laravel Expert
Sales & Marketing
Apple appstore ads
Hi, I'm looking for some with experience in Apple ads app-store Thanks !
Software & Programming
Research and plan a thorough and applicable dev plan for a new investment platform
Hey people I am looking for a full stack dev. to help me plan from an investment platform from scratch. I can only say for now that scale-wise it is similar to build a Forex platform (though its a very different niche) What we need from you *Guide us from the very beginning,guide us with questions in order to figure out our tech requirements,hurdles that need to be overcome and estimate time and cost for the entire project. *Guide us toward a recommended developer profile (What kind of programmers we need to hire for the job) *Prepare a game plan for a developer/development team with estimated deadlines for each step,covering both front and back end of the operation. *I prefer someone who had done similar work before. hope I was clear enough,feel free to contact me. Shay
Software & Programming
[urgent] fix issues in react native application for android 10-15 hours
We are looking for an experienced developer who can dive into an existing code in react native. The first thing we need is an urgent help to fix some minor issues with the REST APIs, and change 2 graphics element, and later publish it on the google play. The scope of this project is 10-15 hours. --------------------- For the longs term we are looking for someone who can take ownership on all clients side development (react native + react.js on nGinx). We are developing a automated procedures platforms which has a backend system which the frontends are communicating through REST/JSON APIs Currently beta system is released and we need to provide support to our costumer and develop the next generation of the system Requirements 3+ years in mobile development At least 1 year experience with react native Experience working both on Android and iOS Proven experience in deploying apps on stores 3+ years experience on server side development 1+ years of experience with nGinx Familiar with GIT, SSH, bash etc. 3+ years of experience in HTML, CSS, JS
Software & Programming
We are looking for a great React.JS developer to join our young and motivated team.
We are looking for a great React.JS developer to join our young and motivated team.
Software & Programming
Need a freelancer for Google Apps/Google Sheets Database Development
We are looking for a Google Apps expert to build an Operations Database in Google Apps/Google Sheets that is user-friendly (i.e. forms, buttons, dropdowns, etc.) The database will include features to track employee work hours, hours worked per project, billing per client, etc. The database should be able to produce reports. It is critical that you can effectively implement permissions to restrict access to data based on log-in or assigned role. Full spec will be sent to relevant candidates for pricing.
Software & Programming
Full Stack Ruby Developer
A software looking to make its first soft launch into the market is looking for a Full-stack Ruby developer to join our team. Below are the specifications of what we work with and the skill set we are looking for: - Preferably located in Israel - Knowledge of ruby/RoR, we use 2.3/4.2 - Good postgresql skills, not limited to only ActiveRecord. We have few pretty complex raw queries inside - Html/js/css. We use coffeescript/sass. Knowledge of different js frameworks is a plus, we don’t use any atm but being able to tell the difference between jquery, angular 1 and react approaches is essential - Experience with common technologies around this stack: redis, memcached, background processing - Experience writing automatic tests on all levels from unit to acceptance - Knowledge of ansible is big plus The position is long term and we will start out part time with a long term opportunity to move full time in the future. Please send a file with a sample of your code with your application. Looking forward to your applications. Thanks
Design & Graphics
LVPO training
Validate a user with an e-learning for LOW VALUE PURCHAGE ORDER use, in the end they must be approved with a Quiz.
seeking a Hebrew to English legal translator with knowledge of computer security systems
Seeking a Hebrew to English legal/technical translator with knowledge of computer security systems for a current project 7000 words must me completed this week. applicants MUST have experience in the mentioned fields.

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