We Want to Hear Your Ideas!

If you’ve got original ideas that may interest our readers and may shed light on something new in our industry, we want to hear from you.

Please don’t think you need to wait for an idea that will change the world. Just aim to bring our readers a new perspective on a subject you’re passionate about.

We’ll be honest: writing for XPlace Magazine takes work; and we want your article to shine. That means you’ll get extensive feedback from our editors who will work closely with you on revisions.

It’s also extremely fulfilling. Thousands of readers (not to mention potential clients, publishers and employers) will be exposed to your writing; and you might even discover something new during the process—about research, conveying your ideas, and even about the issues you thought you already knew so much about.

What We’re Interested In

To begin with, please submit a short pitch, an outline or even a rough draft of your proposed piece. The more comprehensive your proposal is, the more serious it’ll come across to us, increasing your chances of getting published.

Keep in mind that we only accept original content—we don’t publish anything that’s been published elsewhere (including on your website or blog).

Please don’t send us sales-related press releases. They depress us.

Before sending us your pitch or initial draft, please review our style guide for thoughts about structuring and formatting your piece, and ensure your submission:

  • Has a clear underlying thesis
  • Offers a coherent argument
  • Is not just a list of tips and tricks
  • Has an original voice (be bold, extraordinary and human).
  • Is written for an audience of freelancers, developers, designers, tech geeks, entrepreneurs and others.
  • Is supported with persuasive arguments (cite sources where necessary), and not only opinions.
  • Is fact-checked. Twice.

What We Publish

We publish three types of content:

  1. Features (1,500–2,500 words). These are our main or most prominent stories.
  2. Articles (1,000–1,500 words). More relaxed in tone and content. Great for less-formal posts.
  3. Pieces (500–1,000 words). Short and sweet.

All should be thoroughly-researched explorations of current or trending topics in the world of freelance.

We pay $50 per piece, $100 per article, and $150 per feature.

How to Submit

Email us your proposal. We accept any document format, but prefer that you just paste it into the body of your email.