Display XPlace Contents Directly on Your Site

If you have a website that deals with technology, programming, business, freelance, jobs, etc. and you are looking for a quick way of obtaining constantly-updated, customizable, high-quality and free content for your site, displaying a list of the most recent articles published by XPlace experts or the most recent projects posted in the marketplace could be just the thing you need.

All you have to do is copy the short script in the text area below to any page on your site and a list of the most recently-posted XPlace contents will appear on your site.

The variables defined at the top of the script allow you to customize the font, color and size of the contents to match your site's look-and-feel. Omitting these variables will display the contents using our default styles, which are suitable for most sites.

To display new projects, copy this script:

To display new full-time projects and jobs, copy this script:

To display new articles, copy this script:

If you have either of these scripts on your site, tell us -- we'd love to see!

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